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What About All the Rest?

Don't they deserve some attention?

October 3, 2017  0
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In the midst of all the continuing uproar and constant social media buzz about Fr. James Martin and his book and his promotion of heresy, one wonders why various members of the hierarchy are so engaged on this topic? Cardinals and archbishops from around the world can't seem to resist, talking about the need to reach out and have respect for same-sex-attracted Catholics. They have even become comfortable using the very language of the homosexualist agenda, referring to them as LGBTQ or gay, which are political and cultural terms, not theological ones.

What's growing more disturbing about this, as the list of public Martin supporters in the clergy and hierarchy continues to expand, is this salient point that doesn't seem to have gotten much attention —what about all the rest? What about all the faithful in other spiritually challenging situations who feel diminished or marginalized or who are struggling and looking for compassion from the Church? Why the enormous, inordinate, all-out-of-proportion focus and attention on this topic?

A non-Catholic could easily draw the conclusion that the only thing being talked about in the Church by the hierarchy these days, aside from purely political things like climate change and DACA, was the suffering of same-sex-attracted people, many of whom are in sinful situations and refuse to repent.

So what about:

  • Young couples who cannot conceive and their emotional response, which can create spiritual difficulties
  • The couple who have to endure the pain of a miscarriage or perhaps even repeated miscarriages and the resultant sadness that can harm their relationship with each other and God
  • What about the teenager with no father physically or emotionally present who can guide him to manhood and who as a result, falls victim to the sex absorbed culture through technology
  • What about the widow or widower who would love to hear a comforting word in their sorrow
  • What about various couples who are struggling in their marriage over spiritual issues regarding sexual morality
  • What about those older Catholics who feel abandoned by the Church of their youths and are marginalized by clerics in their own parishes when kneeling or receiving on the tongue
  • What about single moms with the heroic burden of raising one or more children alone while also working and trying to be both mother and father
  • What about those in sacramental marriages who for a variety of sinful, psychological and very fallen human reasons cannot live together any longer but are still sacramentally bound until death
  • What about those who agonize over the sudden yet lingering illness and suffering of a child, draining them emotionally and spiritually especially when the long-term prognosis is almost certain death
  • What about those families who have a special-needs child and their concerns for how their son or daughter will get by in the world once they have died
  • What about all the middle-aged, single people with no families for whatever reason who are sometimes suffocating from loneliness and need encouragement
  • What about converts to the Faith who came in mostly on their own and who are staggered by the condition in which they find the Church and begin to doubt
  • What about the young man who truly believes he has a vocation to the priesthood but abandons it because he is scandalized by things he encounters in the seminary
  • What about families who have to deal with the scourge of drug or alcohol addiction and struggle mightily with their faith over it
  • What about families who have to deal with sudden shattering economic hardship and question if God loves them

Where are all the books? Where are all the Twitter explosions? Where are all the speaking circuit lectures by celebrity priests? Where are the massive outpouring and non-stop verbiage over all these and hundreds of more situations that can, and oftentimes do, challenge and isolate and estrange people from one another and from God?

This is what makes this "compassion" argument so hollow-sounding, aside from the fact that it is. No, the real goal of these modernists is the normalization of homosexuality in the Church and the clergy, not reaching out to people who are marginalized and struggling with their faith.

There is no real concern for what we might term "middle-class Catholics" — that multitude who don't get the media spotlight shone on their struggles and their sins, much less become the celebrated cause of a seemingly endless parade of prelates and clergy who have their own agenda.

These sufferings are real but there are very few parishes and Catholic colleges, announcing conferences on all this or anyone apparently building a bridge to these communities.

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