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Weaponizing the Wuhan

But weapons sometimes backfire.

April 7, 2020  0


You can sense it in the air, you can feel it in your bones: The Marxists are weaponizing the Wuhan virus and are wanting to use it as a pretext to usher in their much-longed-for New World Order (NWO). And be certain, that NWO totally excludes God and any people who believe in Him.

There is still some quiet debate about exactly how the virus came into existence, or how it was spread. Among some quarters, there is still a belief that the commies in Beijing deliberately engineered this thing as part of a bioweapon strategy.

Following this path of thought for a moment, the thought then arises, if that's true, was the current catastrophe actually planned or did the virus somehow get out of the lab and escape control? There's no real way to know the answer to that, if the underlying premise is true, that is.

Of course, the other answer is the one more bandied about — that this all came from Chinese citizens eating live bats in so-called wet markets. They caught the contagion, and now the world economy is reeling as a result. 

The Wuhan is being weaponized for precisely this goal.

How many have died in China, how it came about, how many were exposed — infected — you name any question and we don't really have the answer to it because communists lie, period. They lie about mass-murder. They lie about the dignity of man. There is, in fact, nothing they won't lie about. So some underlying issues, we may never know the truth about.

But we do know that there are a lot of really bad actors circling around this whole thing, looking to cash in, or advance their agenda, or bolster their own image in the minds of the public, or to score political points, to undermine President Trump, or to bring about a foundational change — a paradigm shift in how the world operates — the New World Order.

This last point is the one that should be most concerning because the Wuhan is being weaponized for precisely this goal. The reason some of those first questions are important is because they could reveal whether everything going on is just a crime of opportunity, like bad guys seizing on an unexpected event to capitalize on it. Or is this actually part of a much larger clandestine plan? And if so, that would mean that a New World Order is much further down the road than most people know.

Since we do not know the underlying supposition — master plan or crime of opportunity — it's hard to judge some of the events going on.

If it's a master plan, then indeed, virtually everything needs to be considered suspect, especially sending the U.S. economy into a virtual freefall with all the collateral damage that entails. That would also mean that some of the people calling the shots or making recommendations — indeed, even some leaders in the Marxist media — would be in on this.

On the other hand, the crime-of-opportunity avenue would mean that no-less-nefarious actors are still on the scene, circling overhead, but their efforts would have largely been uncoordinated. They may share similar worldviews, but still have major disagreements about how to bring that worldview into reality.

But remember, one shared component of that worldview — the New World Order — is that God has no place in it.

This now raises the question of just what is going on with U.S. bishops and various religious and clergy. It's a giant mish-mosh of responses and cobbled together from reactions from all over the theological and ideological spectrum. That can't be surprising since that is the reality of the U.S. bishops as a whole. It is a broad spectrum of men from a very small number of faithful, believing shepherds — to at the other end — wicked liars and thieves, many of whom are gay and have a present, or at least a past. 

In between there's an enormous number of testosterone-challenged, weak, emasculated men who are terrified to ever make a decision, speak forthrightly without a legal team present, or from a script not written by a marketing company. They are, in short, useful idiots — easily manipulated and placed into their posts specifically because that's the type of "man" they are. They simply go along, in a complete daze, unaware of the actual evil in the world, or even in their own chanceries for that fact.

It's hard to know why they are so naturally brain-dead, but nevertheless, if there exists a plan within the episcopacy to introduce a new Catholicism, weak, soft, scared-of-their-own-shadow-type men is exactly who you want in place to bring that about.

One shared component of that worldview — the New World Order — is that God has no place in it.

As Church Militant has shown you over the years, it's almost never a zillion evil, wicked men causing the obliteration of the Faith. It's always just a few cunning devils in miters in the right, key positions, who know how to cajole, persuade and even threaten the majority of their fellow bishops, the overwhelming number of whom are totally and utterly unimpressive at really anything except folding like a house of cards when a blustery Cupich or Tobin — or a clever snake like Wuerl — approaches them.

Do not think for a minute — not one minute — that again, whether part of a master plan or a crime of opportunity, there are not various bishops and cardinals looking to weaponize the Wuhan to bring down the Church as well. In fact, given their shared worldview with the Marxists in the media as well as various power centers around the globe, it is totally possible — in the master plan scenario — that these Judases have been assigned their roles as well and are happy to carry them out. And of course, all that intimate, inner-circle crowd of elite churchmen would have to do is say the word, and all the emasculated bishops they have put into place would snap to it immediately.

These are frightening times indeed. What they portend for the Church, as well as for the nation and the world still are not known, but we do know this: All of those elements — the Church, the United States and the world — are all bound-up together. What happens in one is bound to have repercussions in the others. In fact, we are already seeing it. That's why you can't get any sacraments in some dioceses.

This Holy Week and Easter are going to be something that none of us could ever have imagined.

But since we are a people who do believe in God, His goodness and His providence — remember, none of this is happening without at least His permissive will, and all things work to the good — even when evil men and the demons they serve think they are in control. They are never in control, God just allows them to think that for a period.

Our task is simply to always hold to this reality: God is in control, always and everywhere. 

Blessed be the Lord Our God.

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