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Vatican Vax

More painful than you know.

January 20, 2022  0



The news Church Militant has broken over the last week is beyond terrifying.

In short, it appears that a massive international web of intrigue surrounding COVID has been in the works for years, and what is emerging now is that Pope Francis' Vatican is a major player in the worldwide conspiracy.

The list of players and organizations involved is nothing less than frightening — and spans the globe: Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum (based in Geneva, Switzerland), Xi Jinping (based in Beijing), Albert Bourla's Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (based in New York) and Pope Francis' Vatican (in Rome).

And, of course, there's the China-Vatican accord linking Pope Francis to Xi Jinping. The story involves the funneling of billions of dollars from Beijing to Rome — confirmed now by two independent sources.

The first of those sources is Dr. Francesco Galietti, founder and CEO of Policy Sonar — a Rome-based public policy institute that analyzes how political changes affect world economic markets. He tracks fortunes in zero–hedge fund markets. He was the first, in the course of his work, to uncover billions of dollars moving from Beijing to the Vatican — a discovery Church Militant first informed you about coming up on two years ago.

The second independent (and unrelated) source is exiled dissident Guo Wengui, who has accused the Vatican of receiving $1.6 billion every year since 2014 in bribes from the Chinese Communist Party. He says Beijing is paying the Vatican "to shut up about China's religious policies." And noteworthy  — even to this day, the Vatican has never denied the very public allegations.

Before the COVID-19 international campaign of fear, top mainstream media like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times hailed Wengui as a celebrity tycoon. Of course, Beijing has branded Wengui an attention-seeking criminal. 

Italians are starting to vociferously turn against the Church.

That Vatican–China relationship, twice corroborated independently, stretches back to years before the pandemic exploded on the world (out of a Chinese lab in Wuhan).

However, given the emergence of the Wuhan virus, another dynamic appears to have taken shape as well (dovetailing with the already-cozy preexisting relationship). Pope Francis has been one of the leading figures on the world stage pushing vaccines like crazy. And when news emerged recently by reporter Ed Pentin (and doubled down on by Church Militant's Rome correspondent Jules Gomes) that Pope Francis had met secretly — not once, but twice — with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, alarms went off.

Given the close relationship between The Vatican and Beijing, Bourla meeting with the pope twice was immediately viewed as extremely suspicious, especially given that the Vatican refuses to acknowledge it ever occurred.

But, as they say, there's more.

A so-called Catholic media group called Aleteia is going after anyone in the Church who opposes Pope Pfizer and the pro-vaccine messaging. Aleteia, with close connections to Magnificat Magazine (as well as the Vatican Communications Department and the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization), leads a newly formed consortium of roughly 30 pro-vaccine publications.

The main job of that far-flung consortium is to squash any rebellion to the Vatican's pro-vaccine narrative. They've formed what's called the International Catholic Media Consortium on COVID-19 vaccines and collected their efforts in a website, fallaciously called Where did the money come from for all of that? Google. Google set up a $3 million fund to get so-called independent media sites to fight what they call COVID "misinformation." Aleteia and its consortium partners were awarded a portion of those millions to conduct their "fact-checking" and slam any voice in the Catholic world telling you the truth about the COVID tyranny.

In an eyebrow-raising revelation, Aleteia's group has on its self-described "scientific board" three members of the Pontifical Academy for Life (raising all kinds of ethical questions about an obvious conflict of interest). The Vatican backs the vaccine, so just how objective could an outfit be when "fact-checking" about the vaccine when it has close ties with the Vatican? And, spiritually speaking, how can a group touting itself as "Catholic" be taking money from an outfit like Google to shoot down other Catholics opposed to these abortion-tainted death-and-side-effect-causing jabs?

But Google isn't the only outfit shoveling big bucks the Aleteia consortium's way. So, too, are Goerge Soros and Bill Gates. Aleteia's consortium consists of various groups that have received over $50 million from the anti-Catholic Soros and Bill Gates.

The people who fund Aleteia are the same people who are killing off Dr. Malone and others from social media.

It's all one stinking pot of Devil's brew, concocted to shoot down any resistance from faithful Catholics — especially faithful Catholics in the media, and especially if those outfits, like Church Militant, conduct interviews with the likes of Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA technology).

The people who fund Aleteia and its partners are the exact same people who are killing off Dr. Malone and others from social media and giant tech for telling the truth about COVID.

There are multiple things to be disturbed by here: China secretly funneling billions to the Vatican, secret meetings between the pope and the CEO of the most crooked pharmaceutical company on the planet, and all of this being conducted under the auspices of the global-reset agenda engineered by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum.

But perhaps most troublesome is this: Despite Francis' constant going on about being on the side of the poor and wanting a "poor Church" (which seems a little difficult to accomplish while communists are handing you billions and billions of dollars in hush money), Francis is doing the exact opposite, positioning himself and the Church actually against the little man.

In major cities all around the world, hundreds of thousands — millions — of people have taken to the streets to oppose the COVID tyranny. They are being persecuted by governments who enjoy the backing of these very people in these globalist outfits. Already, in Italy, Italians are starting to vociferously turn against the Church, rightly understanding the leadership cares nothing for them. Francis will be dead soon enough. But the damage he has done, setting the Church against the poor and putting the Church on the wrong side of history, will long outlast him.

Billions may buy you influence and access at the table of the wealthy, but it can't buy you a single soul.

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