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Tim Busch Is a Liar

Tim Busch and his NAPA gathering are part of the problem.

June 24, 2022  0


If you had to point to one leading cause of the collapse of the Church, which has led to the collapse of the culture, you would have to have near the top of the list — if not the very top — the complicity of the enablers (especially wealthy enablers) of the U.S. bishops.

There is oftentimes a disturbing dynamic between the wealthy and their parasites, especially if the parasites bring a certain level of respectability and their own cache.

While this is true in various walks of life, it is especially true in the Church when bishops kiss up to the wealthy for obvious reasons, but the wealthy also get their pound of flesh by rubbing elbows with the hierarchy. They get to tell their friends that they've "just come back from dinner with the cardinal."

Both the wealthy and the bishops are lying to each other and enabling each other's respective weaknesses. For example, typically speaking, the wealthy are normally buttoned down. They seldom make a fuss or step outside the accepted boundaries of proper etiquette. All "distasteful" issues are handled in private, in what can easily be described as an underhanded way.

Both the wealthy and the bishops are lying to each other and enabling each other's respective weaknesses.

This, of course, is business as usual for the nation's prelates. These manipulative males know that they have the influence to stoke the egos of the wealthy, and they play them. But the games are reciprocal. The wealthy know the bishops want their money, so that ensures them that they get a place at the table.

Sometimes, wealthy people having access to the halls of power is a good thing, depending on how they use their influence. But too often, it's just an exercise in ego gratification. Such is the case with the very wealthy Tim Busch of the Napa Institute, who is very good friends with many bishops in the United States. They stoke the fires of his ego in exchange for access to his checkbook. 

In fact, he has donated and raised tens of millions of dollars for various ventures, including for Catholic University of America where the extremely impressive School of Business bears his name. To be fair, Busch does help all sorts of Catholic causes, but always under the banner of the bishops. 

Each year, Busch sponsors a gathering in the wine country of Napa Valley at his prestigious Meritage Resort and Spa, an event where he rakes in huge sums of money from Catholics who are largely unaware of the horrible condition of the Church. To lure them there, he always has a number of notable bishops with some degree of name recognition among the polite Catholic crowd. Owing to the generosity of a certain donor, Church Militant was able to attend last year.

From day one, we began filming Vortex reports based on conversations with many of the 800 fellow attendees. Those Vortex reports caused Busch to flip out and comment to those around him that he wasn't sure what to do with Church Militant there. So, on the second evening, he approached me at the wine and cigar event and invited me to meet with him the next day to, in his words, "get to know each other."

I accepted, and he and I and one of his assistants had a cordial meeting for around an hour. We also agreed tentatively that when he was going to be back in Detroit in the early fall, he would try and come by the studios for a visit.

We texted with some regularity over the next few weeks, but then as the time for a visit drew near, the expected ghosting started, and then the non-responses started. Now, normally, none of this would be worth commenting on, much less even revealing at all, but it's what happened last month that makes this now worth talking about.

The same donor contacted us and said he would like us to attend again and that he would pay. Our names were submitted by his assistant back in March and the reservations were made in plenty of time to secure the rooms. The same donor also reserved a room for Fr. James Altman.

Well, lo and behold, when the assistant contacted the Napa Institute to confirm all was good to go (after having received a confirmation back when the reservations were originally made months ago), he was told there had been a "clerical error" and the Church Militant crew and Fr. Altman had been moved to a waiting list. 

Shocked that a clerical snafu like that could happen, the donor's assistant called to dig deeper and got a voicemail, and that's where the truth came out. The original communication that there were no rooms was actually a lie — that's not why Church Militant and Fr. Altman had been taken off the list.

It was because of the "controversy" — and here is where the "bull-puckey" of the relationship between the wealthy and the bishops gets all weird and twisted and enabling. When Church Militant was in Napa last year, we were greeted very warmly by many of the attendees, many of whom thanked us for exposing the filth in the hierarchy. In fact, a number of priests in attendance even said so. Faithful Catholics, those in the know, are sick to death of the cover-up of all this filth, namely the presence and acceptance of homosexuality in the clergy.

That singular rot has destroyed the Church in the United States, but, apparently, the wealthy have not gotten that memo. They protect and enable this filth with their emasculated approach of never being controversial, never giving offense. It wouldn't be "cricket," you know. It's too gauche. We aren't barbarians. We are gentlemen.

No, you aren't. You're a bunch of sneaks who play dirty pool. Tim Busch made the decision to cancel Church Militant and Fr. James Altman because his bishop buddies told him to, or he knew they would like it that way. Busch's Napa party has dozens of conferences and speakers and chances for people to talk and so forth. Yet, nowhere on the docket, nowhere at any time, is the topic of homosexuality among the bishops ever allowed to be talked about.

Nowhere is any bishop ever put under the spotlight and asked why they go along with this filth. Why do they seem to think that ordaining homosexual men is okay?

Heck, Fr. Altman's bishop, William Callahan in La Crosse, not only thinks it's okay but actually assigned Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill back into active ministry after it was revealed he was having gay-sex hookups with countless men through a phone app called Grindr.

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