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Trump and Catholics

There's a lot in common, unfortunately.

February 21, 2017  0


A very noticeable and refreshing parallel is blindingly evident between the current political world and the world of the Church. The peasantry is rising up — and the elites don't like it. In both worlds, the elites hold the power. That's what makes them elite. And in both worlds the elites are used to living life largely unchallenged. They keep the peasants under control through silencing their opposition and destroying the rabble rousers.

At least, that's how it used to be.  Things have changed. My, how they have changed.

The main reason they have changed is because there is now a formidable challenge to their former control of the information. In bygone days, there was the leftist mainstream media and little else; hence, the peasantry was deprived of information necessary to begin a revolt. The media was controlled, the education system was controlled, nearly all the power was concentrated in the hands of a few.

The same has been true in the Church. Remember not that long ago where the only real sources of information of what was going on in the Church was the parish bulletin, the local diocesan newspaper (which was really just a propaganda rag) and whatever Fr. Bob said. There was no real way, other than whispers and gossip, to know anything of what was really going on.

This is exactly how the homosexual priest sex abuse scandal was allowed to go on for so long. Nobody knew. And those who did know didn't say anything.

Those days are over, probably gone forever. And good riddance.

In their place — in the Church, at least — the information war resembles more of the Wild West than any organized movement. But despite many examples of poor journalism and clickbait headlines on various blogs, one thing is brilliantly clear: The rules have changed. Peasant Catholics are finding their collective voice, and they are not happy about current conditions.

From horrible catechesis in religious education, to a horrible transparency on the part of Church leaders, to a near-complete failure of Catholic schools to transmit anything even remotely related to the Faith, to liturgy that looks and sounds more like Barnum and Bailey than the Sacrifice of the Son of God, to bishops and their dissent as well as their hostility toward tradition, to the North Korea-like reprisals against good priests by Church of Nice chanceries that squash all opposition, the peasant Catholics have had it — much as the Trump supporters had it with the climate of control by the government and culture at large.

The same air of political correctness that permeates everything in the culture has its counterpart in the Church: Don't kneel for Holy Communion. Don't challenge the latest flavor of emotion-laden, protestant-inspired evangelization. Don't give offense. Don't try to convert people. Don't be so "nostalgic" in wanting Latin to make a comeback. Don't be so opposed to ecumenism. Don't be judgmental. Don't be so un-embracing of church LGBTQ programs. Don't talk about the social justice programs in the Church that support evil political agendas. Don't be this. Don't be that.

It's ecclesiastical political correctness absolutely run amok. And it's not being accepted anymore by Catholics who understand it for what it is. The desire to push off the yoke of oppression from all this political correctness is exactly where so many Catholics and so many Trump supporters overlap.

There are many faithful Catholics who voted for Trump. In fact, they turned out in droves, sick of the oppression in the culture and their Church. Where they necessarily part company is in their power to do something about it, at least directly. Catholics don't have ballot boxes in the churches. But we do have collection baskets, and the money going into them is less and less.

This is partly because the Church of Nice is eating its own young. Fewer people are showing up precisely because they have been schooled that there is nothing all that special about the Catholic Church. They have been taught and preached at for decades, directly or by implication, that all religions are worthy of being heard, that they are the same, really.

And now, the Church of Nice, in the middle of this grand suicide, is reaping what it has sown, and whose leaders still, even in the face of great collapse all around them, preach and continue to push.

For example, on a recent speaking tour to seminarians, the wildly liberal, pro-gay Fr. Thomas Rosica said in response to a question from a seminarian that the goal of ecumenism was to make Jews better Jews and Muslims better Muslims. So, given that little gem, what's the point of the Catholic Church? If each religion should just be content to make its own saints, then why should Catholics evangelize at all? And for that fact, why should they even be Catholic?

And more to the point, besides spending his entire adult life sponging off the very Church he seeks to undermine at every turn,why should men like Fr. Rosica even be priests? What's the point? It's a serious question.

The Church is littered with men like Fr. Rosica who get tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars of education that they pay nothing for, they live for free, travel the world for free, eat for free, enjoy whatever respect Catholics still have for them as clergy, all the while corrupting the Faith with their leftist, pro-homosexual, gospel-distorting, social justice mind rot and impose it on the laity and seminarians from morning till night.

They move within the ranks of the Church, looking like they are supporting the Church, all the while they are eroding the Faith. And their efforts have paid off. The Church is in the worst condition it's been in a very long time.

This is what Trump-minded Catholics, the peasantry, are so angry about. And while they can't vote at the ballot box, they are voting in other ways.

They are leaving Church of Nice parishes and going to more faithful parishes, even if they have to pack up the brood in the minivan and drive an hour or more each way every Sunday and Holy Day. And they are taking their collection plate envelopes with them.

They are taking their kids out of the "not really Catholic anymore school" and homeschooling.

They have opened up their own Catholic colleges completely independent of any oversight or interference from the local bishop and his liberal cronies in the chancery.

And they have chucked their diocesan newspapers and fired up their internet access to learn what's really going on.

The establishments in both the political and ecclesiastical worlds really need to do a gut check here. The elites from each arena have to ask themselves: Why is this happening? The cultural elites still are scratching their heads unable to understand why Trump won. And the Church of Nice elites can't understand why their numbers are plummeting across the board in every category — and that in the face of their LifeTeen stupidity, and laser shows at Mass and Fr. Nice's jokes during the homily.

In the political world, bad leaders and ideologies are quickly supplanted because the leaders are held accountable. In the world of the Church, the leaders are not held accountable until they die. The difference, of course, between a failed politician with his failed agenda and a failed bishop is the politician retires to a life of pre-planned comfort. The bishop goes to Hell.

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