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Weaponizing Theology

What modernist Catholics do so well.

November 22, 2017  0


The world today is in great tumult. Everyone senses it, even if most Westerners choose to sleepwalk through these momentous times, enraptured in their various forms of entertainment and materialism, ignoring the willful destruction of their entire civilization and its replacement by a new world order — a globalist, elitist, atheistic vision of man that has gotten up from the mat after its surprise mauling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

In the days after Donald Trump's election, leftist forces in America began forming a resistance movement against his agenda. That movement, fueled by funds from socialist elites both in the United States and around the world, has taken on impressive dimensions. Much of this is supported by heterodox Catholic clergy and laity. The liberal chaos that has invaded the culture and is played out each day in the halls of government and on the streets has also been brought into the Catholic Church by these same Churchmen.

It's simply two aspects of the same mindset. But what goes on in the Catholic Church is ultimately of greater importance than what occurs in politics because what many in the culture don't understand is as the Catholic Church goes, so goes civilization. Concerned Catholics must begin to recognize and respond to a phenomenon that has never existed before in the Church, at least on this kind of scale. The Left has two distinct aspects to it: political and theological. In other words, there are individuals, many of them extremely influential who have essentially the same worldview but operate in their distinctive arenas of the political and the theological.

This is why there seems to be so much attention in the Church these days from prominent Churchmen about what are normally political matters. The large ones are the death penalty, so-called man-made climate change, illegal immigration, and government programs to address poverty. Of course, there are moral dimensions to these issues, but for the most part. these are properly addressed in the arena of the political. They are political problems and, as such, need a political solution. But the theological Left has shrouded these issues as moral issues and brought them into the arena of the theological and, from that point onward, made them issues that need theological discussion and preaching and addressing.

Likewise, the political Left has moved into the arena of what should be strictly considered theological/moral and co-opted various issues and given them a political stamp: abortion, contraception funding, the acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, euthanasia, doctor-assisted suicide. These issues are not primarily political, just as immigration and so-called man-made climate change are not primarily theological. But the overlapping of the two worlds has created an intertwining where such distinctions are lost. What is political is now theological, and what is theological is now political.

This serpentine intertwining of the two distinct arenas is being tremendously exploited by Catholic clergy who wish to institute sexual immorality as acceptable in the Church, likewise with politicians who wish to advance their globalism as one that has a theological foundation. They have made great strides, representatives from both camps, in joining forces to bring about a new world order, a globalist view that will exclude God and the authentic teachings of His Catholic Church — public enemy number one for this worldview.

They have a wide assortment of weapons in their arsenal to bring all this about. These weapons have been so effective in being instrumentalized for their goal that they are now within one generation of achieving all they've aimed for, and they have achieved their goals through their major weapon — media, traditional and social. All of this has worked so effectively in the Church because the laity has forgotten the role of the Church and their goal as Catholics and that is to become saints — to achieve holiness.

So many Catholic clergy are all in on this evil of globalization that they have knocked regular Catholics off course — off the road to holiness and turned the Church into a giant social agency. This is why we have written our next book, appropriately entitled Resistance: Fighting the Devil Within. We deliberately left out the object of "within" so that it could be taken in more than one way — within myself and within the Church.

Fighting the devil within the culture while laudable and necessary will never achieve a lasting victory because humans cannot defeat an angel. What defeats angels are other angels. If Catholics see the battle for the culture largely in political terms then it is already lost. The fight must be brought to Satan where he has ensconced himself in the Church. It is precisely because he has been able to lodge himself so well in the Church these past decades that he is accomplishing so much in the culture. The only institution capable of defeating him has been infiltrated and compromised.

The Church has been neutralized — paralyzed — because of the confusion which has been promoted by dissidents and heretics and schismatics for decades now, even further back in some cases. The Church must be won back by men and women desirous of becoming holy. God needs saints which means various clergy must be stood up against and shouted down by faithful committed educated Catholics, who will not let them go by unchallenged. The formula is really rather simple — personal holiness leads to a reform of the Church, leads to a reform of the culture.

We cover it all in Resistance, which Catholics everywhere concerned about the state of the world need to read. Evil advances in the world because the Church becomes neutralized and goes on the defensive. The Church goes on the defensive because people in it abandon the call to holiness. Resistance covers both aspects and presents it against the backdrop of the insanity taking place now, becoming normalized, in the world.

Please place your order now by just clicking on the link — specially priced for Christmas season to encourage you to purchase not just for yourself but everyone you think this eye-opening truth will help. For the record, before the Left began its well-funded resistance campaign, Church Militant had already coined the phrase and began our own Resistance movement more than a year earlier.

This book is also meant to serve as a kind of blueprint for all Church Militant Resistance members out there. As you know, you must learn, study, embrace the Faith so that they may transform you so that you may transform the Church, and the Church, as it has done before, may transform the world.

Again, please just click on the link and order your copy now while supplies last.

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