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Truth Wars

The root of every trouble.

December 6, 2022  0


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When we look out at the culture and see the wars over Elon Musk's Twitter world and the full-scale battle playing out in Arizona in the governor's race, not to mention the constant inter-Nicene battles raging in the Church over doctrine and discipline, What's really going on? is a good question.

The answer is pretty simple, actually. It's a war over truth. Call them the "truth wars." Truth seems to be an elusive item these days and certainly a rare commodity, as all sides lay claim to it — but it cannot be the case that everyone is right. Yet somehow that proposition is put forward, at least by some.

It's the cry of the "your truth/my truth" brigade, as though truth is somehow in the eyes of the beholder. But notice, no one who claims that, actually lives according to that proposition — or if they do, they soon find out in short order that they do not get to claim their own personalized truth.

The refusal to accept religious truth is what lies at the root of the nation's woes.

Try telling your mortgage company or landlord that, when they come knocking for their monthly payment. "Well, Mr. Mortgage Man, I understand your truth is I owe you money, but my truth says I don't have to pay." It's as preposterous as suggesting that one minute you're a woman and the next you're a man, and then tomorrow you're a woman again, or, for this moment, I'm a woman and can go follow actual women into their bathroom.

Yet when it comes to anything touching on sex or preferences or so-called identities, that nonsense rules the day. Suddenly, all logic goes out the window, and the same sort that applies to the monthly mortgage no longer applies. It's not that everyone doesn't live according to the reality that objective truth exists, it's just some completely ignore it when their hormones are racing or their psychological problems are applauded.

This is where the divisions within Christianity have paved the way for all this evil. People who claim they follow Christ have never been able to agree on what that actually looks like. Degenerates see an opening there and press their post–sexual revolution agenda as far as possible.

When Martin Luther rolled into town 500 years ago, he treated the notion of truth as though it were somehow flexible. Flying in the face of (at the time) 1,500 years of settled doctrine, Luther simply decided that much of that was wrong and had to be chucked.

But before he died, a number of his followers decided his truth was wrong and had to be amended, expounded on and yes, unsurprisingly, chucked. Luther, in trying to rid the world of the pope, actually created tens of millions of antipopes — individuals who would decide the truth of Christ and the Scriptures and salvation and damnation for themselves.

How can anyone be surprised? If the very matter of eternity — the stuff of Heaven or Hell — can be treated so recklessly, so wantonly by those who espouse following Christ, why would the stuff of society and the moral life end up any differently?

After all, if hundreds of millions can hold their own truth about Christ, why can't hundreds of millions hold their truths about who to have sex with, or even what sex they actually are? Once any correct understanding of truth is laid aside, then it's "Nellie, bar the doors."

There are natural truths, physical truths, mathematical truths that most people agree on (notice, however, that most people agree on). Even here, there are those who insist, for example, that two plus two does not, in fact, equal four, at least not always. Some even refuse to accept the truth of gravity and set out to prove that it is not true. They soon discover they have actually proved it, not disproved it.

But for most people, that the world is round, gravity exists, two plus two equals four, and so forth, are truths — or, better stated, examples of natural truth. It's not a great leap. The refusal to accept natural truth almost always has immediate unhappy consequences.

But where outcomes or consequences can be delayed and altered for a desired outcome, then truth becomes very flexible. It can either be ignored or embellished or whitewashed or even lied about if the reward is valued more highly than the truth itself.

This seems to be the lifeblood of most media outlets, Catholic as well as secular. It likewise appears to be the dominant strain in interpersonal relationships, the professional world, the world of commerce and so forth. It has even found its way into the Church and the expression of religious doctrine.

The refusal to accept religious truth is what lies at the root of the nation's woes as well as those of the Catholic Church's leaders. Unlike natural truths, which have almost an immediate ramification when ignored, the ramifications of refusing to accept supernatural truth often unfold over time — but by the time it begins to be felt, it's often too late.

All natural truths flow from divine or supernatural truth, and when supernatural truth is pushed aside, natural truths will soon be treated the same way — which, of course, is what we see playing out across the nation. Because most of the world, including America, has never embraced theological truth as announced by the Catholic Church, it's always been a matter of time until men's natural affairs begin to disintegrate.

So much of what is wrong today in America — the gender garbage, the election-integrity question, the climate change issue, immigration, a recession, tens of millions of abortions, the collapse of the family, the mass disengagement of entire generations, all of it — is directly traceable to Martin Luther's revolt.

Man is chiefly a spiritual creature, who relates to the truths of his existence through his mind searching for divine truth. When divine truth is cut off from enormous swaths of the population, they will come to make their own "truth" — and that is what we have today.

The carnage is all around us. The extent of the damage, both in this life and the next, is incalculable. And yet the nation carries on, beating a path to its own final dissolution and ruin. Yes, some men (and even a growing number) do finally see this, at least in part.

Those who willfully distort truth do it so they can sin and have others join them.

There is natural truth and supernatural truth. The man who accepts natural truth has a good start but must arrive at the truth of supernature, or he will be forever mired in fighting the enemies of natural truth and likely eventually be overcome. Only supernature can defeat fallen nature. 

Many have come to understand there cannot be multiple versions of Christ, just as there cannot be multiple versions of truth in a singular instance. Women cannot be men — ever. Men cannot get pregnant — ever. Two plus two cannot equal anything other than four — ever.

Likewise, the Scriptures cannot contradict themselves any more than religious truths can stand in opposition to each other and both still be true. Compromise on truth happens for one reason, always: to grant permission to sin.

When man forgets that his nature is a fallen nature and sets about to reorder his world accordingly, his world will crash down around him, sooner or later. There will be nothing left. Those who willfully distort truth do it so they can sin and have others join them.

Those who blindly go along with it do so because, in their depths, they calculate some profit or advantage for themselves. Such is the truth of a fallen world. Unless and until men embrace the fullness of the truth of Christ, as found in His Catholic Church, look for nothing of substance to change.

Broken homes, troubled youths and young adults, nervous economies, uncertain futures — all of it is rooted in a refusal to accept supernatural truth, objective truth. Catholics who do know and understand this have a heavy moral obligation to try and bring this single reality into every sphere of life. The truth war can only be brought to an end within an individual person when truth is accepted and lived.

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