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The Gay ‘Shutdown’

It's not too few priests. It's too many gay priests.

October 27, 2021  0

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All over the country, bishops are closing down parishes. Too few Catholics. Too little faith. Too few priests. Practically every priest in America has multiple parishes he must attend to.

The giant contraction has begun, indeed, is well underway. It's been given the Madison Avenue moniker of "managing the decline, but no matter how much lipstick you put on this pig, it marks the most incredible wipeout of the Faith since the Protestant revolution of the 16th century."

And right now, there really is no end in sight. The Church in America is on the road to oblivion, save some small pockets of faithful here and there.

All that said, there is one particularly galling aspect of all this which lands squarely at the feet of the bishops. For these vindictive men, it's always someone else's fault. It's the blame game, specifically, bishops blaming everyone else (meaning priests and laity) and, of course, exempting themselves from any responsibility whatsoever.

There are fewer priests because good men were turned away and active homosexuals were let in.

For example, the archbishop of Dubuque, Iowa, Michael Jackels, recently issued a letter with the very strong suggestion that his taking an axe to parishes is essentially the fault of the laity. Speaking of any given parish, he says, "Parishioners have decided it should be closed."

That statement is as deceptive as the lies from Satan. Yes, it's true that the number of practicing Catholics is declining, actually in freefall. And yes it's true there are far fewer priests than are required. But what the caustic archbishop deliberately leaves out of his missive is the simple fact that both those facts are true directly because of the "gaying" of the priesthood for the past half-century.

Regarding the priest shortage, the question needs to be asked, "Why?" The answer is simple. It's because there are fewer priests because good men were turned away and active homosexuals were let in. That, in a nutshell, is the entire crux of the problem.

Over the decades, those homosexuals, many of them active, have ascended the heights of the hierarchy and wiped out the faith of those in the pews. They deliberately, little by little at first, chipped away at the moral teachings of the Church: in the confessional, in homilies, in schools, in seminaries, everywhere, like a swarm of termites eating away at the foundation until the collapse was imminent.

Along the way, the homosexuals in the clerical ranks prevented good men from getting in — and by good men, we mean masculine role models who displayed a passion for truth. These types of men tend to draw other good men into the same cause.

But the opposite is also true in that weak, emasculated, feminine men are a turn-off to masculine males, but they are a draw to those like them. Hence, the priesthood, as multiple secular media outlets have reported, has become a homosexual profession.

But it's not just the priesthood. It's also the episcopate.  

About 15 years ago, former priest Richard Sipe, who helped the Boston Globe expose the scandal of sexual abuse of minors in 2002, compiled a list of numerous bishops he said were or are homosexual. Before presenting the list, he pointed out, "Each name has been closely vetted based on some—usually public—facts that can lead to a reasonable opinion.”

Of the 44 bishops or archbishops he named, 36 of them, he says, are homosexual. In the 15 years that have passed, it's clear that his list is pretty much accurate. And, most of the big-name cardinals in the Church in the United States are on his list. McCarrick, Wilton Gregory, Francis Spellman, Joseph Bernardin, John Quinn, Robert Brom, and on and on. In the time since he developed his list, many more names have emerged that should also be added, such as Michael Bransfield of Charleston-Wheeling, West Virginia, and John Nienstedt.

And, of course, these homosexuals make sure they are reproduced and maintain control by determining who gets accepted to seminary (especially at the North American College in Rome), who gets ordained and who gets recommended to become a bishop.

It's insidious and, frankly, demonic. Immoral men are getting into seminaries, where they develop romantic, sexual relationships and move into the priesthood and cover for each other. Those that become bishops are particularly careful because it's left to them to cover up for priests who get discovered, such as Bp. William Callahan of La Crosse, Wisconsin. But many suspect bishops engage in this evil. They protect their homosexual priests or at least do it for the benefit of other homosexual bishops.

In the case of Detroit's Abp. Allen Vigneron, for example, his homosexual-protection cloak is so big that it actually extends to non-clergy, such as his archdiocesan music director Joe Balistreri, who Church Militant busted on video, which forced Vigneron to pay him off to shut his mouth about all the homosexual stuff he knew about Vigneron's Detroit.

Just a few days ago, a homosexual priest from Scranton was busted for soliciting sex from a 15-year-old male, and that is pretty par for the course with this lot. The priest in question, Fr. Lockney, belongs to another suspected homosexual bishop, Joseph Bambera, who, according to some of his own priests, has the nickname of Bambi. For the record, Bambi is good friends with the poster boy for all things homosexual, Fr. James Martin. 

In Saginaw, the notorious Fr. Robert DeLand, now out on parole, used his collar to ensnare young men just beyond the legal age but nevertheless groomed them during their teen years and attacked at the first opportunity. DeLand was protected by the bishop at the time, Joseph Cistone, who had a well-deserved reputation for midnight document shredding parties at the chancery when a cover-up was needed. He was so proficient at destroying evidence that other bishops called him "Bishop Shredder."

And so it goes that homosexual bishops, many active, covering for each other, lying to laity, stealing money for extravagant lifestyles, boyfriends or victims on the side, attacking anyone who accuses them, this is the state of the U.S. hierarchy. And, for the record, there is still almost no reporting from their lapdog media, who are paid to keep their mouths shut and go on the offensive against anyone who shines a light on the filth.

That's what you do when you are not independent media, like Church Militant. You cover for the guys who funnel you money. It's called enabling. And you sure don't sponsor rallies at the bishops' annual boondoggle in Baltimore to challenge their evil.

These homosexual bishops take your money and quietly settle lawsuits (if it ever gets that far) and keep their evil hidden from you. They shift assets around to hide them from victims of their molesting clergy, who they did everything in their power to protect.

Back in the early 2000s, when all their evil was splashed across every newspaper in the country for moving these homosexual child molesters around from parish to parish and even from diocese to diocese, they concocted the excuse, "But we didn't know. The psychiatrists were telling us they were cured. We relied on their advice."

Well, Church Militant has unearthed more than a dozen documents proving that was a lie. Bishops all over the country had been told differently for decades before the scandal broke on the Church in 2002. In 1947, a religious community called Servants of the Paraclete was founded to provide mental health treatment and other services for priests with drug and alcohol problems and also those preying on minors.

In letters obtained exclusively by Church Militant from the Superior, Fr. Gerald, he gives dire warnings to the bishops, just a few of which we quote here.

Speaking of homosexual abusers, he said, "We find it quite universal that they seem to be lacking in appreciation of the serious situation," and "Real conversions will be found to be extremely rare. Many bishops believe men are never free from the approximate danger once they have begun."

Both of those quotes are from a letter to the bishop of Reno in 1952. And then there is this letter from 1957 to another bishop that says, "These men, Your Excellency, are devils and the wrath of God is upon them, and if I were a bishop, I would tremble when I failed to report them to Rome for involuntary layiration. It is blasphemous to let them offer the Holy Sacrifice."

The Paracletes even detail in some of the letters from the 1950s that they hunted for a Caribbean Island to ship them all to. One letter was particularly stark where it said, "We are amazed to find how often a man would be behind bars if he were not a priest."

Fr. Gerald even wrote of the dilemma to the bishop of Manchester, New Hampshire, saying, "I trust that this does not seem too severe. But I have my own soul to save, and I do not dare recommend such men."

From another letter, this one from 1960 to a religious superior, he said, "Father, in God's Name, get this man laicized as quickly as possible. This extreme type will never be converted ... he will hurt the Church."

And within weeks of Pope Paul VI being elected, the Paracletes were granted a papal audience, specifically to talk about homosexuality in the priesthood. In a follow-up thank you letter, the Paracletes' Superior said, "Personally I am not sanguine of the return of [homosexual] priests to active duty."

In a 1964 letter to yet another bishop recounting his conversation with the pope, he said that when he was ordained 43 years earlier, homosexuality was a practically unknown rarity, but now it was "rampant." He called it "infectious" and even said, “We know of several seminaries that have been deeply infected."

He concludes his letter mentioning the "strange attitude of bishops who place these men after reactivation in assignments where they are most exposed to a recurrence of a vicious habit which the majority of experts consider practically incurable."

But just a few years later, bishops were admitting homosexual men to seminary, and a large number of those men made their way into the episcopate.

The issue in the Church that is destroying everything is homosexuality in the clergy.

Not a few of them will be at the bishops' Baltimore meeting where a large number of Catholics will be present to say, "Enough is Enough."

The issue in the Church that is destroying everything is homosexuality in the clergy. But you aren't going to hear homosexual bishops admit that. All they do is lie, steal your money and keep promoting their own.

They know. They all know. This gay shutdown of the Church has got to stop.

Enough is Enough.

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