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They Kill Babies!

What else can you expect, seriously, from the champions of child slaughter?

November 3, 2016  0


As the Democratic Party leadership is exposed for the evil in which it so comfortable traffics, the U.S. Catholic bishops need to divorce themselves from the Democrats. Now this will be a tearful breakup owing to the longtime marriage, but enough is enough.

From the WikiLeaks exposures that top Dems have been involved in a sustained plot to foment rebellion in the Catholic Church under cover of social justice

  • to proof that Clinton campaign staffers were involved in payouts to have people incite violence at Trump rallies
  • to DNC chair Donna Brazile having cheated for Hillary in the primaries by secretly passing along privileged debate questions
  • to proof from WikiLeaks that top Dems conspired to keep Hillary's illegal email server away from public disclosure and congressional investigation
  • to proof that Clinton and top Dems conspired to cover up unethical foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation
  • to proof that Hillary and top Dems conspired to use her power of office to personally profit by hundreds of millions of dollars
  • to proof that Hillary and top Dems colluded with major media outlets to keep the public in the dark
  • to proof that highly placed Dems used the power of their offices to conspire with the White House, the State Department, the Department of Justice and the FBI to cover up her crimes
  • to Hillary declaring religious beliefs will have to change
  • to perjury, to tampering with evidence to obstruction of justice to destruction of evidence

Do we need to go on here?

Whatever Catholic leaders think the Democratic Party may have once been, that train has long ago pulled out. And by the way, did we mention that the entire party platform completely ignores God, promotes abortion in the most extreme of circumstances and pushes same-sex "marriage" in every area of life?

But for the sake of argument, let's just ignore all of the political cheating, lying, lying about lying, crimes, collusion, conspiracies, unethical practices — ignore it all.

These people kill babies.

What else do you need to know? And frankly, what else can you expect?

Most reverend fathers, your excellencies and eminences, these people kill babies. Why are you anywhere near them? Why do you take their money for their phony social justice programs being used to cause rebellion in the Church?

They kill babies.

They. Kill. Babies.

They kill babies.

You need to publicly divorce the Church from these lying, cheating, murderous monsters, every bit as much as noble bishops did the Nazis. This party is worse than the Nazis. The Nazis murdered millions. This party has and continues to murder tens of millions, corrupt morals, destroy families, all the time mocking God and the Church in the process.

And now, with a potential constitutional crisis looming on the horizon, Hillary and her evil-minded gang will do what Hitler did and take the entire nation down with them. Cardinal Dolan should not be yucking it up with the leader of the Nazicrats. Other bishops should not be sitting quietly by and not publicly taking him to task for his elbow rubbing. And every bishop should be publicly and loudly condemning this shameless display of immorality.

All we hear from the social justice bishops is "common good" this and "common good" that. How about the common good of the nation when the nation itself is on the line?

Men of God, successors of the Apostles, recall your high office.

They kill babies.

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