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We ARE Winning…

Never give up.

October 16, 2019  0


I'm Michael Voris coming to you from Rome where we are wrapping up our on-the-ground coverage of the Amazon Synod, which goes on for another week and a half.

We will obviously continue to monitor and report from Detroit on events here in Rome thanks to contacts on the ground and inside the Vatican.

In the meantime, we wanted to leave all of you with an upbeat so-called "good news" episode.

The good news: Do not despair. Do not be discouraged. Do not be afraid. Be in the fight — spiritually and temporally. All of this is absolutely worth fighting for because ultimately, we are all fighting for the sake of Heaven and salvation.

And that means you, us, all of us and our angels are fighting the demons. And here is the good news: We are winning. 

In eternity, of course, the battle is over and already won. Our Lady has already crushed his head.

But, understandably, since we are all also still in time, in the temporal universe, it can get depressing and so forth watching what always looks like the demon winning and advancing.

In time, it certainly appears that way, but we have to tell you, it's not always as it appears.

If the battle is about winning souls, being used by Our Blessed Lord to win souls, then the news is we are winning. One of the things sitting at home you don't get to see is what goes on behind the scenes when Church Militant is on the road.

Wherever we go, the amount of people who come up to us and say they converted because of Church Militant or came back to the Faith because of Church Militant is both humbling and a cause for great joy and peace.

From priests who stop us on the streets, even here in Rome, especially here in Rome and say thank you for bolstering their priesthood, for giving them a needed shot in the arm — or laypeople who pull us aside privately and tell us of their great peace ay having come to or back to the Church because of our efforts.

We talk to all kinds of people on our road trips; seminarians who personally and clandestinely say they went into seminary because of watching Church Militant, to priests again who say they refer to Church Militant or our topics even in their homilies to youth group leaders and so forth.

This fight, and it is a fight, the mother of all battles because this is for keeps — eternal keeps — it is a great honor and blessing to be called to participate in.

Never forget that, even though it's understandable at times. We are, after all, only fallen humans.

The financial, doctrinal, moral, catechetical, liturgical corruption and so forth, all of it free-ranging all over the Church can and sometimes does have the effect of sapping our strength.

Not to worry. Our Lord even had the Apostles take a break every now and then; but the battle never stops.

Every one of these souls that Church Militant has been used by Heaven to reach, help, uplift, strengthen, covert, revert — every one of them is a win, a victory over the forces of evil.

We have never kept actual count in any formal fashion — never occurred to us actually to do so — and besides, it seems a little crass to do so.

But we can say, there must be at least thousands judging from the comments and emails and phone calls and personal contact on the road — all of it. And to all of it, we say, blessed be God.

In addition to sharing our enthusiasm about all of this with you, we want you to realize that first, that your support for us, spiritual, financial, whatever, keeps us in a position to do this.

But also, we want to encourage you, in your circumstances, to do the same.

Don't be afraid, never be afraid, of saying the truth, for you are announcing Jesus Christ, He who was and is the God-Man, always divine from the moment of His incarnation in the womb of Our Blessed Mother.

You are announcing Him, His Church, His mystical body, His bride. You have been given the great grace, the honor, to bring His message of salvation to whoever comes your way.

Are you going to get blowback? Well, of course you are. That's why its called spiritual warfare.

But who cares? So what? As my mom used to say — God rest her soul — who cares? You just get more jewels in your crown in Heaven.

Not entirely sure of that precise theological language, but hey, the underlying point is true. Fight the devil and increase in sanctity. And the world says "Catholics have no joy." Are you insane?

This is the greatest adventure any human being can live. You get to wake up every morning and slay dragons.

Fight! Never give up! Fight being discouraged and depressed. Got it, but fight it. Lift yourself up and pick up your sword again.

Never forget, we are winning. It may be just one soul at a time. It may not be evidenced as fast as we would like.

But every single soul has infinite value to Almighty God and Jesus Christ — He who was fully human and fully divine always, from the first moment of His existence in Our Blessed Mother's womb, and remains so today.

All glory, praise and honor be to Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.

Wrapping up from Rome, this time.

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