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What Gives?

Playing pattycake with homo-Catholics.

September 19, 2016  0


U.S. bishops must hate election season. So many polls and surveys revealing how horribly they have failed their flocks come to light that it must be beyond embarrassing.

For example, the single largest group in support of same-sex marriage behind only atheists is Catholics. Imagine. Catholics trail only atheists in supporting same-sex marriage. What gives here anyway? That is a stupefying statistic. 

This particular issue, in fact, has completely crippled the hierarchy in America, largely for two reasons. One, many bishops are either gay themselves, are quietly supportive of the gay agenda, have been poorly formed in this area along with many other areas, or are being easily influenced by the cabal of gay priests and sympathetic chancery personnel they are surrounded by.

The second reason the hierarchy is frozen on this issue is owing to the vast exposure of homosexuality within the ranks of their priests. Any affirmative statement they offered in support of Church teaching on the evil of this sin would get immediate blowback. They simply will not attack the problem at its root, and so they let the entire cancer continue to fester.

For example, archbishop of Baltimore William Lori, chaplain of the Knights of Columbus, absolutely resolutely refuses to do his job and bring an end to the rampant celebration of sodomy in one of his parishes. Saint Matthew's parish in the archdiocese of Baltimore has a gay program called LEAD, which stands for LGBT Educating and Affirming Diversity. It is a model parish for homo-Catholicism, rejecting every Church teaching on sexuality and led by a dissident priest, Fr. Joseph Muth.

There isn't one abomination of the Faith that this parish doesn't lovingly accept under the direction of the errant priest. It's a fair question to ask: Is he gay himself? If so, is he faithful to his vows? SurelyAbp. Lori — on the rare occasion he has pulled his head out of the sand and looked at his failing in this area — must have asked the same questions, at least to himself. But despite the various pleadings from faithful sheep under his care to correct this abomination, the archbishop doesn't care and blows them off with pithy ambiguous letters.

Shut it down, Your Excellency. Shut it down. That's your job. What gives? Do you not realize that objective third parties ask the normal question: Why don't you end this? Are you gay yourself? Don't you care for the souls of your priest and his parishioners? Are you scared to because of the blowback? Do you happen to have a bunch of friends from your time in seminary in the raucous 1970s who are gay and you don't want to hurt their feelings?

What gives? There must be some reason you let this go on, and you can't plead ignorance of it. This is the same flavor of question regarding another bishop dealing with the same-sex marriage question on political turf just down the highway from Abp. Lori: Bp. Francis DiLorenzo in the diocese of Richmond, Virginia, home to Hillary running mate Tim Kaine, who came out last week and said the Catholic Church is going to change its teaching and support gay marriage. Kaine also trots around the country calling himself a faithful Catholic — that is, when he's not busy voting in support of abortion.

What do we hear from Bp. DiLorenzo in response to Kaine's full frontal assault on the truth of Catholic teaching? Nary a word. Just a quiet little statement saying nothing at all about Kaine. Not a shred of evidence defending the Church. Just a softspoken statement saying marriage is between one man and one woman.

Seriously? That's it? What gives, Your Excellency? A product of being in seminary during the halcyon days of the 1960s Vatican II era? This man, who is in your diocese, who is in your charge and care, is assaulting Catholic teaching nationally, and your response does not challenge him directly? Do you have no fear of Hell, Bishop? You, too, Bp. Lori? And all the rest of the bishops in the United States whose abysmal failures are now on full display for the entire world to see?

Archbishop Allen Vigneron in Detroit has allowed the world's longest running gay Mass to continue unabated since his installation seve years ago. What gives? Archbishop Cupich of Chicago is another one who clearly has no fear of Hell, evidenced by his fawning over all issues homosexual.

The list of bishops — who should be terrified of dying, petrified of dying and being cast into eternal hellfire for allowing so many of those in their care go to Hell — this list is longWhat gives? These men are all in their 60s and 70s, one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Yet there they sit, denying, deflecting, deceiving and causing even greater scandal by their refusal to confront the initial scandal.

Yes, U.S. bishops must hate election season when all the garbage comes falling out of the closet. Too bad they don't take advantage of the grace given them by these revelations and fix the situation, whatever the cost to them. Whatever the cost to them in this life, it's better than Hell. 

Pray for them. Pray that God open their eyes now, or close them forever, before more damage is done.

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