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Weak Men Suck

And they are destroyers.

August 10, 2022  0


The absolute bane of Western civilization is weak men, losers who are so self-absorbed that they are content to watch an entire way of life crumble so they can get off on their wealth or porn or power trips or whatever. They wouldn't know the meaning of the word "sacrifice" — as in for others — if it bit them in the face.

And there is certainly no shortage of weak men in the Church. In fact, some of the most Catholic qualities associated with strength were tossed out of the Church by the emasculated gang. Things like discipline and willpower have come to be viewed almost with derision by the sissies in charge of large parts of the Church these days. And because leaders in the Church mock and despise and turn their backs on these qualities, so too does the culture.

Now, masculinity itself is viewed as toxic. Manhood is a bad thing. The madness has even permeated large parts of the male half of the race, even down to how many males speak — especially younger males — which stands to reason, since they are the ones who have been the most indoctrinated with the idea that all masculinity is toxic. They have adopted a feminine cadence, a "girl-sounding" voice, a grating, purposely non-masculine manner of speech, all in an effort to reject their masculinity, even down to how they pronounce their words.

Having trampled the pearls, the swine are turning on those weak men.

It all has a distinctly homosexual sound to it, which, again, stands to reason because homosexuality is, at its core, the total repudiation of everything male, even what is done with their bodies. All the attributes of the masculine are now belittled, derided and condemned. It began in the Church but is now part of the culture at large.

If, for example, when you read the writings of the Church Fathers (the Patristics), you see a display of such authentic masculinity that it would cause today's hypersensitive bishops to hike up their skirts, kick off their pumps and run over a cliff — that is, if most of them could get their out-of-shape, gluttonous bodies to actually run.

A quick aside — how come no one ever talks about the deadly sin of gluttony in reference to this crowd? Isn't being horribly out of shape an offense against the teaching that the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?

The Fathers (even the term is masculine) understood the concept of evil and spiritual war and fully embraced it, never pulling any punches. They loved truth and goodness so completely that they warred against the powers of Hell. But then along came the homosexual bishop and his effeminate clerics, hating all things masculine and throwing them out of the Church, the pulpits and the seminaries — eradicating masculinity from Catholic life.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen made an observation about all this back in the 1960s. He correctly observed that whatever goodness the Church threw out, the culture would soon pick up. For example, the Church got rid of candles and incense, and candle shops and incense boutiques sprung up everywhere. Likewise, when the Church got rid of the masculine virtues of self-discipline for a greater cause and power to overcome the bad, those very qualities transferred to the gym culture.

The serious gymgoers are all about the virtues — but for the sake of the virtues in themselves, personal pride or whatever, not for their intended purpose. And just like the candles and incense, when the Church disposes of masculine strengths, the culture picks them up without realizing the beauty behind them and diminishes their value. The culture, despite its profanity, is still able to perceive it is holding some treasure; it just doesn't know exactly its worth or what to do with it.

So it takes those qualities and sticks them into superhero movies, for example, without reference to the source or purpose of things like willpower, discipline and strength. The heroes use the qualities to fight for the "good," but there is never any venturing into why good is good.

There's just a presumption made because the fumes of a dying Western civilization are the only fuel the characters actually possess. They fight for "goodness" and "right" but have no actual idea what makes something good or right.

The Church Fathers knew precisely what good was and never had a doubt as to their actions or, most importantly, their motivations. The goodness, the treasure of these qualities, lies in their application for the good, the true and the beautiful and the protection of it.

The bishops and their wealthy enabling class have a lot to answer for.

But since the culture doesn't have a reference point for any of this — thank you, again, weak bishops for your malice and cowardice — it distorts the true value of these treasures and, in the process, cheapens them. Superman, for example, fights for truth, justice and the American way. Or, rather, used to fight for those; now it's for "a better tomorrow" (whatever that means), thanks to the woke crowd.

But all of that is completely dissociated from any moral grounding. Who decides what is "better"? Who decides what is truth — a question posed by Pilate and still echoing down the centuries, millennia later. Is it the State or the latest political poll? And what is justice (a term that used to mean a great deal in the Church, but, thanks to a corrupt hierarchy who cash in on that term for hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, it is completely devoid of its original meaning)?

Now, it means forcing the phony man-made climate change narrative, as in "climate justice," or destroying a nation's borders by claiming "social justice." No matter how perverse a culture becomes, it always recognizes the good because goodness can never be completely defeated. It can be obscured and diminished for a while, but it can never be totally conquered.

The collapse of everything we see around us is owing to weak men, men who took these treasures, these pearls, and cast them before swine. And now, having trampled the pearls, the swine are turning on those weak men. They threw them before the swineherd out of self-interest and pride and ego and self-gratification, in pursuit of power, sex, human respect, whatever.

The bishops and their wealthy enabling class have a lot to answer for. They may, in this life, likely escape the consequences of their actions, but this life is short compared to eternity. It profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his immortal soul. In pursuit of earthly delights, these weak men have ensured the collapse of civilization for everyone else.

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