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Too Late

Homosexual rage overcame them.

October 25, 2017  0
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Last week, one of the most notorious figures of 20th century Catholicism died and went before God for his judgment. Gregory Baum, the German-born, until recently closeted, homosexual priest who helped spark rebellion against the Church's moral teachings regarding sexuality died after a fall in his home. He was 94. Baum came to prominence as a consultor at Vatican II, and it was during Vatican II and his role there that he had his first homosexual encounter. According to his own words in his autobiography, The Oil Has Not Run Dry, Baum says,

I was 40 years old (1963) when I had my first sexual encounter with a man. I met him in a restaurant in London. This was exciting and at the same time disappointing, for I knew what love was and what I really wanted was to share my life with a partner.

Baum's frustration at being a homosexual who wanted to act on it and be in a same-sex relationship, no doubt, boiled over in his opposition to the Catholic Church's teachings regarding sexuality. His reputation really took off when he helped orchestrate the revolution against Pope Paul VI's 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, restating the Church's perennial teaching condemning birth control.

Baum — fueled by his homosexual rage — was instrumental in fashioning the Canadian bishops' dissident response known as the Winnipeg Statement. Monsignor Vincent Foy, who earlier this year also went to God, attributed the force and success of the Winnipeg Statement to Baum's behind the scenes machinations, during the infamous bishops' conference. He even said at one point that no one had done more to damage the Church in Canada than Gregory Baum. From there on out, Baum became a hero for modernists in the Church, trumpeting every liberal cause one could imagine.

Baum was the toast of the treasonous crowd, who promoted and celebrated him every chance they could, every venue they could. This includes homosexualist Fr. Thomas Rosica, who uses his little-viewed Canadian TV operation Salt and Light to keep alive the flames of dissent. Five years ago, Rosica had Baum on his TV show Witness where he fawned all over Baum to the point of embarrassment, referring to Baum as his hero and lauding him for his love of the Church, of the Eucharist, of Christ, of keeping alive the so-called "spirit of Vatican II." He should get some kind of medal for being able to say all that with a straight face — no pun intended.

Rosica, who probably knew about Baum's gay "secret," did not reveal to his audience that Baum had been living a double life for decades — married to a former nun who gave her seal of approval to his homosexual life with a former priest, whose name was Normand he met in Montreal in 1987. Conspirators keep each other's secrets so as to maintain the facade of respectability and to lend some kind of authority to their dissident opinions.

Interestingly and honestly, Baum came right out with it in his autobiography as to why he kept his homosexual motivations, urgings and longings secret:

I did not profess my own homosexuality in public because such an act of honesty would have reduced my influence as a critical theologian. I was eager to be heard as a theologian, trusting in God as "salvator mundi" (Savior of the world) and committed to social justice, liberation theology and global solidarity.

Baum was a key player at Vatican II, a key player in the formation of the Winnipeg Statement and maintained his influence as "theologian" for decades before eventually being excommunicated. This is why these frustrated gay men, hiding in the clergy need to be ferreted out — and make no mistake that they are everywhere and hold great sway. They destroy souls, sometimes one at a time, other times en masse. But however they are able to execute their evil, psychologically distorted designs, they are all about destruction — of that you can be certain.

Baum is living proof and a template of the homosexual cleric. It's why it's important to know if men like homosexualists Fr. James Martin and Fr. Thomas Rosica, as well as various pro-gay members of the hierarchy, are gay themselves.

This simply cannot be allowed to persist in the Church. Gay men are not psychologically fit to be priests. They have too much rage within them. They spend their time trying to subvert the Church's teachings so as to create a state of chaos — an environment whereby the authority of the Church can be called into question. They seek to destabilize everything in an effort to "get to" the Church's teaching on homosexuality, and they will destroy everything in their path to get to that teaching.

Think about it: Here was a gay priest who was having sex with other gay men while he was working at Vatican II. Then, when he saw the opportunity to blow up the Church in the area of contraception, he went full steam ahead. Ask yourself, why? Why would a raging, frustrated, sexually active homosexual priest be so concerned with the issue of contraception? Because it's important as a first step that non-procreative sex be accepted by the masses. After that, the acceptance of homosexual sex is no big deal. This is why all the homosexualists in the Church never say anything about contraception. Acceptance of non-procreative sex is the first step to accepting homosexual sexual activity.

Well, now he's dead, and it's too late to change anything that he had committed himself to in this life. Just as it is too late for Hugh Hefner to change anything. Baum and Hefner were very much related to each other — Hefner in advancing the sexual revolution and Baum in making sure that the Church just rolled over in the face of it. And now for each of them, it is too late to reverse their evil actions. But for those homosexualist clergy who are still breathing, there is still time.

Pray for them but also resist them mightily, for they are all Gregory Baums, seeking to sow chaos, willing to sacrifice the Truth, as well as your souls in their homosexual rage.

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