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Totally Fake News

You won't believe how fake.

June 8, 2018  0
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An enduring mantra from the 2016 campaign which has become part of the American lexicon is "Fake News." It was originally applied by the liberal news media to any conservative outlet's reports about Hillary Clinton revealing her crimes and corruption.

But Trump, being much smarter and more savvy than the liberal news media, actually turned the phrase around on them. And it stuck, because it deserved to stick.

As many of you may know, I made my career in TV news for almost 20 years, mostly at CBS stations around the country as well as CBS News in New York. A more disingenuous liberal anti-Catholic, anti-God industry you would be hard-pressed to find. And, frankly, they lie and deceive.

One of the practices common throughout the industry is to subscribe to "news services" which pump out propaganda which each station pretends is their own and push it out to viewers. The Communists who ran Pravda out of the Kremlin for decades weren't this good at propaganda.

These news services, which are really fake news services, are meant to persuade you to think in politically liberal terms and, of course, vote that way and support those causes. What's particularly funny, as well as disingenuous about them, is the breathless fashion in which each local station's newsreaders present the fake scripts.

An enterprising fellow on the internet who caught onto this pack of lies and fake news, packaged to look real and pressing and important and genuine, assembled the following reel to prove just how phony the media really is.

Watch this presentation talking about the "threat to our democracy," or rather the multiple versions, for all over the country of the exact same script, passed off as something real.

[Transcript Unavailable]

If that doesn't expose the lies, what else would convince you? And trust me, having been in news for a couple of decades, these "scripts" are never touting conservative values. They are always warning you of this threat or that threat coming from conservative, patriotic Americans. Some of this is actual conspiracy stuff. Some of it is motivated by money. And a good deal of it is motivated by groupthink.

The one organ in the culture which never stops babbling on and on about diversity is the media. Yet you will not find another industry with a lack of diversity like the media. Oh sure, they may have whites and blacks and Asians and Hispanics and men and women and gays — lots of gays.

But where diversity really counts, in ideas and the intellects, there is zero diversity. You don't even get a job in that industry if you are not in complete and total lockstep with the prevailing anti-God, anti-Catholic, anti-conservative ethos of the industry. There is a mindset among journalist that they are superior human beings. They know more and know it better than you peasants and you just need to shut up and listen and eventually obey, or at least agree.

That is what Trump tapped into in 2016 and continues tap into. The hatred of being told what to think, how to think and when to think. Yet the media persist in this. That uppity, "we know better than you" attitude which has become so repugnant to so many out here in fly-over country.

For years, the party of death was able to use the mind control of the media — its ability to set the agenda for the national discussion — and use it to drag America into a moral mess. And then, along came the internet.

So next time you see and hear your local anchorman passionately telling you something he's making it look like he wrote, or discovered or is reporting, stop and laugh to yourself, that at that very moment, there are hundreds of other anchors all over the country, breathlessly faking out their local audiences as well.

[Trump: "You are fake news."]

He nailed it. And they hate him for it.

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