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The North Star

What guides you?

May 26, 2020  0


For centuries and centuries, sailors have navigated the oceans and seas beneath them by looking to the heavens above them. And the one, fixed point around which their calculations were performed was by keeping Polaris as the one unchangeable, Polaris being the North Star.

From our perspective here on earth, the other stars revolve around Polaris, so all movements and travels here can be ordered around that fixed, unchangeable point. Keeping your eyes heavenward would prevent you from ever going off course because of the objective reality of the North Star never changing. All the other stars used for navigation are tracked by their relationship to Polaris. 

It's apt that, as Catholics, this built-in reminder by God of a North Star also serves as a guide in the life of reform of the Church. There are unchanging principles, fixed in the heavens, from which we can never stray, or we go off course.

First, if you think, or are unaware, that the Church is not sorely in need of reform, then please click off now.

When we began this apostolate going on 15 years ago, we had no idea of the extent of the evils in the Church. We naïvely thought that the heart of the problem was just that the laity was poorly catechized and that the solution was to simply do our best to help catechize them. We didn't know that there were — and are — individuals in the Church actively working against the truth, deliberately ensuring that people do not know the authentic faith.

Once we discovered this, the entire crisis came immediately into focus, kind of like one of those paintings that has another painting contained in the strokes. You can't see, no matter how much you screw up your vision,  and then suddenly you see it — and once you see it, you can never unsee it.

What was being attacked, in the final spit, was Truth. And that means that underneath all this, there was, and is, a story that needs to be told, a story of darkness, corruption and treachery. And every story involves people, their motives, their agendas — in short, their North Stars, what makes them tick.

Both the trad media and the establishment media have helped contribute to a culture whereby many people's lives have been ruined, some even killed.

I personally come at all this as a lifelong journalist with a specialty and precision in investigative reporting. That's my professional foundation. That makes Church Militant and what we've been able to build here with your help — thank you — as well, of course, Heaven's — something very different in the Church, something unique in the collective work of the faithful of the restoration of the Church.

We don't like our work to help restore the Church being lumped in with apologists for the status quo who pose as journalists and commentators, but are really being deceptive on that score and being more focused on advancing their own agendas rather than facing, accepting and telling the truth. They are not about truth. They are about their agenda. They give actual journalists a bad name because the distinction between our work and theirs is continually spoken of in the same breath because we share some things in common, like orthodoxy. 

We want no association, at all, with such groups or individuals. We consider them hypocritical, even if we do sometimes have common cause, but I assure you, we most certainly do not have common methods. 

The silence from both the supposed traditional media types in the case of the SSPX cover-up scandal as well as the silence and deflection by the Church of Nice Catholic establishment media — both camps — in the face of all this is reprehensible morally and unethical professionally. Their silence merits them disdain, nothing else. Their unwillingness of each camp to delve into the harsh truth of those whom they support and who support them is horrible.

Both the trad media and the establishment media, each pursuing their own agendas, have helped contribute to a culture whereby many, many people's lives have been ruined, some even killed at their own hand. Why shouldn't they each be called out for their silence?

They don't care about the truth — or the Church — sufficiently to traffic in the currency of truth because to do so would blow up the little niche they have each carved out for themselves. Why can't they just be honest? I submit it is because they have so wrapped themselves in the banner of either the SSPX or the Church of Nice that if they were to openly say something and pursue and report the story, they know they would suffer tremendously financially. 

Each camp of these fake media has built up a "base" over the years, decades even — their "red meat" crowd, so to speak, and they cannot do anything to upset them. It's repulsive, and difficult to imagine any Catholic not immediately being turned off by that. 

So yes, once the abuse is called out, then it's time to turn attention to those who enable it — everyone who enables it. An incomplete reform is no reform at all.  

Again, this is true for both the Church of Nice and the SSPX and their multiple social media cheerleaders who don't care enough about victims to risk it all for them.

In the case of EWTN, since Mother's departure, the network has become part of the establishment, largely out of necessity for financial survival. EWTN owns Catholic News Agency, and both subsist on the naïveté of the Church of Nice crowd, naïve because they are never told the extent of the horrors covered up in the Church. Mother was about reforming and restoring the Church; this crowd is all about themselves. 

And even if SSPX excommunicated Abp. Marcel was at one time about reform, those who have assumed his mantle need to be asked if, based on their actions, the rape of children by clergy and subsequent cover-up was part of his reform plan — because if it wasn't, it is now.

As for Church Militant, we will continue what we do and how we do it.

Why does no one in leadership feel a responsibility to tell the truth of the corruption in their own ranks, the greatest hindrance to restoration efforts that there could be? What good does it do in the overall, to attempt to evanelize or restore the Church when the very faith you are evangelizing is overseen by a despicable group of weak men who are either gay, thieves or cowardly? How long do you think such a state of affairs can endure until there can be any evangelization efforts remaining?

The time has truly arrived that a dedicated effort of truthtellers — not propagandists for one side or the other — be firmly established. 

The reason there has been no restoration, not even a modicum you can seriously point to, is because there are competing factions, each of whom is willing to jettison the truth if it costs them too much. Their North Star is not a restoration of the Church, but a continuation of themselves. That is what their heavens revolve around.

As for Church Militant, we will continue what we do and how we do it.

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