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The Great Disconnect

The bishops have a lot in common with the liberal media.

October 3, 2016  0


A short reminder: Be sure and tune in to Church Militant's live VP debate coverage tomorrow night right here on as we bring you expert analysis of the debate beginning at 8:45 p.m. EST and then our post-debate wrap-up show with expert analysis immediately following the debate.

In the 1972 U.S. presidential election, Richard Nixon absolutely destroyed liberal democrat George McGovern in one of the most lopsided, devastating victories in U.S. history. Nixon garnered 61 percent of the vote to McGovern's 37 percent and scored an enormous 520 electoral college votes out of 538. Nixon won every state except Massachusetts. 49–1.

Still, even after a crushing, resounding victory like that, a New York film critic from the New Yorker magazine, Pauline Kael. famously said: "I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are, I don’t know."

The hubris of the liberal elite never ceases to astound. Imagine, two out of every three voters voted for Nixon, and she knew only one. Nearly 50 million out of 80 million voted for him, and she knew only one.

We bring this little piece of history up to point out the continuing pride and arrogance of the ruling elite, the chattering classes, the masters of the universe and their view of the rest of us as they gaze down from Olympus. This was exactly the response from the elites in the secular mainstream media following Monday's first debate between Trump and Hillary. The regular folks voted in swarms of millions in favor of Trump on online media sites. But the elitist liberal media themselves scored it a wipe-out in favor of Hillary. The media's sample sizes were astronomically smaller than the online sites.

They, of course, decried the results from millions who voted on various sites, blasting them as "unscientific" — which begs the question: If you are going to call them unscientific, then why offer them on your sites to begin with? Seems a little disingenuous. If they had resulted in millions in favor of Hillary winning, you wonder if the "unscientific" moniker would have been trotted out. Well, no, actually, you don't wonder.

This all points to a great disconnect in the culture that Church Militant has been talking about for many months now in the run-up to the election. It's a disconnect that is startling in its depth, and it isn't present just in the culture at large. It is most especially present in the Church between leaders and faithful — authentically faithful, not the fake faithful.

Now the situation in the Church parallels this closely, but with some notable differences. Leaders in the Church, many of them, are simply out of touch, insulated in a clerical bubble where the bureaucracy is all that matters — keeping the machine oiled. What they don't seem to acknowledge is that the bubble of the Church is quickly shrinking as fewer and fewer Catholics consider the Church relevant in any way.

Now, Catholics can't respond the way voters do to politicians — by voting them out of office. The Church isn't a democracy. What Catholics do is just leave; they vote themselves out, to their everlasting horror. But they leave, at least many of them, because they are not being fed spiritually, and when they ask for food, they are handed stones by the bishops.

Take the very recent case of a group of faithful Catholics who are fed up with the Church of Nice pandering to abortion-loving Catholic politicians like Tim Kaine. A large gathering went to the steps of the Richmond, Virginia diocese chancery to peacefully pray and protest and remind pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage Catholic Democratic VP nominee's Tim Kaine's bishop Francis DiLorenzo that he is dutybound by Canon 915 to refuse Tim Kaine Holy Communion.

How were they met by their loving shepherd's representatives? Police came out of the front door of the chancery with a diocesan employee and they were ordered to park somewhere else and stay off the property. When a lady tried to take their signed petition inside to get to the bishop, another employee refused this concerned Catholic admission into the Church's diocesan headquarters and refused to take the petition.

Mind you, there seems to be zero recognition that the chancery, the parking lot and the workers' salaries are paid for by the Catholic citizenry — no care, no concern, not even any politeness. Isn't this the Year of Mercy? Not if you're a concerned, faithful Catholic being gazed down upon by the elites in the Church, the Church that is growing smaller and smaller every day.

See, the great disconnect (for that is exactly what it is) is what exists between Catholic leaders and the authentically faithful. It's what Church Militant experienced when New York's Cdl. Timothy Dolan's goons had us ejected from a press scrum when we asked him about his embrace of activist homosexuals marching in the New York St. Patrick's Day parade. It's what happened when hundreds of thousands of faithful Catholics petitioned Notre Dame to disinvite Obama from the commencement awards in 2009. It's what happened in 2012 when tens of thousands petitioned Dolan to disinvite Obama from the Al Smith Dinner.

It goes on and on and on. The clerical elites, much like cultural elites, have nothing but disdain and contempt for the faithful little people. And they don't care. There is nothing on earth to make them care. They eat with no fear of never having a meal. They walk into their houses with no fear of never having a roof over their head. They are chauffeured around with no fear of never having transportation. They convalesce with no fear of never having health insurance. They continue to bilk the sheep with their diocesan fund-raising drives, with Madison Avenue-inspired, religious-sounding names.

In short, like the cultural elites, they are completely sheltered from the consequences of their continuing horrible, destructive decisions. One day, probably soon, this house of cards will fall apart, and they will have blood on their hands. They exhibit no fear of God. Why should they exhibit fear of any man? They lord their power over their sheep. They disrespect them, dishonor them, ignore and sic the cops on them when they get tired of their protests. They have turned large quarters of the Church into a den of thieves. Can they expect anything other than the fate that befell Jerusalem as Our Blessed Lord predicted?

Pray that they will wake up, stop supporting the Party of Death and its wolf-in-sheep's-clothing agenda of population control, and turn back to Almighty God. The time for honoring themselves will soon be at an end.

And remember, Church Militant's live debate coverage tomorrow night right here on as we bring you expert analysis of the vice presidential debate beginning at 8:45 p.m. EST and then our post-debate wrap-up show with expert analysis for 30 minutes immediately following the debate.

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