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The New Normal — Disgraceful

The laity cannot accept this.

December 4, 2018  0


You've probably heard the old story about the frog in the pot of hot water — where slowly but surely the temperature is increased and the frog doesn't detect the incremental but steady increase and eventually boils to death.

Look at the condition of the Church now thanks to the modernist filth allowed in and promoted by the current crop of senior bishops. A new normal has been established that is beyond disgraceful, yet it's come in such increments that every new notice of filth barely causes a reaction anymore. In fact, we've come to expect it, and that is a huge warning signal.

For example, for some time now, there has been mandatory training in the Church to ensure no child is sexually molested — let that sink in for a moment.

That, of course, is the result of mostly homosexual pederast priests raping altar boys and this training is imposed on the laity, even though it was not the laity doing this.

Then the next round of news was that various dioceses around the country were starting to go bankrupt — 15 now — startling at first, but when it happens now, like it did to two dioceses this past week, no one bats an eyelid.

Then, the faithful are now subjected to sitting in Mass and hearing statements read from the pulpit where the bishop "apologizes" for all the sexual sins — again, mostly homosexual sins — of his clergy.

And yes, we put "apologizes" in quotes because there are zero consequences for the bishops who participated in all this, on whatever level, at whatever point of their careers. They believe just saying "sorry" is good enough.

Then multiple states start announcing grand jury investigations up and down the country, wanting to know just how extensive the pederast priest problem really is.

Then local TV news outfits all over the country start focusing on this, and one by one the laity once again have to sit through statements being read from the pulpit where we hear that the former secret list of names of dozens of homosexual predator priests is going to be made public.

Then various media outlets or law enforcement officials, or both, begin making their own statements and reports that the lists are incomplete, that the problem is much more extensive than is being reported by bishops.

Then the U.S. Department of Justice sends notice to every diocese in the country to not destroy any files whatsoever, signaling the beginnings of a criminal RICO case.

Then federal investigations get launched and the laity have to once again listen to statements from the pulpit or in the media that the bishops will cooperate fully with all investigations.

The next thing we know, in multiple jurisdictions, the cops are bashing down doors to chanceries and offices and hauling out boxes of files and computers and cell phones and laptops and anything else they can think of.

Meanwhile, the bishops dither around, most of them unwilling to admit that their neglect of the Faith and acceptance of homosexuality is the root of all this, as multiple experts have said very loudly and clearly.

They even pass up a chance to send a strong message to Rome that transparency is what is needed here by roundly voting down a proposal to make the McCarrick investigation public. And they voted that down at a million-dollar meeting in Baltimore, where laity discovered through various reports that these million-dollar meetings happen in an air of luxury as well as arrogance.

And then late last week, even the Pope is forced to start openly talking about the issue of homosexuals in the priesthood — and saying this cannot be.

Excuse us, Holy Father, but too late. And all you need to do is look at your closest advisors to see why.

So this is the new normal, brought to you by modernists and homosexual prelates and priests.

The Church has become an object of scorn and ridicule, not to mention law enforcement investigations, and this is what happens when leaders lose supernatural faith.

Yet there sit these arrogant men, still to this very minute refusing to accept the consequences of their actions, ignoring their own hand-picked advisors who stand up in front of them in Baltimore just two weeks ago and lay it out in very clear terms.

So here we sit, fellow Catholics, at a stalemate with multiple leaders who, one, refuse to admit the truth; two, refuse to accept the consequences and willingly leave their posts; three, attempt to deceive law enforcement; four, have demonstrated not one shred of evidence that they get any of this; and five, are launching fundraising campaigns for collectively billions of dollars from the faithful as if nothing has really happened.

In the course of this, we have come to learn just how incredibly corrupt the entire senior leadership of the Church in America is — McCarrick, Wuerl, Tobin, Farrell, Cupich and on down the line: liars, cheats, destroyers of faith and the faithful.

These men have embraced the homoheresy and the modernist heresy, and now we are reaping the rotten fruit of it.

They sit there in their wonderful homes surrounded by secretaries and communications directors — paid for by you — still having the unmitigated gall to go on and on about climate change and illegal immigration.

And here we sit, exposed to one scandal after another as the temperature continues to increase for the frog in the boiling pot.

In perfect examples of "what are they thinking?" we have the cases of first Cdl. Joseph Tobin of Newark — McCarrick defender — who had an Italian model living in his rectory for a couple of months, who likes to post multiple pictures of himself practically naked on his social media accounts.​

All of this — the current crisis, these weird examples of apparent cluelessness and a zillion other things — all of it is disgraceful. But it is the new normal because this is exactly what the bishops want it to be. They could change all of this tomorrow, but they won't.

They will continue to deny, lie, deceive, pervert, ignore, accuse and corrupt — and all while they ask for your money by the billions.

It's the new normal, and it's disgraceful.

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