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The Soros Swamps

In Rome and DC.

November 21, 2019  0


If you keep your ears open and look for the comparisons, they are extremely clear. There is a war being waged in the two capitals of the world, Washington, D.C. and Rome — in other words, the United States and the Catholic Church. In each capital, the war is being waged by essentially the same forces on each side: the little people and the elites who live in the swamp.

And while we are highlighting the comparisons, a major one is the behind-the-scenes funding for each war — George Soros.

While George is certainly not the only sinister agent bankrolling the rise and dominance of the Left, his billions and how he allocates them has catapulted him into the role of posterboy. And to be certain, Soros' efforts are not merely symbolic or ceremonial. He is a driving force of all things leftist in the worlds of both Church and State.

Enormous sums of his wind their way through all sorts of institutions and nonprofits set up specifically established to rip control of Western civilization away from more traditional understandings and lead it to the broad, sunlit uplands of socialism. And when we speak of Western civilization, we are speaking in broad terms, meaning the established principles and customs governing the West which were introduced by and advanced by the Catholic Church. So when Soros, or his buddies, strike at the Church or the United States, or both, they are taking aim squarely at Western civilization.

Sometimes they even get a double bang for their buck, like when they helped fund the Center for American Progress (CPR), the organization headed up by John Podesta, Hillary's campaign director in 2016.

Recall the WikiLeaks dump which revealed that a chief aim of the CPR was to destabilize the Catholic Church and get Catholics to vote for Obama in 2008 and 2012, as well as Hillary in 2016. You can easily call that a two-fer: Subvert the Church and get your socialist friends elected to the White House, all with just one donation. Pretty slick.

Until it all came out, as we said, in the 2016  WikiLeaks dump, emails were sent back and forth between Podesta and other swamp types openly discussing how to destabilize the Church.

The similarities between the swamp in D.C. and the one in Rome are a bit breathtaking to behold. The swamp monsters in each town have almost total control of all established media outlets. They each promote a type of socialism which relies on people being completely uninformed and uneducated. In the D.C. swamp, this was done by seizing control of the education system and turning out unthinking zombies. In the Rome swamp, this was done by seizing control of religious education — primary schools, high schools, CCD and Catholic colleges — and turning out unthinking, unformed zombies.

Each swamp relies heavily on painting their agendas in the most friendly terms — in Rome, mercy for all, and in D.C., Medicare for All. In Rome, forgiveness of all spiritual debt (whether you ask for it or not), and in D.C., forgiveness of all college debt (whether you ask for it or not).

In both swamps, there exists a "Deep State" that has been busy for decades undermining the identity and self-understanding of the respective capital. And each swamp is absolutely dedicated to complete and total destruction of their enemies, those who oppose their cultural or religious poison.

Each swamp produces big, meaningless spectacles to try and pull the wool over people's eyes. In D.C., first it was Comey; Comey and then Russia; Russia; and now it's impeachment-palooza. In Rome, first it was the Synods on the Family; then the Sex Summit; and now the Amazonian Synod. In each capital, the spectacles are charades, meant to arrive at a predetermined outcome but pretending they are simply "listening" and "dialoguing" and "getting at the facts." Each capital's swamps can't resist the urge to blather on about climate change, and immigrants, the death penalty and gun control, reading as they are from the same Soros paid-for script.

America is a threat to the goals of the Left because it still stands for everything that America is identified with. And while huge strides have been made by the marxists in America, a recent poll revealed that close to 90% of Americans still believe in America as the country is traditionally understood. The Church is a threat to the goals of the Left because the Left supports evil disguised as good, and too many in the Church refuse to let that evil go unchallenged and call it out.

And on the world stage, all of this converges on Donald Trump, the only man on earth who embodies a world vision largely consistent — with major exceptions — with Catholic principles and American values. This is why he is attacked so viciously by both politicos and leftist Churchmen. Whatever one may think of him personally, he speaks about the things that the marxist Left despises, and he has found an audience with tens of millions of American voters. He is hated by the leftist establishment — the swamp in D.C. and Rome.

It all comes down to worldviews, in the end. Trump has a view of the world where everyone should be given an equal chance at greatness and succeed or fail on their own. The Left has a view of the world where everyone should receive the same outcome regardless of their initiative or lack thereof. Hard work, discipline, personal responsibility, effort, drive, talent, ambition, resourcefulness, commitment — these are the hallmarks of the civic life and the religious life.

But these things are anathema to the Left because in that world, people are not equal, in the sense that they separate from each other based on the choices they make, and the Left detests distinction. Everyone is the same and all moral choices have equal weight. There is no right from wrong. Abortion is a good and if you don't believe it, don't have one. Marriage is for everyone, and if you don't think so, you are a bigot. And so it goes. Free college for all. Medicare for all. Climate rules for all. Over in Rome, the leftists are whipping up talk of ecological sins and the overthrow of stale, old rules of tradition.

A person would have to be blind to not see that the swamps in these two towns are fed by the same headwaters and infected with the same marxist poison.

But the little people are fighting back. The peasantry is in revolt. Faithful Catholics are closing their wallets and fleeing to the few good parishes, and concerned citizens are growing weary of the repeated attempts by the Democrat lynching gang of Trump.

Where all this is going to end up is anyone's guess right now, but it's fairly agreed upon that it can't go on like this much longer, in the Church or the country. While the Church has a divine guarantee that She will survive, although in what conditions and in what numbers we are not told, the United States does have a date with history in just a little less than a year.

The swamp in Rome will eventually be drained by God. The swamp in the United States needs to be drained by citizens.

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