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Time Waits for Nobody

One day will be our last day.

December 3, 2020  0



Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

First, we would like to extend our thanks to the tens of thousands of you who tune in each weekday night to view our Post-Election Specials. We air them at 6:30 p.m. ET every weekday, and they are produced to be a one-stop-shopping viewer event where you can get concise, up-to-the-minute details on what is going on in all the post election kerfuffle.

We are receiving rave reviews for them, and we wanted to express our gratitude for that. The staff works extremely hard to research and then boil down into one easy-to-understand production all the salient information you need to know.

The major takeaway: Do not believe the Marxist media hype that there is no evidence of fraud and a Biden presidency is a done deal. It is not. Just like the suppression polls before the election — that were way wrong, of course — so too is that constant diatribe of misinformation. It's meant to depress you and have you just roll over and accept what they say is the inevitable.

It may come to pass that Biden wins, but, then again, it may not. There are tons of suits and appeals (including to the Supreme Court, which has not ruled on a single thing yet) and public hearings exposing fraud in each of the battleground states.

Nothing is over until it is over. And this ain't over. So keep your chins up, hands folded in prayer and intellects tuned in to Church Militant each night at 6:30 ET (or replay shortly thereafter). We have it all covered.

Our media center here, which we humorously call 'the pit,' is a beehive of intense activity every day, monitoring the post-election story from a hundred different angles.

Which brings us to our next point. All of this takes a tremendous amount of resources, brainpower, concentration and just flat-out long hours.  Believe me, it takes hours and hours to pour over all this every day — including weekends to get a firm understanding of how election law works in each of these states and how the U.S. Code impacts all this (since we are ultimately talking about an election for federal offices).

It is all massively nuanced. We have to listen to experts, make calls to people far smarter than us to understand it all and conduct interviews on camera with people who can break it all down for you. But this is what we do here at Church Militant. Every last bit of this is directly related to the Faith because what is trying to be held off here (a firewall erected against) is a Marxist takeover of the nation.

These atheist child-killers cheated. Period. They cheated on a massive scale, and they did it to bring about an end to America and usher in a government that will quickly become massively hostile to authentic Catholicism. If you don't believe that, try going to Mass in California this weekend — not to mention other states.

Our media center here, which we humorously call "the pit," is a beehive of intense activity every day, monitoring the post-election story from a hundred different angles. One of the ways we are able to do all of this work for you is through your financial support. And at this time of year each year, we produce some goods for you to buy as Christmas presents for yourselves and loved ones.

This year we have a double package. The first is this first-of-its-kind Church Militant calendar for 2021. The extra-sized configuration makes for easy viewing and writing in the date boxes. We've noted important feast days in the Church as well as important dates in the history of Church Militant/St. Michael's Media. The back features a memorial page to my mother and father, whose prayers, sacrifices and passing on of the Faith to me have made all of this possible.

Believe me, I was so far gone in a life of sin that, without the graces obtained for me by them, I would surely have been damned, and none of this would be here. Church Militant is, in the end, proof of God's grace given to those who pray earnestly. All my mom prayed for was for me to return to the Faith. But she prayed so intensely and in such suffering with her cancer that God, who is never outdone in generosity, not only brought me back to the Faith but began this apostolate.

There is a beautiful line in the psalms we pray in our chapel during morning prayer: "For it is You who have accomplished all we have done." That is entirely correct. We have many, many people who come by the studio and take a tour and say "hello" and "thank you" and who share with us their stories of conversion or reversion owing to Church Militant.

In fact, many people working here (including me of course) also have those kinds of stories. This is a special place because of the sacrifices put into it, first by my mom, then by my dad and now by everyone here.

For those who can't come by and visit personally, we wanted to provide something that captures the spirit of our daily lives here, and that spirit is captured in the giant photos we have for each month of the coming year. So we ask you to consider purchasing these for friends and family, not only to support our work, but also to use as a jumping-off point, perhaps to inform them about what we do here (every day) in these perilous times.

Likewise, the second gift suggestion we have produced bears directly on the Faith, which of course is our reason for existence here. It's an entire season of our smash hit show Case Files, hosted by Simon Rafe (who is like a brother to me, as I tell him often). He always gets embarrassed when I say that, so it's fun to say it again here. 

Anyway, Simon has a splendid way of going through all sorts of common-sense approaches to the Faith, and in this particular collection, Simon walks through multiple problems of abuse in the Liturgy.

Trying to bring back people to the Faith or convert men of goodwill can be more than challenging when those people attend a typical "Our Lady of the Suburbs" hootenanny Mass and experience no reverence at all. Simon's Case Files not only go into what's wrong in these various circumstances, but he also explains why it's wrong and how it should be. You know, knowledge is power. 

One of the ways we are able to do all of this work for you is through your financial support.

Everything we do here at Church Militant is about giving you knowledge, knowledge which then strengthens and empowers you to go out and use it for the salvation of souls. You cannot give what you do not have. Well, we are providing this to you so you can have that knowledge, that power, so you can do the work of saving the world and ultimately saving souls.

The Marxists, both in the Church and the world, have understood this critical point forever. If knowledge can be corrupted, knowledge about Church teaching or Liturgy, knowledge about Western civilization, it can be used to corrupt minds.

Someone, somewhere, must step up and begin to reverse where they have achieved so much. It's why we do our Post-Election Specials each evening. It's why we produce all the programming we do here — particularly from a Catholic perspective for the purpose of evangelization.

And it is also even why we produced our first-ever calendar — because, ultimately, what is a calendar other than a subtle reminder that time waits for no man and each of our personal judgments is now one day closer? One day, each of us will be called to account. What did we learn? How did we put it to use in the service of Almighty God? All of this is being tracked day by day.

So please, click on the provided link. Seize hold of our materials, give them out as gifts and do the work we have all been baptized and confirmed to do. Your purchases help us continue doing what we do for you and Holy Mother Church.

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