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Two-Front War

Indifference and treason.

April 11, 2017  0


Faithful Catholics soon discover that when it comes to the actual Faith and its preservation, they are fighting a two-front war. On the one hand they face a Church Establishment that doesn't really care about the Faith as much as it does about the façade of the Faith— the veneer that lulls simple, unknowing and unsuspecting Catholics into a false sense of security. Their greater care isn't so much the Holy Trinity as it is "The Holy Tranquility." Just keep the peace, don't rock the boat and keep the money rolling in.

Take, for example, the Catholic publisher, Our Sunday Visitor (OSV), an Establishment presence to be certain, as well as a lucrative money-making machine, hauling in tens of millions every year owing to its close association and business dealing with U.S. bishops.

From thumbing through the pages, you would think all is well in Church La-La Land. The reward from the Establishment Church to OSV for keeping its mouth shut about the worst crisis in the Church's history is contracts with the dioceses for the lucrative offering plate envelopes business — the envelopes you get in the mail and then throw in the plate are printed by OSV's offertory envelope division.

The top 10 executives at OSV get paid a total of $2,000,000, with the top man Kyle Hamilton pulling down going on half a million. Not bad for printing offertory envelopes. So given the very lucrative contracts with dioceses around the country, we shouldn't have been surprised when OSV higher-ups suddenly ordered their new salesman to stop his business dealings with Church Militant when all we were doing was purchasing an ad for some really nice Mother's Day jewelry.

By the way, if you'd like to see the jewelry for Mother's Day, just click on the link.  

We had no idea about OSV's Deep State approach to any faithful Catholic who talks about the crisis. So we went looking and discovered the financial reason was they didn't want to tick off the goose that lays the golden egg. Such is the attitude and prejudice against plain-speaking Catholics when they go against the Establishment.

That's the first front of the two-front war — Establishment indifference. The second front is the traitors that have been given birth to by the Establishment.  

The business-as-usual approach engenders and brings into existence a rebellion against the Church, individuals who eventually figure out that those in authority will never discipline modernists and traitors to the Faith. That's partly because the traitors have really big mouths and threaten to upset the apple carts — and remember, the Establishment cares about peace and tranquility above all else, even the truth.

The perfect example of this is the rot that has happened in Catholic education, as one by one Catholic colleges and universities became havens for heresy and dissent and gay rights "diversity" groups and the whole stinking mess. What, however, has caught many good parents off guard even now is that this would begin in earnest at Catholic high schools, even high schools with formerly sterling reputations.

Case in point: St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland, Ohio has been viewed in the past as one of the premier Catholic high schools in the country, a powerhouse in academics, including theology, as well as athletics. So great is Iggy's reputation that parents cough up $15,000 a year to send their sons here.

It's one of those Catholic high school assembly lines. Graduate with good grades and you can go on to a big-name school, get a good job and live the good life. However, St. Iggy has turned traitor to the Faith, dumping very popular teachers who are solid Catholic theology teachers so as to de-emphasize the Faith.

Why? Because they want to play up the the whole gay thing. A couple of Jesuit priest principals over the past few years at the Jesuit prep school have encouraged the homosexual-friendly atmosphere. Those two priests are Fr. John Libens, an Obama cheerleader, who is now at a Jesuit retreat house here in metro Detroit and who helped start the turn for the worse around 10 years ago; and Fr. Raymond Guiao, the current principal, who is a liberal, social justice warrior and who gave permission for the school's magazine to brandish a cover with two boys embracing affectionately.

This, coupled with the non-renewal of contracts for the solid Catholic theology teachers, is the last straw for parents and influential alumni who are now demanding a return to the school's authentic Catholic roots. You can read details about the story by clicking on the provided link to go to Church Militant's more in-depth story published late last week.

Imagine actually charging parents $15,000 a year to poison their sons' minds while also panhandling from well-to-do alumni, pretending they are a good Catholic school so they can get big checks at various functions. Disgraceful.

But this is the condition of things today in the Church in America — the Establishment, whose indifference to the Faith gives birth to a climate where traitors to the Faith do whatever they want.

Indifference and treason — this is the two-front war Catholics have to go to battle every day in the Church, owing to weak leadership and a love of money. The entire Catholic Establishment, publishing houses, schools and so forth have set their eyes on money, sex, treason against the Faith, dissent against the teachings, silence against the evils so they can turn the Church into something of their own creation. Talk about the money changers in the Temple.

Parents and alumni at St. Ignatius are right to storm the barricades and demand change. The souls of their sons are at stake, and the administrators care nothing about them.

The same can be said after a fashion of Our Sunday Visitor. While they aren't actively attacking the Faith, they are keeping silent about the attacks against the Faith from within the Church and the complicity of bishops through whom they are able to make $60 million a year.

Funny thing, though, between their don't-rock-the-boat approach and schools like St. Ignatius corrupting young minds, neither OSV nor St. Ignatius will have to worry about all the bad publicity for much longer. Since each of them in their own way is contributing to the growing loss of Catholic identity, eventually people won't feel the need to shell out small fortunes for a "Catholic" education, and at the same time there won't be enough people in the pews to keep those lucrative offertory envelope contracts going.

Good job, OSV and St. Ignatius, a couple of sterling examples of the two-front war that faithful Catholics are subjected to owing to your indifference and treason.

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