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The Never-Ending Story

And it's going nowhere.

September 5, 2018  0


Despite the best effort of the pro-gay Team Francis, consisting of alternate Catholic media like Crux, National Catholic Reporter and America magazine — this story isn't going anywhere.

From this point forward until for whatever reason Francis is no longer pope, this story has become the never-ending story, as is it should be. Team Francis has gone insane trying to say Abp. Viganò is lying, distorting, vengeful, political, ideological, to which Church Militant says, "Takes one to know one."

First of all, Viganò never said he was innocent or free of guilt in all of this muck about McCarrick. And frankly, that doesn't matter, what does matter is whether what he is saying is true and that is what all of this revolves around.

So when you step back and look at this, Team Francis has absolutely zero tolerance for the truth being discovered.

All their propaganda is aimed at discrediting the archbishop so his revelations can be dismissed, and they are trying like the dickens to make sure that happens. And just who are the "they" in all this?

Fr. James Martin, John Allen, Massimo Faggioli, Dawn Eden, Austen Ivereigh, Michael Sean Winters, Cindy Wooden, David Gibson, Christopher Lamb — and that's just some of the non-hierarchy.

On the senior leadership level, Newark, New Jersey Cdl. Joseph Tobin is busy ordering his priests not to talk to reporters about homosexual clergy preying on seminarians, Chicago Cdl. Blase Cupich is busy doing damage control about his idiotic statement that talking about the environment is more important than getting to the bottom of sexual predation on young adults and minors.

And Fr. Thomas Rosica is trying to explain why, according to him, this pope can say whatever he wants and doesn't have to pay attention to Scripture or Tradition.

In short, Team Francis is building its entire case on lies and distortions and avoiding the truth, and in the case of Pope Francis himself, offering a "no comment," although insiders at the Vatican are saying he has lots of comment away from reporters.

On the other side — the correct side — lots of bishops and faithful Catholics — emphasis on faithful as opposed to heterodox and heretics on the other side — are saying, "Nope, not good enough."

"We want an investigation into the allegations of Archbishop Viganò and want to get to the bottom of all this."

Many on the correct side have pointed out that a huge number of the bad guys — and let's call them what they are, bad — are in favor of homosexuality, mostly the active aspect of it.

So what's really going on is simple, and everyone knows it — just like senior U.S. hierarchy all knew about McCarrick, that this whole thing is about shoring up the crumbling homosexual empire in the Church.

For decades, homosexual men — many active — have infested the Catholic clergy and the one thing that could not happen on their way total domination was exposure.

Well — too late. It's all being exposed, every last sodomite rape of seminarians, every last cover-up, every last seminary faculty member who covered it up, every chancery-arranged secret settlement the laity paid for, every last bit of it — all of it.

And it's going to keep coming out. These perverts and their allies cannot keep the truth from being revealed. But as long as they keep trying — which in order to protect their evil empire, they will do until they go to their grave — this will be the never-ending story, and for them, that's a resounding loss.

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