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Trump and the Church Militant

How 'bout them apples?

January 20, 2017  0


Donald Trump is now the 45th President of these United States — and he couldn't have done it without the assistance of "theological hardliners" and "close-minded, religious bigots" known as the Church Militant.

The Church Militant is a movement, "with the flagship of the movement being the website run by Michael Voris, which rails against 'globalism, immigration, social-welfare programs and abortion,' while depicting an 'existential war against radical Islam … and in case that sounds ready-made for the Trump era, it is.'"

That's a direct quote from an article by Patricia Miller, one of those hold-over, aging feminists who writes for every liberal publication who'll pay her. She also wrote a book called Good Catholics: The Battle Over Abortion in the Catholic Church, where she defends the moral legitimacy of abortion in Catholic teaching. Hogwash.

Ever since the New York Times article on us here at Church Militant appeared the last week of the year, the liberal engines are firing up. First there was the Times article. Then this blog from uber-leftist Patricia Miller. Then this past weekend, The Houston Chronicle liberal publication continued the piling on by republishing the original New York Times article.

Church Militant seems to be picking up steam among the elitist crowd, still searching wildly for any explanation as to why their agenda lost — any explanation except the real one, which is political liberalism is bankrupt for the common American. It just so happens that the common American also happens to believe in God in at least some meaningful fashion, and can no longer brook the halls of ivy and ivory towers of the limousine liberals on the nation's coasts.

Did Church Militant help get Trump elected? Only insofar as we strongly encouraged Catholics to pray that Killary was defeated because of the clear and present danger she and her ilk posed to faithful Catholics. We correctly styled the battle as one between the queen of child murder and sodomy versus the Queen of Heaven — and we know who won that contest.

Each of the alarmed liberals seeing Church Militant politicos under every bed and around every corner are creating a narrative that we are distorting Catholic theology in order to advance a Catholic cause. Well, they are half right; we are advancing the Catholic cause. We are advancing it like they have advanced their family-destroying, gender-bending, child-murdering policies for the past 40+ years. It is their distortion, however, that needs to be pointed out.  

The main canard liberals have pushed for the past half century is that anyone has a right to say anything and enact any laws they want except Catholics, or those who support Catholic morality. Their fake reasons why is that the U.S. Constitution says there must be a separation between Church and State — which it does not and never has.

But they like to push that lie and bang the drum over it over and over, so people will join them in shouting us down. We aren't allowed to talk because there is a wall of separation, dontcha' know?

Well, here's some news for you, New York Times, aging leftist Patricia Miller, Houston Chronicle board of editors: We are Church Militant, and we aren't going anywhere.

The Catholic theological understanding of the Church Militant is precisely what we are about. Allow us to quote from Pope Benedict during a luncheon with some cardinals in 2012:

Today the phrase ecclesia militans is somewhat out of fashion, but in fact we can understand ever more so that it is true, that it contains within it the truth. We see how evil wishes to dominate in the world and that it is necessary to fight against evil. We see that it does so in so many ways: cruelty, through the different forms of violence, but even disguised as good and thereby undermining the moral foundations of society.

Saint Augustine said that all history is a struggle between two loves: love of self to the point of despising God; and love of God to the point of despising oneself, in martyrdom.

Notice, liberals: Evil wishes to dominate the world — that's you guys — and it is necessary to fight against evil — that's us, the Church Militant, Catholics who will no longer tolerate your murderous immorality for the sake of your own so-called liberty that you use to destroy all that is sacred and good.

We know the strict sense of the term ecclesia militans refers to the interior struggle to fight against sin and evil. But that does not preclude a broader sense of the term, which entails engaging and warring against your evil ideologies in politics, colleges, health care, the news media, the courts and entertainment. You bet your sweet evil-mindedness that we are going to battle you to the death.  

If the new president of the United States is helpful in rolling back your evil by cutting off funds and programs and appointing judges who will shoot your wicked cases back to Hell where they came from, then heck yeah, he's got our support in such work and policy implementation, just as Obama and the entire liberal, evil, diabolical-minded crowd used the power of the presidency and the cultural elites against us.

Liberalism is evil because it devalues human beings; it makes them pawns in the great ideological struggle to the death. It has the blood of tens of millions on its hands, has developed a fake science called manmade climate change, has used its agenda-driven media hacks to push the fake news of manmade climate change to push the more secretive agenda of population control.

You are tools of the diabolical, demonic in your thinking, and those who align with the Divine are going to oppose you every step of the way, interiorly and exteriorly. You just can't stand it that we now have a platform from which to decry and expose your wickedness, and so you have set about on a course to slime everything we stand for.

As Pope Benedict said, the Church Militant fights evil; it's where the term derives from, in case you couldn't figure it out. We chose this name for our apsotlate to clearly signify that is part of the larger Church Militant. But you have used the term and given us the name in hatred. So be it.

You gave us this appellation oiriginally in derision, but so truly does it represent us that we are unwilling to part with it — and so, we are, part of the larger Church Militant of the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church outside of which salvation is not possible, established by Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God and Second Person of the Holy Trinity, the one and only true God, in Whom we find our refuge — Father, Son and Spirit.

If you are so willing to brand us as the flagship of the Church Militant movement, then we are happy to accept it. The goal of the Church Militant is to fight Satan in all his many disguises, which also include the sacred cows of the liberal leftists, many of whom are entrenched inside the Church. In this fight to the death, there is no retreat. We die fighting and achieve eternal life.

And our motto will be: If they will not be converted, if they will not hear the merciful, loving cries of repentance, if they will not see the light, then, if they won't join you, crush 'em — like the Queen of Heaven already did to the serpent.

See you on the battlefield.

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