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The Root of the Evil

Homosexuality in the seminaries.

May 13, 2021  0


Church Militant recently received an email from a parishioner who had confronted a priest about the church closings in the diocese. The email we received was the response from the priest to the parishioner, which the parishioner passed on to us.

So as not to cause an unnecessary headache for the parishioner, we'll keep things nonspecific. And, likewise, it doesn't really matter where this took place because this situation applies across the entire country.

The priest (who was ticked off at Church Militant, like many of them are) was complaining that we talk about the collapse of the Church and the resultant parish closures. His response to the parishioner was, "Well, what would you have the bishop do? In a few years, this archdiocese will have only one non-retired priest to serve over 100 parishes unless we close a huge number of them now. Priests will have to be kept on past retirement to serve these parishes."

While all of that may be true, there's a measure of justice in this situation. For decades, bishops lied to the faithful and still continue to in spades. They have allowed sacrilege to rule the day. And it's important to note that they didn't just become a bishop and start doing this. They were doing it all along in their priesthood. In fact, you could make the case that they became a bishop because they were so good at not teaching the Faith. 

In fact, you could make the case that they became a bishop because they were so good at not teaching the Faith. 

Over the decades, of course, this has had the effect of blowing up the Church, destroying faith and reducing the Church to rubble. But at least many of them are still sitting on hundreds of millions in endowments and investments. But just like they never teach the Faith, they also keep that little fact from you as well.

Another issue they have lied through their teeth about (and still do) is their embrace of sodomy within their own ranks. Many of these men are homosexual and have turned a blind eye to it their entire careers — and that's on a good day.

They put homosexuals in charge of their seminaries to keep straight guys out and bring in "fresh meat" for their diocesan gay bars, also known as the chancery. Those men in seminary, once they proved themselves to their superiors, were ordained and promoted and eventually flooded into the bishop pipeline to keep the cycle going.

Certainly not all, but enough of these homosexual clerics went on to rape thousands and thousands of altar boys. Their acts were then covered up and lied about for decades by their fellow homosexuals in miters. But as the ranks of the bishops and priests became more homosexual, society was mirroring this. No longer was it necessary for young, Catholic homosexuals to go hide in a seminary and live off the Church. Now they could just go work for the news media or Democrats or teach college classes and receive special rights as a protected class, all based strictly on whom they had sexual relations with.

One effect of this was that seminary enrollments began to decline. Of course, since the Church was shrinking overall anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal. Until now. Now, conditions have reached a breaking point because the decades-long decline of seminarians has resulted in a massive shortage of priests. And yet, there are still a huge number of parish buildings with only a few Catholics in each of them.

These homosexual men in collars — and eventually miters — have been the precipitating cause of the destruction of the Church in America.

These homosexual men in collars — and eventually miters — have been the precipitating cause of the destruction of the Church in America.

Perhaps nowhere in the country is this whole phenomenon more easily seen than the diocese of Buffalo, New York. And it's only more easily seen because people "in the know" there spilled the beans. There is nothing special about Buffalo. The root of the evil in the Church is just better known here — but it is everywhere. And the seminary in Buffalo is "exhibit No. 1."

Church Militant has produced our latest Spotlight episode to show you how this evil has virtually wiped out the Church in the United States.

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