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The End of the World

Dying for the Faith translates into eternal life.

August 19, 2016  0


We need to speak very plainly and clearly about the condition of the world. We are in the last generation of civilization as we now know it.

Leaders in the Church across the world have failed on such an epic level that the end of the world as we now understand it is plainly in sight. Pope St. Pius V said, "All the evil in the world is due to lukewarm Catholics."

And the evil in the world these days is so ascendant that life as we know it will very soon come to an end. It may even be the end of the world; no one knows that for certain except Heaven. But it is definitely the end of this current world, this civilization.

When we hear camping speeches and prognostications about what happens if Hillary gets elected, a thinking Catholic has to laugh to himself. "If she wins, she will appoint Supreme Court justices so bad it will take America 50 years to recover."

With all due respect, if you think like that, the only question worth asking you is: Are you high? America doesn’t have 50 years left. America doesn't have another generation left.

We are buried beneath an unsustainable debt. We have $65 trillion in unfunded obligations. The birth rate is at an all-time low, thanks largely to contraception. Families are being destroyed. Fatherless urban teens are filled with rage and resort to violence. Sexual identities have been perverted to a degree that just one generation ago could never have been imagined.

We kill a million of our children in the womb every year. We export our evil around the world. The current generation of youth is so intoxicated with themselves that the idea of commitment and self-sacrifice can't even be conceived of.

Religious belief is on major decline. Religious pluralism now allows satanists to "pray." Atheism is ascendant, and leaders in the Church sit silent watching it all happen, too afraid that their own lack of masculinity will be on full display if they were to act on behalf of the sheep.

Does anyone in his or her right mind really believe this can continue for 50 years?

The whole society has been so radically transformed in just the last 20 years that it is no longer recognizable — and all the while, Church leaders have snored through the social upheavals, some even encouraging the evils.

The world is coming to an end, and much sooner than we think. Events are accelerating at such a force that they have moved beyond the ability of any government or group to control. Faithful Catholics now face the reality that by the next generation, the sacraments may not be available without traveling great distances — assuming, of course, that it is still legal to practice the Faith in public.

Only a direct intervention by Heaven can change the landscape, and Heaven is not about to interfere with humanity's free will. The evils of modern man are going to have to play themselves out to their horrible conclusions. What faithful Catholics can do is look the situation soberly in the face and make a decision. Do I go along, or do I resist? And if I resist, how do I do so?

We need to understand that we have entered a New Dark Ages, and the Church has become so marginalized, so reduced to irrelevancy, that it doesn't even appear on most people's radar. We need to be thinking down the road. We need to be thinking and preparing — ourselves and our children, our youth — to emerge from underground in 30 or 40 or 50 years and begin to rebuild an authentic civilization where there is only one religion — a civilization where that One True Faith is the only Faith, and it is preached boldly.

This is what happened when Rome's Imperium fell apart and the world was plunged into the age of the barbarians. Faithful Catholics, who had clung to the Faith, studied the Faith, lived the Faith — they emerged from their catacombs, from their underground house churches, and stepped out into a devastated world. And the Faith that they had kept in secret was now their impetus to rebuild.

On this line, we Catholics of today are like the ones going into hiding in the days of the Imperium. We have enjoyed the glories of a past Christian civilization and are now living on its fumes, which are quickly being exhausted. All that we have known is about to be wiped away, and we must cling to everything we can of the Faith.

How long will the night be? We can't know. But it will be very dark. Many will perish. The persecution will be great. But Our Blessed Lord will never abandon His Church. He has promised, and He is true. He is allowing all this to ready us for something far greater. What that will be or look like, we cannot know, but we do know that He always brings good out of evil. 

We are all entering into a period of great trial. We must support each other and stand ready to die for the Faith — to ourselves, at the very least, and perhaps to enemies of Christ. But dying for the Faith translates into eternal life.

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