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The ‘God’ Issue

Trump nails it.

August 12, 2020  0



As the U.S. presidential campaign quickly approaches its final stretch, the issue of God has been placed squarely on the table by President Trump. Over the past couple of weeks, Trump has picked up the theme a few times — in speeches, comments and tweets — and is correctly torching Biden as the candidate opposed to God and religion.

Trump labeled Biden a "godless Marxist" at one point, calling him "the most extreme left-wing candidate in history." Biden is going to "abolish the police, abolish the suburbs and is even against God," according to Trump. 

Then in Ohio last week, Trump kept dropping the bombs: "He's following the radical-left agenda — take away your guns, destroy your Second Amendment, no religion, no anything, hurt the Bible, hurt God." Trump continued, "He's against God. He's against guns." Naturally, the moment Trump started landing those kinds of blows, the Marxist media jumped in to defend their fellow traveler, Biden.

Even homoheretic James Martin couldn't resist taking the bait, tweeting out a snarky anti-Trump comment. The Washington Post concluded that Trump's comments were not rooted in a single point of reality, going out of their way to cheer, laud and pointedly defend Biden's Catholicism, telling readers Biden "was raised Irish Catholic, attended Catholic schools and still frequently carries rosary beads in his pocket."

All of that is true, but it applies to tens of millions of other fake Catholics in the United States who have fallen victim to the doctrinal filth and perversion of the bishops (spoken through the likes of James Martin). In fact, there are literally tens of millions of "Catholic" Joe Bidens walking around the country — some wearing collars and miters. It's just that only one is running for president.

Joe Biden is a straight-up heretic.

Joe Biden is a straight-up heretic. He's backed by Planned Parenthood and is even in favor of taxpayer funding for abortion. He not only supports so-called gay marriage, he actually performs them. And yet, the U.S. bishops, pretty much a group of heretics themselves — at least in practice — refuse to excommunicate their buddy for a host of manifest public sins and countless sacrilegious Holy Communions, all of which stem from his public opposition to the Church — even while he carries a Rosary around in his pocket.

There's a very curious thing here not going unnoticed by a huge and growing number of Catholics: The bishops will not think twice about dumping a faithful priest or having a secret conference call on how to silence faithful Catholics online, but they will refuse to even mention this man's heresy. We've known for a while that the bishops, collectively speaking, couldn't care less about abortion. 

The issue is a pain in their rears because, to hear them tell it, except for that inconvenient slaughter of a million children a year (some after they've actually been born alive or their body parts are sold for vast sums), the Marxist, godless Democrats aren't really all that bad. They care about the environment and illegal immigration, right? So as one of their early fellow travelers used to say, you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette, right? 

It sort of sucks for those little kids, very little kids, but hey — it's not so bad that we would actually do something about it. A "strongly worded statement" we know no one will read should be good enough. In bringing up what pundits call "the God issue," Trump is nailing it. Biden is anti-God, and he is a Marxist. 

The only difference is that, unlike the Bolsheviks of 1917 rampaging through the streets, he puts on a nice suit, sits in his basement and lets BLM and Antifa rampage through the streets. This is Biden's third stab at winning the White House. He ran in 1998 as well as 2008. 

On the specific issue of his support for child slaughter, back then he used to say he didn't really, actually, directly support it — just the right of others to choose it. In short, he was personally opposed — a falsehood the bishops have let fester in the Church in the United States for decades. But when Biden started popping up at actual fundraisers for Planned Parenthood, that storyline went out the window.

Biden has pivoted so left, so fast that the claim by Trump that he is little else than a Trojan horse for the far-Left is true.

And while Trump's characterization of Biden as being directly anti-religion might be — might be — an exaggeration (because we know he is opposed to the authentic religion on key points) it brings up another point germane to politics. When you elect a candidate to the White House, you are really blessing his worldview. It's not just him but the whole entourage he brings with him — the thousands of cabinet-level and administration officials who set about to implement that worldview. And on this score, Catholics should be deeply concerned.

Biden has pivoted so left, so fast that the claim by Trump that he is little else than a Trojan horse for the far-Left is true. Biden himself personally may not actually be dyed-in-the-wool anti-religion, anti-Bible and anti-God (although there is a lot of evidence to say so), but those who are propelling him to the White House (who will be in control if he's elected) most assuredly are.

Given what appears to be Biden's focus challenge — we'll leave it there — it is altogether reasonable to see him as little else than an empty shell that the Left will control from just behind the scenes. And then, if he gets elected, a stunning majority of Americans believe he will not serve out his first term. Then, his vice president will emerge with all the power.

While we don't yet know, as of this recording, who that will be, let's just say it won't be Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. That woman, whoever she is, will be the worst that radical feminism has to offer — anti-man, anti-God and anti-religion.

Trump has brought up a theme here that cannot be ignored, although the bishops are happy to. The central issue of this campaign is God and the resultant morality that necessarily flows from a universe created and governed by God.

There can be, certainly, theological differences, especially in a nation largely Protestant — differences that need to be expunged. But those differences do not negate the need to understand that the driving issue is man's place in the universe relative to God. The most powerful nation in the history of the world now stands on the brink of either formally accepting the right order or formally rejecting it.

No other issue matters, for that is the paramount one.

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