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The Great Pushback

Finding its footing.

March 7, 2022  0


As the nonstop, wall-to-wall media coverage of the Russia–Ukraine conflict drags on in the mainstream media, you can't help but wonder — is there more afoot here, specifically regarding the media coverage?

Whatever multilevel dynamics are at play behind the scenes of the actual military action, it is indisputable that those telling us about every bullet and bomb likely have some other agenda going on. The media giants haven't told their viewers or readers the truth in decades — and, most especially, in the last half-dozen years. So why should anyone believe what they say now?

Remember, "Russia, Russia, Russia" all turned out to be a lie.

Remember (speaking of Ukraine) the Trump and Zelensky phone call the Democrats used as an excuse for impeachment? It all turned out to be a lie.

Remember Hunter's laptop? Of course you don't — because they covered it up. Remember, "Biden wins!" turned out to be a lie. Remember, "flatten the curve" turned out to be a lie. Remember, "put your mask on because it prevents infection" turned out to be a lie. Remember, calling an experimental gene therapy a "vaccine" turned out to be a lie. Remember, hundreds of thousands dying from COVID (as distinguished from with COVID) turned out to be a lie.

And speaking of COVID, we haven't really heard a single mention of it since the Ukraine story flared up. Who would have thought the cure for COVID would be a war in central Europe?

The media lie with abandon.

And now, of course, just as COVID becomes a losing issue for them, Democrats everywhere are dropping all mandates and vaccine passports and running screaming in the opposite direction — just as the midterms begin.

Amazing how all that science works, isn't it? A virus that less than 1% of people die from is enough to shut down the country for two years and to steal an election. And now, two years later, a virus that less than 1% of people die from is nowhere near as important or concerning — so as not to lose an election.

Of course, all those lies were, and are, being jammed down our throats, while other stories that are not lies are being skipped or distorted.

The "big lie," for example — the media's term for denying the election was stolen — is itself a lie. But that's how the media works. In that case, they first distort the reality of the court cases brought against the election theft by painting it as if dozens of courts heard the evidence and threw it all out. No, that's a lie. The courts continually ruled that plaintiffs had no standing. The entire point is that they did not ever hear the evidence.

Of course, the lying media know that — but they lie.

Then they added to their lie about the courts, saying, therefore (based on that lie), that Trump and his supporters are the ones lying about the steal — and then go on to label all that "the big lie." In response to all that (the usual tactics of the media controlled by globalist elites, including social media), something of a peasant uprising is occurring, and the elites don't like that.

In fact, they have dispatched their media hordes to crush it. The slightest move against the globalist narrative is seen as a danger to the plan and must be crushed or, at the very least, either ignored or misreported. In fact, all the lies the media continue to report are all part of a larger plan to control you.

If it's not an actual plan, then the media giants are the unluckiest people in the history of the planet because everything they report turns out to be wrong.

So they are either total idiots or enormous liars — and we're pretty darn sure they aren't idiots.

Their lies spring from a worldview not unlike Islam and the Koran, where lying is acceptable (even encouraged) because the goal, the objective, is so important that lying to achieve it is seen as good. But, as part of the old saying goes, you can't fool all the people all of the time — and this is where what can be termed the "Great Pushback" is emerging, pushing back against the Great Reset.

True, the Great Pushback is nowhere near as organized, thought out, financed, marketed or sophisticated as the globalist agenda. The globalists have been hard at work on their plan for more than a century, while the peasants have simply been living their lives unaware, until recently, that total control over them (or rather, us) has been the goal of the globalists from the outset.

But, with every passing media narrative, the goal is more and more exposed. Trump said it best, in reference to all this, when he declared that they are after us — it's just that he is in the way. True enough. The media, in fact, used to love Trump back in the day. A big-mouthed New York billionaire living the high life, he was a daily fixture in the media.

But, looking around the world these days, there are trucker convoys, school board riots, plummeting ratings, alternate media, emerging economies, increasingly popular conferences, political realities — all of these coming to birth. You get the sense (and for Catholics as well, even within the Church) there is a fresh approach, a momentum developing, feeding a great pushback.

Will it be enough, at some point, to bring down the current oligarchy of lies ruling the race?

Not a single candidate Trump endorsed lost.

Hard to say, but this much is true, at the very least — the globalists themselves are worried about it. That's why they are trying so hard to smash it with their phony Jan. 6 committee and their anti-convoy "emergency measures" and so forth. They are noticing the pushback and are calibrating their moves accordingly.

Do they clamp down and risk further provoking the pushback — like what happened in the Virginia elections last year? Do they ignore it and allow it to gain more adherents?

It seems (for the moment), at least with the media, the plan is to report on the actual issues as little as possible — like millions of illegal immigrants being brought into the country, crippling inflation, the mental incompetence of Biden, the lack of preparedness of the country for virtually any crisis.

Instead of all that, let's just "report" on an overseas conflict that has nowhere near the importance in the day-to-day lives of hundreds of millions of Americans as serious domestic issues.

For example, in the last almost two weeks, Church Militant has seen CNN take exactly two breaks from their nonstop Ukraine coverage. One was to tell us that Florida governor Ron DeSantis is a big fat meanie for telling some college students being used for COVID theater at a speech he was giving that they could take off their masks. The other was to tell us that Trump could be charged with "conspiracy" for promoting the election theft story.

But, after those brief interruptions, it was straight back to Kiev.

Of course, what CNN didn't tell you is not a single candidate Trump endorsed in the Texas primary last week lost. The vast majority of the 33 won (some walking away), and three are in runoffs — but got the most votes.

Likewise, they didn't let you know that a huge number of Hispanics voted in the Republican primary, and it was Hispanics in counties right along the southern border — a frightening specter for Democrats.

The media lie with abandon. We all know that.

It doesn't even rise to the level of news.

What is becoming news more and more, however, is the pushback that the globalist narrative is receiving in almost every walk of life. Where it will all go or how it will all turn out, that's still up in the air. But one thing is certain, this is not the time in world history to sit on your laurels and be uninvolved. Both in the Church and in the world, this is the time to attack.

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