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The Warning Shot

Bishops, obey or else.

September 24, 2021  0


While a very few Catholic bishops in the United States are starting to stir a teeny bit about a phony Catholic in the White House being a scandal to the faithful, their Marxist masters are sending them a warning shot that basically says to get back in line or regret it. This is the problem with having leaders with skeletons in their closets and filth on their hands: They can be controlled, and that's exactly what's going on. 

Last week, the liberal Politico fired a shot across the bow of the U.S. bishops. This was the headline: "Biden Is the Most Pro-Family President in Decades. So Why Is the Catholic Church Attacking Him? The subtitle read, "Rather than criticizing the president over abortion, the Catholic Church should learn from his agenda." Translation: Don't even think of going after Biden, bishops, or we will make your lives miserable.

This is the problem with having leaders with skeletons in their closets and filth on their hands. 

Near the end of the article is where the thinly veiled threat is laid out where it says, "To this day, the Church's only lobbying priority that may rank higher than abortion is fighting every federal or state law that targets its impunity and limited liability over the sexual abuse saga."

Notice how quick the Marxists are to not so subtly remind the bishops of their vulnerability owing to their long track record of protecting homopredators in their ranks. It's another reason these lying cheats should all resign; they are susceptible to blackmail and being controlled.

Even more thinly veiled is this quote that says, "Instead of criticizing Biden, the bishops would do well to listen humbly."

Biden is the tool of the Marxists and is the easiest way for the Marxists to bring the Church to heel, at least for now. When they are done with him, they will dispose of him. But for now, he'll do.

The article was written by another phony Catholic who was instrumental in getting Obama elected by submarining official Church teaching. Tom Perriello was a U.S. Congressman from Virginia who is now the executive director of George Soros' Open Societies Foundation, and, apparently, George doesn't like any chatter at all among the bishops that Biden may not represent authentic Catholic teaching.

Of course he doesn't. He wouldn't know something Catholic if it bit him, but George needs to keep up the illusion that Biden is Catholic so he can be manipulated to get Catholics to pipe down about his globalist agenda. Therefore, he can't allow the bishops to begin any effort that would weaken that facade.

Perriello is another in a long line of Judas Catholics, complete traitors to the Church, who does whatever is necessary to replace authentic Catholicism with their phony faith.

He misrepresented the Faith at every turn possible back in 2008 in order to get their savior in the White House. They obviously succeeded. Trump interrupted their plans for Hillary, so they set out to destroy his presidency, even stealing the election, and now they have their phony Catholic in place.

For the most part, the bishops willingly went along with their evil for the promise of tens of millions in federal monies. What they might not have anticipated is the outcry from remaining faithful Catholics that this sacrilege of Our Lord's Body and Blood be stopped; that Biden and Nancy and all the rest be prevented from receiving Holy Communion, even excommunicated for their evil.

For a moment in the summer, the cowardly bishops were caught like deer in the headlights as they began to respond to those cries from the faithful that the sacrilege be stopped. That's when talk began about a document on the Eucharist that might have contained language about that very issue.

But almost as soon as the media began reporting that the bishops might forbid Holy Communion to child-killing Catholics, the word went out from Hell that such discussion must end immediately. And, of course, the compromised clerics immediately fell in line and piped down. Now their worthless document will have no teeth and no one will care about it.

George has given them the green light to labor over their useless paper as much as they want and then release it sometime probably next year — and it will be totally emptied of anything of merit.

Coming clean is the only recourse these men have to save their souls. 

The homosexual bishop crowd understands who pulls their strings and who their masters are — and it isn't Our Blessed Lord. 

They live in fear that men like Perriello and all the rest of them will reveal what they know of the bishops' sins to the New York Times and CNN and that the curtain will drop on them. If they had real integrity, they would resign — as Church Militant and others implored at the Baltimore rally back in 2018.

But these lustful, cowardly men care only about their power, so that is never going to happen. They will try their best to take their skeletons to their graves with them, which many of them have already. However, as we know, life doesn't end at the grave. They may be forever controlled by the same demons in Hell who use human agents to control them here.

Coming clean is the only recourse these men have to save their souls. Throw off your diabolical masters in this life or serve them forever in the next. It's just that simple.

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