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The One True Faith

Outside of this faith, salvation is not possible!

December 1, 2016  0
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When our little apostolate got up and running in 2006, the very first production out of the gate was our flagship show "The One True Faith."

We produced more than 100 episodes where we take one aspect of the Faith and break it down before a live audience. While nothing of the Faith has changed in the ensuing 10 years, the technology has. So we are happy to announce that our Premium subscription team has been extremely busy boosting the video and production quality so we now have an even better production for you to watch.

The importance of proper education and knowledge in the Faith cannot be overstated. It is the major problem facing the Church these days — a lack of knowledge. It's why horrendous evangelization and catechetical programs are able to fool so many unsuspecting Catholics — because they don't know the Faith. And what's being presented to them as the Faith, plainly stated, is not.

In many many circumstances it's a mish-mash of Catholic-sounding things, but on just a little closer examination it's either mostly empty of Catholic beauty or so distorted that nothing substantial of the necessary knowledge of the Faith is transmitted.

The reason why this is the case we've covered in multiple "Vortex" episodes and in our first book "Militant," so we won't go into much of it here. Suffice it to say, poorly formed leaders in the Church who have been too afraid or too embracing of political correctness are the root of the problem, but more on that down the road.

For now, we want to stress the importance of taking time out of our lives, to the necessity of making a major restructuring of our lives to learn about the Faith. This has to become a priority. 

Almighty God says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." What we do here at Church Militant and our sister organization, St. Michael's Media, every day is stress the importance of knowing the Faith so that we can live the Faith.

We fight manfully against erroneous representations of the Faith and do everything humanly possible to promote the authentic Faith. Sometimes that means opposing things in the Church because they despoil the beauty and integrity of the Holy Catholic Church, the One True Faith.

How sad it is that this is the current state of affairs, but we can't control that. What we can control is that we resist and battle against it.

We gave the title "The One True Faith" to our flagship show to make a statement: There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. And that needs to be abundantly clear — resounding clarity, unimpeachable testimony. To say anything else is to deny Christ Himself.

The realities of the Faith, the truth of the Church in all its glory, are hardly ever preached today — things like the glory of the angels, which is the first episode that is available; the beauty of the Queen of Heaven; the great mercy God has demonstrated to us in becoming incarnate; His specific role as Savior; the mercy shown to us in being able to be rescued from Hell and the diabolical (which left to our own devices, is our destiny); the eternal Logos; the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

The Son of the Father injected Himself in time to reverse our course, to turn the river of destiny back on itself, and snatch us back from Satan. He began a Church, the Holy Catholic Church, and established Peter and his successors over this Church to continue His saving work until He returns, not as a Babe, but as supreme Judge.

It is, quite frankly, the greatest story ever told. No sin is too great, no demon too strong, no malady too powerful that cannot be crushed underfoot by the power of Heaven. But before the glory of the power of God can be realized, we must first recognize the terrible frightfulness of the enemy and all his wicked ways, and all his empty promises.

If the opponent is not correctly understood for all his power and fury, then the beauty and strength of Almighty God will go completely unrecognized. This is what our show, "The One True Faith," is all about — showcasing the magnificence of the love of God for all of us, as we are battered and beaten around in this kingdom of Satan. In the midst of all the serpent's terrible, horrific rage and fury, we can be saved. 

The work of the Holy Trinity, begun in eternity, is carried on in time through His Holy Church, which has His own divine power to save right up until the last breath a person takes. The story of the Catholic faith is the story of God's love for us, made visible and incarnate in time and history.

This is why our first production was this 100-plus epsiode program. Since we began our work in 2006, thousands and thousand of Premium subscribers have signed up, and many are not even aware of our flagship program. So we'd like to invite you to sign up if you haven't already and make a habit of viewing it — one new episode each week.

For all the Resistance members out there, this would be an ideal place to begin your regularly scheduled gatherings with each other. And for those of you who are Premium subscribers but don't know about "The One True Faith," now is the time to become familiar with it.

We've provided a link to the first epsiode, "St. Michael and the Angels," which we are presenting for free for you to check out for yourself. Please take the time to view it and make "The One True Faith" part of your weekly routine.

This past election, we were spared from what certainly would have been a very horrible impact on the Church. But we were not spared to go back to some complacency; we were spared to offer ourselves to help everyone we know become Catholic and live in the glory of the Church — the only Church, the One True Faith, outside of which salvation is not possible.

Please click on the link and sign up for a Premium subscription. You'll be getting these all remastered for the next two-plus years.

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