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Train. Wreck.

Off the rails doesn't quite capture it.

September 21, 2020  0



Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

When a trainwreck happens, the entire train — every car one after the other — doesn't careen off the tracks all at the same moment. First, the engine comes off, then the next car, and so forth.

In an especially long train, the cars near the back may not even be aware that the engine has come off the tracks. Maybe a sudden shiver or shake signaling something; but that the passengers are about to die — not so much, not at first.

But eventually, the entire train is derailed and no one escapes. And no one can put the train back on the track and just resume with the journey. The ride is over. This is an apt way to understand what has happened to the Church. It's a trainwreck — just in slow motion.

The engine careened off the tracks owing to modernism, and for the past century-plus, one car after another has come off the tracks and crashed into the bottom of the giant gorge. What we are witnessing now in the Church are the few remaining cars beginning to come off the track until the entire train has been derailed.

And, of course, don't forget: The conductors and engineers (the bishops) are right there telling the passengers everything is fine, despite the impending doom awaiting them. The Church has been so severely betrayed by peddlers of heresies and dissent — disguised as scholars and theologians — that there are few places to turn for clarity.

When the poison of Marxism, the weapon of choice of modernism, was brought into the Church a century ago, it was really lights out then — but a slow, slow process. These damnable heresies and practices were allowed to fester. The heresies came from modernism and permission was granted by the Marxists.

But the Marxists had an ally that they hadn't necessarily counted on — the apathy and indifference of so many Catholic laymen. Not at the very beginning, but these forces of darkness are relentless; they never back down. Never.

Look Catholics, here's the deal. Many of these men are frauds as bishops.

In the meantime, Catholics (even ones who count themselves as faithful, traditional or whatever) refuse to jump in the fight; they are bored by the whole affair and lock themselves away in their little sanctuaries, allowing the Marxists in their church free access.

The current hierarchy, like the crop of leaders before them, is a disgrace. They can't even manage the sacraments correctly. Word has now emerged that a second priest, this one in Oklahoma, was watching his baptism video and found out that he had not been validly baptized.

So, of course, his priesthood had not been validly administered because, in short, he wasn't Catholic. His case mirrors the case of Fr. Matthew Hood here in the archdiocese of Detroit — a case which became public a couple of weeks ago. He too had not been a priest because he too was not Catholic when he was non-ordained.

Both men, for the record, have been regularized properly. but that's not the point. Besides their cases, Church Militant has become aware of other cases of video-proof baptisms showing they were not valid. The individuals do not want their identities revealed.

What's more — here in the archdiocese of Detroit, Fr. Jerry Brazinski was baptizing in the name of the "creator," "redeemer" and "sanctifier." That whole mess had to be quietly "cleaned up" for Detroit cardinal Adam Maida, an empty alb if there ever was one, by then Fr. Jeffrey Monforton, who is now the bishop of Steubenville, Ohio.

That there was anything to be cleaned up at all — that is the story. Frankly, these are not a few isolated situations; they are multiple. Nor are they 40 years ago. In a video given to Church Militant of a confirmation done in St. Catherine's parish in Oak Lawn (which is in the archdiocese of Chicago) by Fr. Dennis Ziomek, a Q-Tip was used to apply the sacred oil. And no, we aren't kidding.

We consulted with a top-flight theologian and asked if this is valid. Here was the three-word response we got back: "Invalid. Invalid. Invalid." A Q-tip confirmation — you can't make this stuff up. All over America, priests are cheering for sodomy, say nothing about children being hacked to pieces, are actually gay themselves, are stealing from their congregations, lying about the Faith, deceiving when they aren't actively lying and, in all this, they are following the lead of their hireling shepherds.

Joe Biden has been given a complete pass by U.S. bishops, despite his heresies and sacrilege. He not only embraces sodomy as marriage, he actually performs homosexual marriage. And yet, on even that single item, absolute stone silence — the silence of the tomb from these frauds.

Move on to child murder and, again, the bishops say nothing: Not a blessed word about his moral crimes and outrages. They allow other twisted clerics (like James Martin) to carry their water for them, making it appear as though Trump and Biden's positions are somehow morally equivalent, which they clearly are not.

On child murder, Biden would not only sign the bill presented to him by his Party of Death to codify abortion, but he would make every American financially support it with their taxes. He would also sue the Little Sisters of the Poor — again — over the contraception mandate, because, you know, attacking sweet religious ladies for 10 years in court is nowhere near enough (even though they finally won).

To these wicked men in miters, profiting handsomely from their silence, killing millions of children and legitimizing so-called marriage based on anal sex just doesn't disqualify a man from the presidency. Or, put differently, it doesn't even warrant excommunication.

Sacrilegious Holy Communions don't move them. Nothing moves these stone-cold-hearted monsters. Nothing. They attack and squash priests calling out the evil of all this; yet they let the modernist-Marxist radicals within their own jurisdictions destroy souls.

If they go to Hell when they die, they will deserve every bit of the eternal torment they will endure, and it will be the worst — reserved by the demons especially for the successors of the Apostles. In fact, it would be a measure of justice that they would spend their eternity with Judas, who they have allowed all of us to think was somehow (beyond reason) saved.

If they go to Hell when they die, they will deserve every bit of the eternal torment they will endure.

What if Joe Biden and his party supported Naziism? Would that disqualify him in their minds — from either the Church or the White House? Would they stay quiet then? So, giving them a benefit of a doubt, which at this point in Church history they do not deserve, we should hope that if some candidate (especially a Catholic one) got up and said, "I favor the genocide of millions," the bishops would denounce that.

So when there actually is an actual genocide and an actual candidate who is not an actual Catholic, who is actually supporting of the actual genocide, wouldn't this specific situation deserve a mention — meaning actual condemnation from the bishops?

In their worthless piece-of-garbage voting document that they spew out every election called Faithful Citizenship, there is this very unethical and deceptive line: "The Church's leaders avoid endorsing or opposing candidates." There's plenty wrong here. First — really? Seriously?

If some candidate, especially a Catholic, got up and said, "All blacks should be executed," the bishops would seriously hide behind this line from their dumb document and say, "We can't oppose him"? But what if he said, "All emasculated, feminine-appearing, overweight, thieving biological males in robes should have their heads chopped off in the town square?" I'm pretty sure they'd all be pretty vocal in calling for his disqualification.

The other problem with this is that Cdl. Tobin of Newark came out earlier this week and essentially endorsed Biden. So which way is it, Your Lordships? Do you say nothing about any candidate whatsoever — no matter what monstrous evil he supports and forces on the country? Or do you selectively endorse such a candidate because you're making loads of money from his party?

This deceptive bishop doublespeak has got to end. Church Militant has been researching many of these men and has turned up that, of the ones we are able to discover, 27% are registered Democrats.

Twenty-seven percent: And that's only the ones where a thorough search of records was able to be done because of state laws. Look Catholics, here's the deal. Many of these men are frauds as bishops. Sure they're validly consecrated (but then again, since they can't seem to keep track of baptisms very well, maybe not).

But presuming they are, they are fraudulent in every other way imaginable. They lie, cheat, steal, cover up sex abuse and secretly promote and kiss up to evil politicians who line their pockets. We titled this episode "Train. Wreck." Our apologies to all decent, honest trainwrecks.

If Our Lord doesn't do something soon about this wicked, cowardly lot, He's going to owe Judas an apology.

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