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Trading Your Soul Away

Young men must fight like Hell to avoid it.

January 11, 2017  0
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A serious issue is facing young adult men in this spiritually ravaged culture - and it is the issue of a misuse of your sexual powers.


Almighty God has given you a share in His power of procreation - a power even the devil himself and his legions of demons do not possess.


Yet too many men approach this power with extremely too little respect for it.


Sexual addictions in the form of pornography and masturbation warp and deform the human mind and psyche and corrupt future possibilities of purity and sound mind.


What you need to understand is that Satan has a particular desire to drag you into Hell owing to this singular sin - the misuse of the sexual powers - because he has an infernal jealousy of those powers.


Angels .. having no bodies .. have no power to procreate.


So this particular power which belongs to you by nature is a special target of hatred among the demons.


God had given you this power so that you might be instrumental and cooperative with Him in bringing into existence future citizens of Heaven.


It is a further sign of the intensity of love that Almighty God holds toward us - creatures lacking in glory compared to the angels.


This is the doorway through which Almighty God entered time and space to redeem us from Satan - by being conceived in the womb of Mary, with God the Father Himself providing the necessary material in union with the Blessed Virgin’s contribution.


Sex is holy because it has been ordained by God to be the means by which new life begins - and that new life .. from the moment it comes into existence .. is immortal - will ALWAYS exist.


Unlike the rest of material creation - the new life that we co-create with God will last forever.


It is a holy act - and therefore the means and mechanisms take on a sacred character themselves.


To act in a way that debases the holy and uses it for the unholy is a grave, grave sin.


It also plays directly into the hands of the diabolical - who wishes to so obscure the resemblance of the Divine in your life, that he goes to great pains to pervert your use of your sexual powers.


He has corrupted the culture by making masturbation the butt of jokes.  


He has corrupted the culture by tricking people into thinking the hook-up culture is acceptable and even preferable.


He has corrupted the culture by making pornography a routine pastime.


Yet he has not done this on his own.


He can merely tempt; he cannot force. Yet he has succeeded brilliantly in his ability to deceive and deflect, because men have not withstood him - especially young men and young adult men.


A whole generation - even more than just one - have so rolled over and misused this great gift of their sexuality that they have played right into Satan’s hands.


There are many different ways young men can be co-opted by the diabolical - through anger, pride, gluttony, self-absorption, materialism - many ways indeed.


And thankfully, rare is the case where any individual young man is knocked completely off his spiritual path by ALL of the above.


Yet nearly every single young man can lose himself in his lust and the abuse of his sexual powers.


And not only CAN many lose themselves, but many in fact DO.


Masturbation and pornography will destroy your masculinity faster than almost any other evil you can name.


Young guys must exert extra special effort, through prayer and grace, to avoid these two self-destructive evils.


Never give in to any kind of pressure - from the culture at large or from friends and buds. Do not trade away your soul.

Whatever fleeting pleasure or acceptance you MIGHT feel from “going along with the crowd” now will never be worth the price of joining them in Hell for eternity.

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