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The New Catacombs

Priests going underground.

April 22, 2021  0


Back near the beginning of the media-hyped Wuhan-virus crisis, priests were contacting us saying they were extremely opposed to their bishops shutting down access to the sacraments, but knew that if they said anything about it openly, that would be the end of any public ministry they had.

However, the conversations with clergy around the country generated an idea that has now turned into a reality, and we are announcing it today: a Church Militant initiative for priests to speak out against all this corruption and cowardice among bishops, but also in a way that protects them thoroughly.

Before we get into our effort here, if you know a priest who would be open to this, please send this to him immediately.    

The heart of the problem is this: Many faithful priests are getting tarred for the bad actions of their bishops. They are seen by quite a few as complicit for not speaking out and condemning the actions of the bishops — not just regarding the Chinese Communist Party virus, but a host of other issues as well, such as giving Holy Communion to anti-Catholic, fake-Catholic politicians; the constant pushing of the Marxist political line about climate, immigration, BLM and so forth.

Priests defending the Faith are not enemies of the Church who need anger management or psychological evaluation. 

These priests (like many actual faithful Catholics) are fed up with all of this and, with rare exception, do not really have an effective voice to protest or offer continual words of encouragement because they rightly suspect that once they step forward to protect the sheep, evil or cowardly shepherds will strike them down. True — we've seen that time and time again.

So as we started hearing all this, brought to the forefront by the Wuhan-virus affair, we thought we could provide a location for these priests to speak out about all this as a service to the lay faithful, yet completely and entirely protect their identity. We ran the idea past a cadre of excellent priests, and they all leaped at the idea and the chance to be part of it.

So after months of working out all kinds of logistics (personal and technical), we have come up with a completely secure way for these priests to remain anonymous and yet still voice their concerns and words of encouragement.

Here are the details:

  • A core group of 12 excellent priests, who have all been vetted by Church Militant, will collectively produce relevant statements at key regular moments in the life of the Church
  • The statements will be largely (but not exclusively) in response to bad actions or lack of good action by the Hierarchy as a way to provide an alternative voice for the authentic Magisterium — not this political-hack stuff that spews out of the Hierarchy almost daily, which so wounds the faithful
  • Once a statement has been generated, it will then be put to a straight up-or-down vote by noncore members of the clergy
  • A statement that receives majority support gets published

It's that simple.

That is one of the points of this Vortex: to inform other priests that we are doing this, that there are 12 clergy members who produce a collective statement as needed, and we would like to have you be a voting member on the statements.

And here is the main key to all this: Not one priest knows the identity of any other priest — none of them. Only a very small, select part of the staff here at Church Militant knows the identities, and those identities will never be released, even to other priests. The core members don't know who the other core members are. The voting clergy members will not know who the other voting clergy members are. No one will know. That way, if a bishop calls in a priest, he can honestly say he has no idea who any of the other clergy members are.

If this all sounds a little subversive, know that it is in response to decades of cowardly, weak or wicked bishops subverting the Faith themselves. What's more, when a faithful priest says or does the right thing, these men bring the hammer down on him. That has to stop.

Priests defending the Faith are not enemies of the Church who need anger management or psychological evaluation. They need support, and they need to be given a voice. They get neither from their bishops, so we need to step forward and fill in here. It's absolutely ridiculous that the laity needs to battle bishops for the sake of the priests, but that's where we are right now as a Church, thanks to a conniving Hierarchy more concerned with the world than the Church.

So be it.

We are calling this all-new Church Militant endeavor "The New Catacombs," and we are now officially accepting applications from clergy to be voting members on each statement that is produced by the core members. And lest you concern yourself with the idea of the Church of Nice trying to get moles into the system, Church Militant will be doing its own vetting of every applicant priest to ensure no "Fr. Martin types" get inside.

As you know, we have been in this "game" now for quite a while. We know tons of priests — good and bad.

Good priests have been put on ice for too long now, silenced by the "lavender mafia" in their dioceses or religious communities; dumped on by the bishop or superior; falsely accused, sidelined, shipped off to nuthouses under false pretenses; charged with phony stuff in the Church's courts — you name it. And all of it is in an effort to silence them and deprive the sheep of true teaching. Enough!

This is Church Militant's answer to this nightmare: giving good priests a voice while protecting them from the ravages of modernist prelates, their gay-friendly staffs and complicit clerics. And all the while, we'll be completely concealing their identities — even from each other — and that's the point.

For complete clarity once again, no one knows, nor will ever know, who the core members or the voting members are — never.

This entire effort is being brought under the operational control of our Church Militant Resistance Arm, an organized effort for laypeople to be able to respond quickly to multiple crises in the Church. Protecting faithful priests and providing a means for them to speak to the faithful about the authentic teaching of the Church is all part of this. We are in a horrible, sordid mess in the Church today, and it simply must be addressed.

The priesthood of Jesus Christ is worth fighting for.

So here's your assignment: If you are a priest, please click on this link to submit your confidential information, and we will get back to you. If you are a layperson, please forward this Vortex to a priest.

One final word of appreciation to the core priests who do not know each other: Thank you for your efforts and work these past months to help establish "The New Catacombs" for your brother priests who are in quiet pain.

And thank you also to all our supporters who provide us with the financial means to be able to do this kind of extra work.

Never in our wildest dreams would we here at Church Militant/St. Michael's Media have imagined 15 years ago that things would come to this, but here we are. This apostolate belongs to the Church and Her saving work. The priesthood of Jesus Christ is worth fighting for.

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