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The Meaning of Life

It's to achieve the goal of life.

January 22, 2020  0


As we continue the tally of slaughtered children on this 47th anniversary of the darkest moment in U.S. history, let's recall first the dead: almost 62 million children torn to ribbons in their mothers' wombs, usually sucked out by high-powered vacuum machines, deposited into an attached jar and their tiny pieces combed over by monsters of human beings looking for lucrative liver cells or brain matter they can turn a high profit on.

It has become an entire industry, a killing machine, the likes of which have never before been seen in human history, or could scarcely be imagined to be worse in any demented future.

Such is the state of half of America, who either participate in, rally support for, donate to, vote for or operate the machinery of death. The other half of America is in various stages of either opposition or, disgracefully, indifference.

What this all points to, especially the pitched battle we are engaged in now for almost half a century as a country, is this: Too few people have come to a definitive answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?"

It may be why the killing continues virtually unabated even in the face of what to many appears to be the perfect moniker: "pro-life."

The problem is this: So many, many people in America have lost — if they ever had — any sense of what the meaning of life is, so to encourage people to think in terms of "life" more than likely rings hollows to too many.

What is life anyway? For most, a struggle, even in the most affluent country in the history of mankind, but not necessarily a struggle in the material order — although for too many, that dimension remains.

But it is primarily a struggle in the spiritual order. The manifestations of evil in the physical realm are almost totally first found in the spiritual order, men's hearts. And it is here that so many leaders in the Church are actually responsible for the evil which has engulfed the material order.

We have the wholesale slaughter of children's lives in the physical world, precisely because leaders in the Church have allowed the slaughter of their souls in the spiritual order.

A person striving for the final good sees the value of every life.

And no, we are not talking about the homopredator clergy sex abuse of minors, evil as that nightmare is. We're talking about the neglect that tens of millions of children, who have since grown to adulthood and moved into the culture, received at the hands of their shepherds. The neglect they received removed all the flavor from the salt.

Yes, Catholic schools churned out well-educated students by the millions, but only educated in the temporal. It is painfully clear that the education they received in the realm of the spiritual was non-existent, or actually worse. They were not instructed in the meaning of life.

No one taught these children — for decades after decades — that the reason they exist, came into existence, was for the sole purpose of achieving a shared life in the Divinity, to be so radically transformed that there even exists a word for it — divination. But this was ignored by a mob of fanatic clergy and religious who were substituting this truth beginning in the 60s with the lie that the meaning of life was "self-actualization," becoming truly what you are, and fully at that.

What they never said was what we are are fallen human beings who can only become unfallen in the next life. So while the goal of this life is divination in the next, the meaning of this life is to achieve that goal. This truth creates in a person the realization that life not only has meaning but that there are truths that must be believed and adhered to and lived by — that divination is a process that, though completed in the next life, begins in this one.

A person striving for the final good necessarily sees the value of life, of every life. They are pro-life in the most basic way a man can be. But the evil which seized hold of so many leaders in the Church — that was embraced by so many of them, and still continues to be embraced by them — neutralizes this fundamental truth that life is sacred because it comes from the hand of God so that it may return to God.

So they substitute for this fundamental truth about life and create a false hierarchy of life issues — the evil "seamless garment" theory that all so-called life issues are equal.

In so doing, they both instruct and reflect back the valueless culture they have been complicit in creating, a culture that devalues life because that same culture has forgotten the Author of Life.

Their solemn duty was singular: to keep before a man's eyes the eternal truth of the reason for his existence. They have betrayed their high office and there are 62 million dead babies to show for it — a body count which increases every day. 

The purpose of life is eternity with the Author of Life. 

And the proof in the pudding is that a shocking percentage of the pro-abortion culture's leadership is comprised of those who attended Catholic school, and there is no distinction whatsoever between U.S. Catholics who support child-killing and the overall population at large. So much for being leaven, right? 

The Culture of Death was able to swallow them whole because they went into the war unprepared and were allowed to persist in their evil by a feckless hierarchy who, with only rare exception, refuses to correct their public and deadly sins, demonstrating virtually no concern for the child in the womb.

A culture is at war, a Church is in collapse, a political system is in a fight to the death — and all of it was brought to this point by successors of the Apostles who had the duty to help man transform himself, not accept and then celebrate himself for the fallen creature he is.

The meaning of life is that it has a purpose. The purpose of life is eternity with the Author of Life. Absent a clear declaration and work to ensure restoration of that truth that most of humanity once accepted, the war will rage on. 

The Catholic Church alone possesses within Her bones the very DNA of God, and can therefore turn the tide on evil in the material order by announcing the reality of the spiritual order. 

It's time to do just that. Clergy unwilling to do so should step down. The theology of Joseph Bernardin's seamless garment must be at last killed and buried, never to be resurrected.

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