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Trump’s ‘Catholic’ Party

The appeal of muscular Catholicism.

March 16, 2022  0


Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

I'm Michael Voris, coming to you from the "Bringing America Back to Life" conference just outside Cleveland, where pro-lifers are gathered in record numbers, determined to do something about the Marxist domination of the culture.

A common theme here is the favorability and high regard in which Donald Trump is held.

In 2016, Trump won a slight majority of the Catholic vote, helping propel him into the White House — as the Catholic vote almost always does. Likewise, in 2020, according to exit polls, Trump either tied or eked out a slight advantage among Catholic voters over Biden.

Their rejection of manhood caused Catholics to go outside the Church.

However, there is an odd twist in this case (with phony-Catholic Biden being in the White House). Trump, the non-Catholic, is more admired than the baptized Catholic, among Catholics.

In addition to being a polarizing force in the political world, Trump has pulled off the same feat in the Catholic world. The bishops generally detest (as does their entire retinue of liberal, loathsome lackeys) anything and everything Trumpian, including conservative Catholics.

Their overall despise for all things Trump is generally bound up with their overall despise for anything related to conservatism. The bishops are, almost to an individual, weak men — and weak men loathe strong men.

In fact, these weak men have a general overall distaste for muscular Catholicism. The fact that so many "muscular" Catholics are attracted to Trump's straight talk and direct manner is just another reason so many bishops detest Trump.

As much as the bishops say it's about his policies, underneath it all, it's really his style — the same style so many Catholics are drawn to.

What Trump has tapped into in the culture is precisely the same thing he has tapped into in the Church — an anger on the part of Catholics, men in particular, at being treated horribly by effeminate, weak men. Strong men normally just don't like weak men; they choose not to associate with them.

But weak men despise and loathe strong men. They become enraged in their presence because they see in them what is lacking in themselves. It's an interesting psychology at play, the same psychology at play when bishops sideline strong, masculine priests.

The crisis of manhood in the culture has its parallel in the Church, and it's what's behind everything. In fact, the bishops hate Church Militant and other similar Catholic outfits for exactly the same reason they hate Trump.

Direct language is the vocabulary of manhood.

"Plainspeak" and direct language are the vocabulary of authentic manhood. But the flip side of that is also true. People like Trump as well as authentic expressions of the Faith precisely because they are both straightforward and unrelenting in calling out the garbage of weak-minded and weak-willed men.

Somewhere back in time, muscular Catholicism became viewed in a negative light, and the rise of the effeminate bishop began.

So now, Catholics, who no longer see any trace of masculinity in their religious leaders are looking outside the clergy and, in the political world, are focusing their attention on men like Trump.

Trump won the White House in 2016 because of the Catholic vote. In a certain sense, Trump is actually an unintended consequence of homosexuality and effeminacy in the U.S. hierarchy. It was, and is, their ongoing rejection of manhood that has caused Catholics to go scrambling outside of the official Church to recapture that reality.

And as long as they continue to cling to their pearls, real Catholics will continue to ignore them.

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