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Ugly Monstrosity

A cathedral inspired by the fallen angels.

April 26, 2017  0


This Vortex comes to you from perhaps the ugliest building in the world, the cathedral of the Los Angeles archdiocese — the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Completed in 2002 at a whopping $250 million, it was forced on the people of Los Angeles by the egocentric and modernist archbishop Cdl. Roger Mahony. And for the record, $250 million in 2002 would be the equivalent of $350 million in today's dollars in 2017.

But Mahony was no stranger to enormous sums of money, having to pay out $660 million — the largest to date for homosexual priest sex abuse victims, which he covered up for years. So between this building and hiding the sex crimes of his gay clergy, Mahony cost the archdiocese $1 billion, and that's just in financial terms. Only God can calculate the costs in souls that his wicked reign racked up.

Men like Mahony — and there are many of them — hate the Church and want to change it and made this the entire object of their long, clerical careers. They network with each other and promote each other and cooperate in ways that enhance their ability to destroy the Faith.

While lightning-rod types like Mahony and Bernardin and Weakland and so forth get lots of attention, their handiwork is carried by lesser-known names who manage to fly beneath the radar — men, for example, like Richard S. Vosko, a priest in his mid-70s from the diocese of Albany, under the then-notorious, homosexualist Bp. Howard Hubbard.

Vosko has made a career going around not saving souls as a priest ought but rather destroying Catholic architecture, saying that the old-looking traditional churches need to be swept away and new churches arise that reflect the new Church of post-Vatican Council II.

While it was Mahony who forked out the third of a billion dollars for this hideous edifice, it was Vosko who oversaw the construction of it. Father Vosko has been brought in on many projects all around North America to essentially wipe out the old and bring in the new.

Bishops give him carte blanche, along with various pastors, to brainwash their parishes into thinking that tabernacles should not be visible, altars need to be turned into tables, statues need to hit the dumpsters, communion rails need to go and sanctuaries be pulled into the middle to "enhance the worship experience" — because, apparently, having God physically present on the altar isn't enough.

Vosko travels from diocese to diocese, charging at least $15,000 a plan to shape, oversee and implement what has come to be known as "wreckovations," where instead of renovating church buildings, he wrecks the Faith.

He has "renovated" some of the more noteworthy cathedrals in the country, as well as numerous parishes where he has lied about what the Church says about liturgy to fool parishes into shuffling the tabernacle off to a closet, ripping out pews and brainwashing them about their "worship space," saying that is God's house but our house too.

In interview after interview and presentation after presentation, he makes clear that in his treasonous mind, all that existed in the Church before Vatican Council II was wrong and needs to be swept away.

He even told one parish congregation that all their concern about statues and the tabernacle and all that didn't matter. He said life's too short for worrying about such things, and everybody goes to Heaven anyway, so why get all worked up over these things? His particular attack involves destroying the beauty of the actual church buildings.

Others in the Church attack Her in other ways, but whether it's architecture or art or theology or music or a host of other avenues, Catholics need to wake up and understand that the Church is under attack from within. These men, clerics inside the Church, hate the Faith. They hate the Church, but they have chosen for their plan of attack to remain in and seize control of the institutions and slowly transform things.

It's a much more diabolically clever plan than Luther's Protestant revolt. At least he had the integrity to leave and set up his own thing. These men are much more sneaky. They keep their robes and offices and titles and custodianship over the physical plants and buildings and so forth, all the while twisting and perverting the teachings of the Faith and the presentations of the Faith — up to and including the actual buildings. The funny thing is this: They aren't even that secretive about it.

Vosko freely admits that his goal is to free the Church from its shackles of medieval darkness. And his work is done on the level of the physical construction of the buildings to rid people of any sense of the divine and make it all about the people. They silence dissenters from their view and label them, marginalize them and demonize them. At some point, of course, all the rebellion in the Church had to come to being physically apparent as well in her churches and cathedrals.

Like every single aspect of Church life needs to raise the minds and hearts to Heaven, so too does the architecture of the actual church buildings. This is what accounts for the glory and majesty of so many of the world's beautiful Catholic cathedrals and churches. They were built, sometimes over the course of centuries, with an eye to the reality of beauty being an avenue to the Divine.

But the new rebellious church that has been erected in the middle of the authentic Church cares nothing about God. It is nothing more than a social agency that uses the trappings of religion to try and institute its radical view of man as supreme. The devil built this monstrosity as a temple to himself. It represents a supplanting of all that is right and true and good and beautiful and glorious about the Catholic faith with a twisted, perverted aping of the authentic faith.

Don't think for a single moment that Satan does not have disciples right in the midst of the Church. He does. He has had them all the way back to Judas, who is burning in Hell now. He too desired to fashion the truth to suit his own needs and views, and though he was an apostle, he lost his apostleship and had to be replaced. Unfortunately, even though he has received the punishment of his guilt, as is recorded in the words of Holy Thursday Mass, his traitorous ilk still run wild throughout the Church seeking to destroy it.

Catholics who are still sleeping need to wake up to what is going on. Where are all the Catholics as dedicated as these people are? Why is it that so many people associated with the Church have such zeal and passion for destroying the Church and so few have any zeal or passion for defending and advancing her? Every one of us is going to have to give an answer to this question when we depart from this earth.

Coming to you from a cathedral that is so costly and lavish (not to mention demonically inspired) that it quickly earned the nickname the "Rog Mahal" or the "Taj Mahony," after India's Taj Mahal.

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