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The Regime

It's close to over.

August 19, 2022  0


The memo has gone out: Abandon Biden. Two years ago, in the heat of the 2020 campaign, "Hidin' Biden" was hailed by the regime (the media and the Party of Death establishment), even as he barely left his basement. He granted almost no press conferences, rarely gave interviews, except the ones that were extremely controlled and choreographed, and did almost no traveling.

Yet, despite all that, the media gushed over him, despite knowing he was mentally declining. He oftentimes had difficulty forming and expressing a coherent thought and was allowed to dodge every important question or issue. Meanwhile, Trump was attacked and vilified on every front as COVID raged (or so we were told), with CNN dutifully keeping track of the dead with their body-count ticker updated every minute. 

It was so bad that people were told they couldn't dare risk leaving their homes to vote. They would have to vote by mail or drop boxes all over the place. Other brave citizens could come and collect the ballots and hand them in for them. All that mattered was that you got your ballot in. They'll figure it all out later; trust us. We know how that all played out. 

In just five decisive counties — Fulton, Georgia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Wayne, Michigan; Dane, Wisconsin; and Maricopa, Arizona, the vote counting just stopped. Now, these two years later, we have the FBI raid. We have an affidavit that Merrick Garland's DOJ is refusing to release because he says he's afraid it will have a chilling effect on the people named in it. We have what is surely going to be an indictment of Donald Trump, and it is here that this country must stop and do intense introspection to understand what exactly is going on.

They set about to destroy his presidency by undermining it at every turn.

This goes back to Barack Obama. Obama hates America, as does his wife Michelle, which is why she publicly exclaimed she had never been proud of her country until they elected him. Obama set about the process of dismantling America by making long-term changes in military leadership as well as in the intelligence agencies. He did so quietly, unceremoniously, and was able to get away with it because his media would never "out him" like that.

Little by little, he switched out former leaders and replaced them with globalist-minded elites who shared his vision of "America last." These are the very same individuals who labored to spy on Trump's campaign and started the phony Russia-hoax narrative. Their plan, Obama's plan, would have proceeded flawlessly and been completed by Hillary in 2016 — except Trump won!

So once they got over the shock, they set about to destroy his presidency by undermining it at every turn, including the 2020 election itself. Now, with Biden in the Oval Office, they are full steam ahead again, reversing all the Trump reversals of their agenda and putting it back on course. They are somewhat behind schedule, but, for the moment, that's okay from their standpoint.

And here is the very scary part. While they haven't gotten everything they wanted from the notorious "build back better" garbage, they did get a lot of it in the so-called Inflation Reduction Act that Biden just signed into law. So much so that Obama, who is the mastermind behind all this, tweeted out (after his puppet signed the bill) that "this is a BFD."

With the threat of losing control of at least the U.S. House looming over them, they had to act fast to get some portion of their agenda locked into law, including hiring and arming 87,000 new IRS agents. If the GOP wins at least the House, which is extremely likely, then that will bring all legislative efforts by the Marxists to a halt. However, legislation will no longer be their goal in the short term. They have enough to work with going forward.

Right now, the entire focus is on the powers of the executive branch and its control over the DOJ, which, in turn, controls the FBI. Trump is a massive annoyance, even a hindrance, to their Marxist agenda — so in a word, he needs to be permanently sidelined. Short of assassination, which no one should put past this bunch, getting him behind bars or at least keeping the drawn-out process of a trial and hearings and depositions and investigations chugging along has now become the plan.

Democrats everywhere are crying for Trump allies to be handcuffed, and then the "big enchilada" — Trump doing the perp walk — hopefully, live on CNN. They want Biden's crooked DOJ to destroy him. And here's the point: You don't need Congress to accomplish that. They have everything they need already in place; hence, the raid. 

Merrick Garland either has to indict Trump in the near future or resign. If you care to bet on that, then bet on the indictment. You don't conduct an investigation, collect testimony, gather affidavits, obtain a search warrant, execute that warrant in a raid and then sit back and do nothing. It doesn't work like that. This is a total power grab, or, more precisely, a lockdown of power in advance of the midterms to blunt the expected outcome.

Sure, there is talk among various Republicans right now that a host of investigations are going to begin regarding Hunter, Fauci, election integrity, China dealings, the FBI and so forth. That's great and all, and should happen, but there are so many crooked schemes of the Marxist Democrats that have to be dug into that it's going to take years. 

Secondly, is the RINO leadership going to really go along with all that? Seriously. What the last few years have revealed is this: Republicans care less about saving America than Democrats are committed to destroying it. In fact, it has been the Republican leadership's complicity in the Marxist evil that has greatly helped us arrive at this point in the first place.

The Marxist narrative of climate change crap, race-baiting division, destruction of the economy, the wiping out of the middle class — all of it propagated by their allies in the media — all of that has been wildly successful. The only thing that has prevented the spread of it all much sooner was Donald Trump walking onto the main stage, which is why they are working feverishly to get rid of him by whatever means necessary.

Republicans care less about saving America than Democrats are committed to destroying it.

Remember, Biden's phony Justice Department doesn't need to subdue an entire nation, only a few million. The vast majority will simply fall in line, as we saw (and still see) during COVID. The raid hasn't gone over very well in terms of popularity with anyone except Democrats. Huge majorities of Republican as well as independent voters believe it's all politically motivated. Likewise, Merrick Garland's approval rating has fallen by five points since the raid. And guess what? The Marxists don't care.

They no longer care about polls, elections, approval ratings or anything of the kind, because their concentration of power has shifted from Capitol Hill to law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Taxes are about to go up. The economy will not improve. The average American has now become the enemy of the State because these Marxists have always hated you. They just smiled and pretended, until Trump tore off their masks.

But we would be remiss if we did not point out one glaring thing: When Biden signed the falsely named Inflation Reduction Act into law earlier this week, he turned around and handed the pen to phony-Catholic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Manchin proved to be the decisive vote, bringing the whole raw deal across the finish line. A phony Catholic getting a pen from another phony Catholic and using it to sign America's death warrant — how utterly fitting.

And never forget, it was the U.S. bishops who played a key role in bringing this entire regime to power. It's been part of the plan all along.

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