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Under the Radar, Barely

Hiding in plain sight.

September 19, 2019  0


Every day, it becomes more and more apparent that too many members of the U.S. hierarchy are way over-friendly to the gay agenda.

Now, this can be construed a number of different ways — from a bishop himself being homosexual and practicing, to a bishop being homosexual and at least trying to not act on it.

Warmness to the agenda can also be construed as a type of cowardice, not wanting to face the wrath of a gay presbyterate, like in the case of Detroit Abp. Allen Vigneron and many others.

It could easily also be the case that while an individual bishop might not support any of this, they know their career will be over if they go up against the corrupt gay mafia running the Church. 

And it can also be construed as simply agreeing with the agenda to some degree, large or small, even though an individual bishop himself may not have any same-sex attraction.

Whatever one of those situations applies in the singular case of any individual bishop, one of them, if not more than one, is certainly true with any bishop who does not openly speak up about this evil within the ranks of the clergy.

The "cover" that a huge number of negligent bishops fly under is the so-called diocesan "LGBTQ Ministry," a sham approach to make it seem as though the so-called Catholic LGBTQ community is simply being ministered to but, in reality, is being encouraged to remain in their sin.

For example, if you go to the News Ways Ministry website, you will find a list of more than 250 parishes in the United States that are warm and friendly toward homosexuality.

New Ways Ministry has been officially condemned by the Vatican for its failure to uphold Church teaching. Indeed, New Ways is officially on the record as demanding Church teaching on homosexuality be changed.

So when a parish appears on that list, that's a huge red flag.

Among the parishes on the list is Sacred Heart parish in South Plainfield, New Jersey. That's in the diocese of Metuchen, which is under the leadership of Bp. James Checchio. Metuchen had, as its first bishop, the homopredator Theodore McCarrick. 

It was this diocese that purchased for his use the infamous Jersey Shore beach house where he sexually assaulted multiple seminarians over the years.

In fact, at his consecration as bishop, McCarrick himself showed up to lay hands on Checchio.

What Checchio allows in his diocese regarding the homosexual culture introduced into it by McCarrick is nothing less than disgusting — and yes, he does allow it.

Despite having started up a Courage outfit in the diocese, which some faithful Catholics see as little else than cover, it is Checchio who allows the evil at Sacred Heart parish to continue — and remember, Sacred Heart is on New Ways list — just like many of his brother bishops do.

The specific evil is the group called In God's Image — IGI for short. The facilitator of the group is a homosexual man, David Harvie, civilly married to his homosexual partner. 

The homosexual couple are present at the group's meetings with Harvie even assuming the role of greeting people as they arrive.

When a Church Militant report back in July exposed this rot, the diocese, under Checchio, called the pastor, John Alvarado, and told him not to clean up the mess but rather to simply remove Harvie's name from the website.

That is the classic case of covering up: no reform of any kind; no desire to truly minister to the souls attending these bogus ministry meetings — but rather, just clean up the potential PR mess.

Hypocrites — how does Checchio square putting a Courage outfit in his diocese, but simply covering up a true scandal at a parish?

Harvie is still heavily involved in the show with the diocese's knowledge and the pastor's consent.  

People who have attended the meetings say the group does not promote chastity or the Church's teaching regarding the depravity of homosexual acts. How could it? A man actively engaged in sodomy with his civil husband is a big part of the show.

In 2017, Harvie facilitated a talk by the notorious James Martin. 

In February 2018, Martin was invited back to the diocese for another talk at a different parish, but threats of protests resulted in it being canceled at the parish and rescheduled at a nearby hotel.

Harvie, of course, attended the talk.

At that time, knowing that faithful Catholics were steaming about Martin spreading his homoheresy throughout the Church, Checchio insulted them by actually inviting Martin to visit his residence, a courtesy he has refused to extend to faithful Catholics troubled by his warmness to homosexuality.

These phony "ministries" that supposedly provide spiritual care for same-sex attracted Catholics are just that: completely phony. They provide zero by way of spiritual care unless you're speaking of the spirit of evil.

They confirm them in their sin, demonstrating zero charity toward them, they confirm them in sin.

A bishop, like Checchio, does not get to play it both ways, setting up a Courage outfit to make it appear he is respectful of Church teaching, but allow, promote and cover up this kind of spiritual depravity at parishes he bears ultimate responsibility for.

The diocese responded to Church Militant inquiries touting Checchio's accomplishment in bringing in Courage, the only actually approved outreach for same-sex attracted Catholics.

Big deal. What about the goings-on at Sacred Heart? What about inviting Martin to his residence, essentially giving the bird to faithful Catholics? 

What about refusing to have any substantive meetings with faithful Catholics about all this?

Catholics in the diocese of Metuchen, already bearing the stigma of having been ruled over by McCarrick, are, in typical Jersey fashion, calling it like they see it, lumping Checchio in as part of the corrupt gay mafia referred to by Abp. Viganò.

And remember, those more than 250 parishes on the list of New Ways Ministry have parishes from many more dioceses and bishops than just Checchio, giving you a greater understanding of just how far-flung and deep the corrupt gay mafia actually is.

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