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The Illegal Truth

In the end, it's all about the math.

March 31, 2017  0


Everything you hear from the supporters of illegal immigration is a lie, especially the big lie that they are motivated by the suffering and so forth of what they term the "undocumented." First off the term "undocumented." That's nothing but a purely politically correct euphemism to mask over the truth. They are "undocumented" because they don't have documents, and they don't have documents because they are here illegally.

So as usual, the Left does everything it can to introduce a new vocabulary that disguises the truth, just like they did with "pro-choice," without ever clarifying that the choice they support is to butcher the baby in the womb. And so it goes with them.

Now, the big lie in the immigration debate with the resulting masking over of reality is very simple. They don't care about the safety, poverty and living conditions of many immigrants. They only care about swelling the numbers of their voter rolls. The Left has been so opposed to children for 50 years that their numbers are declining.

The birth rate in America now stands at its lowest since before World War II. Staggering that is. As we said here at Church Militant a number of years ago, the actual raw numbers of Americans will soon go into reverse as is currently happening in various European nations — Italy being the most recent to announce yet a drop in the actual number of Italians on the earth. There are now 300,000 fewer Italians on the earth right now than there were this time last year.

And this is America's fate as well because like so many other sophisticated Western nations, hellbent on exchanging their children for sexual pleasure and materialistic gain, they embraced contraception and of course abortion for when the contraception fails.

And now the chickens are coming home to roost, and the numbers are starting to reveal the reality. And now, the "Party of Death" needs some new life, an irony if there ever was one. So, it's not about humanity and caring and so forth, it's simple arithmetic.

And here's a major point to consider, you almost never hear the Left, so in love with justice and poverty alleviation, ever talking about raising the wages for those tens or hundreds of thousands of illegal farm workers. Where is all the clamoring by the bleeding hearts for that issue? They're good enough to sign up and try to get driver's licenses and get on voter rolls, but as far as a living wage, where they can actually afford to feed a family and buy a car to take them to the polls, forget about it.

How many bleeding-heart liberals, so faux-horrified at the prospect of ICE breaking up families, are actually economically abusing their illegal maids and construction workers and gardeners? Truth be told, they don't give a damn about them. To the socialist crowd, they are just pawns and tokens to be used.

Here's the reality, if the socialist gang that actually hires "undocumented" maids and gardeners and so forth were to pay them what they deserved, well then, they could have a place at the table. Give Maria your maid the $65,000 a year plus benefits, paid leave, vacation, sick days and health insurance and pension plans she would be able to demand if she were here legally, and then you might be worth listening to.

Recently, I was a guest on a local Detroit broadcast where the issue of illegal immigration was the topic. Of all the guests, I was the only one who was not in support of "illegals."  But not for political reasons but moral reasons, specifically Catholic moral reasons, and I said so.

I asked the question of the other guests directly, are you willing to pay $11 for a pound of tomatoes instead of the current two bucks? How about $7 for a head of lettuce because that's what you'd be paying if these illegal migrant farm workers were paid a living wage. The answer I got, as you might imagine, was no answer.

But see, therein lies the political issue for the Left, if they were to demand a living wage for all the illegals toiling away every day in various capacities, then American citizens would line up for those jobs.

Many Americans won't because they they won't work for a quarter or so a day. But if all of a sudden, a whole new career field opened up that paid $40,000 a year, the picture would suddenly change dramatically.

There would be sudden demand from the lower ranks of the socio-economic ladder to get rid of the illegals because they truly are taking jobs that Americans want from Americans. So the socialist crowd is left in the rather awkward position of trying to have their cake and eat it too. They want them here, and they need them to be exploited. They are using them, and that is all they are doing, using them as an issue, so they can bolster their voter enrollment and keep their influence extended over society.

The bishops in the United States, who have a similar motive to shore up their imploding numbers on the parish level, are playing this game too. If you were to remove the number of Catholic immigrant Hispanics, huge numbers of whom are illegal, the percentage of the overall Catholic population in the U.S. would drop from approximately 23 percent to a dismal 15 percent.

As the political socialists have eaten their young by not biologically reproducing, the Catholic socialists have also eaten their young by not spiritually reproducing. The bishops and the Democrats have found common cause on the issue of illegal immigration, and it's all about numbers.

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