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The Red Scare

There's a lot to be scared of.

February 26, 2020  0


Let's get down to it. Socialism — for all purposes, as well as intents — is communism, period.

There might be some esoteric academic economic questions about government ownership of the means of production, but for the people who have lived under each system, the difference has proved insignificant.

Bernie Sanders is a straight-up communist — a dyed-in-the-wool, Marxist, pinko, commie — the type of candidate that every American Catholic, or Catholic American, would be duty-bound to oppose because Bernie hates America and he hates Catholicism. Both America as well as Catholicism represent opposing worldviews to the near-octogenarian, which may explain why he has been the only presidential candidate invited to the Vatican, back in 2016.

But Bernie — for all his bluster about fairness and equity and wealth redistribution and saving the planet and reducing everyone to the same level of poverty — in the name of fairness, of course, doesn't appear to want to go first. The multi-millionaire — owner of numerous homes — who has never had anything but a government job in his life and somehow profited millions — is unwilling to give up his personal wealth and throw it into the pot for everyone else to ravage. But he'll make you give up yours. 

His plan — if you could even dignify it with the name "plan" — is so destructive of the Church's teaching on private property and securing the fruits of your own labor that even his fellow baby-killers are lashing out at him.

[Transcript unavailable]

You can expect to see that clip in a million Trump ads in the fall if the commie gets the democratic nomination.

A bellwether to watch on just how far the U.S. bishops have strayed will be if they speak out against a Bernie candidacy.

Catholics must vote according to reason with an eye to the common good. It's why a Catholic cannot vote pro-abortion. But it's also why a Catholic cannot vote for a candidate who will be so reckless with tax dollars, collected for the common good, that he can't even answer a straightforward question about the tens of trillions of dollars his "plan" would cost.

[Transcript unavailable]

So if Bernie manages to avoid getting screwed over again by democratic leadership and secures the party nomination, a bellwether to watch on just how far the U.S. bishops have strayed will be if they speak out against a Bernie candidacy.

Bernie supports infanticide, the government theft of tens of trillions of dollars, the driving into the ground any future America could have, as well as supporting a system of government that has never not violently attacked the Church within a couple of years of gaining power.

And those attacks have been violent, bloody and lethal. Gulags were set up — concentration camps long before the Nazis were even heard of. Communists never allow dissent, which is why long-time politicians were blown away when Bernie said during an on-camera interview that Cuban commie Fidel Castro did some good things. Yes, and Hitler repaired the roads.

And for those who are saying to themselves or others, "Well all he would be is president. He can't do all this on his own," well, consider this. If Bernie, a communist, were to be elected president of the United States, it would mean that Republicans across the map would have been wiped out as well. It's not possible that a massive groundswell that would sweep a communist into the oval office would not also sweep into power other like-minded candidates further down the ticket.

The GOP would have lost control of the U.S. Senate, which means an end to judicial appointments of originalist judges. By the end of his first term, Congress would likely be transformed enough to make religious-minded people begin to feel the pain.

And for anyone who thinks this is far-fetched, then you don't understand history. For decades, liberals, largely in touch with almost every single agenda item on the Communinst Manifesto, have been working feverishly to convert the country into something different than what it was.

When former Soviet First Secretary Nikita Kruschev famously said to Western ambassadors in 1956 visiting Soviet-occupied Poland "We will bury you," it sent shock waves around the world. He later clarified that he did not mean with a shovel, but "Your own working class will bury you." That was an approximation of what Karl Marx had written the previous century: "The proletariat is the undertaker of capitalism." It is the very definition of class warfare. And it is absolutely essential to a commie takeover.

Enough of the populace has to be dumbed down in their education so they will buy the propaganda — hook, line and sinker. And we are now at that point. The irreligious youth, who don't care about God in any meaningful way; and have been taught that truth is individual, not objective; and everyone is equal and everyone deserves the exact same outcome — they are now grown up and they're voters and they want their $200,000 student loans for queer gender studies and Native American spirit paintings paid off by Bernie — which means you.

The family has been destroyed, so to these wandering youth, the state is now "daddy" and daddy's role is to take from the rich and give to them. There couldn't be anything more un-Catholic regarding the common good. 

History has taught us that people who think life owes them something, once they gain sufficient numbers, set about taking what they feel life owes them. Socialism leads to violence, theft and murder. Any Catholic who thinks this war won't eventually come for them has no conception of reality.

What Trump said at the 2019 State of The Union — that America will never be a socialist country — had better be true. What's scary about the Red Scare from a Catholic perspective is how many members of the U.S. hierarchy will try to help bring it about?

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