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Umm ...

Takes your breath away.

September 20, 2021  0


In tonight's Catholic Info Hour, which is live at 7 p.m. ET, we will be debuting our latest Spotlight investigation immediately following the Evening News portion.

This Spotlight reveals some pretty shocking information about the connection between the North American College in Rome and a reported homosexual orgy that took place in the diocese of Springfield, Illinois. The list of participants in the orgy is unnerving. The entire matter is beyond disturbing but demonstrates further the homosexual corruption of the U.S. hierarchy and the lengths various bishops will go to cover things up, hurting innocent people who get caught in their web of lies and wickedness.

Little by little, it all has to come out, and we can promise you, it's incredibly damning. No wonder they are so anxious to see our Baltimore Prayer Rally get shut down by their buddy Jim Shea in the city's solicitor's office. They hate the truth. Again, that's tonight at 7 p.m. ET in the Catholic Info Hour. Please tune in because faithful Catholics need to know the depth of the corruption. 

Little by little, it all has to come out, and we can promise you, it's incredibly damning.

All of that serves as a perfect segue into today's Vortex topic, a story we ran last Thursday in the Evening News portion of Catholic Info Hour.

First, there are some lay groups working within the Church that are a little shady, but a good proportion of them are directly associated with the bishops. They rely on the bishops' stamp of approval to get access to donors and be viewed as being "in good standing." Those groups, some of them with pretty sizable bank accounts, are indeed problematic for a variety of reasons. But you don't get the sense that the pope is speaking about the status-quo lay groups. They pose no threat to him or his papacy.

There is a scattering of laypeople on YouTube and with their own websites who sort of fit what the pope is talking about. They do seek attention and fame and view themselves as a supreme authority — and they certainly profit handsomely from their work.

Some even live in homes valued at almost $2 million, all because they sit in front of a webcam and steal other people's work in their daily presentations — without ever giving credit because they are afraid mentioning others' work would cause them to lose their appeal, which they are probably right about, by the way. Some even write books by ripping off other people's work, never crediting those original sources.

All this creates an air of respectability and accuracy about themselves that is simply not warranted. But it does increase their profile, which they turn into more clicks and views. While that is troublesome and certainly unethical, it hardly rises to the level of the second thing the pope said — that they end up with wicked sins.

Lay Catholic YouTubers stealing other lay Catholics' work and taking credit for it and then profiting from it is despicable. But wicked? That's a papal overstatement. As far as anyone knows, no lay groups or their leaders:

  • Engaged in decades-long rape of altar boys
  • Concocted a massive, ongoing international cover-up of it
  • Spent billions of dollars of Catholics' money to continue the cover-up
  • Misrepresented to faithful Catholics their direct need for billions more in donations
  • Perjured themselves in court proceedings
  • Shredded loads of damning priest personnel files proving they knew about things for decades
  • Bullied victims and berated them into silence, offering them paltry amounts in exchange for agreeing to never sue them
  • Conducted these buy-offs using the faithful's money in total secrecy
  • Moved guilty priests out of the country in the dead of the night so as to avoid the law
  • Destroyed thousands of vocations by eliminating whistleblower seminarians
  • Spent tens — perhaps hundreds — of millions in donations on their own homosexual lifestyles
  • Wrecked thousands of lives of not just the sex abuse victims but also their families
  • Caused some of the victims to kill themselves
  • Caused untold others to turn to life-destroying addictions
  • Shifted around tens of billions in assets to protect them from jury awards
  • Created the illusion they actually cared and were instituting "changes" to remedy it all
  • Allowed corrupt men in the Church to advance up the ladder, furthering the evil
  • Attacked good priests whose only desire is to right these wrongs and save souls
  • Sat atop the greatest destruction of the Faith in 2,000 years
  • Allowed active homosexual clergy to occupy thousands of positions in the Church
  • Allowed even more to propagandize the faithful, deceiving them into embracing sin

The list could go on for hours more. So forgive us if we jump back in amazement that the pope himself takes the crimes of his international homosexual crime syndicate and speaks as though this somehow relates to the laity. Holy Father, the laity are the victims here, not the perpetrators. With all due respect, anytime you'd like to sit down and compare notes on the "wicked sins" so evident in the Church, we are happy to oblige. But be forewarned, we won't be wearing a mask — nor will we have abortion-tainted shots floating around in our blood, another item on your homosexual bishops' lists of evils. 

Holy Father, the laity are the victims here, not the perpetrators.

Maybe we can compare notes over Zoom, that might work. Zoom is, after all, owned by the Chinese communists whom you are close to. Homosexualist Fr. James Martin can probably make all the arrangements. We're pretty sure he'd oblige, especially since he knows so much about all this.

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