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What’s Old Is New Again

Let's get ready to rumble.

October 12, 2018  0

Watch our interview with Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful


As what seems like millions of reports of sexual, mostly homosexual and financial scandals continue to erupt within the Church and make headlines everywhere, more and more laity are realizing they have to step up and do something because it is blindingly obvious that the tone-deaf unfaithful lot of shepherds currently in authority simply do not care.

Too many of them continue to demonstrate they have no supernatural faith and are liars, cheats and scoundrels who care not a lick for truth or your souls.

Sad to say, but that's just the reality, and the sooner each layman comes to realize this, the better.

Here's a case in point. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, a U.S. bishop, Daniel Ryan of Springfield, Illinois was a practicing homosexual who was frequently hiring teenage prostitutes from a local park and covering up homosexual predator priests by the boatload.

It eventually came out that he was also having sex with not just male teenage prostitutes, but also young men and — important note here — various priests in his diocese.

It was a filthy disgusting scene that went on for 15 years that the entire establishment Church circled the wagons on and deflected every attack possible. Laity who raised questions were smeared and marginalized as they always are when they point to wickedness in the ranks of hierarchy.

Ah, but the ruling homosexual clique running the show had not run into Stephen Brady and his group Roman Catholic Faithful.

Sick to death and fed up with the sodomites running the show, Brady and his group fired up and began a relentless PR campaign, demonstrating and picketing at the USCCB HQ in D.C. in 1997 and then going back in 1998, demanding the sodomite bishop hiring teenage boys for sex be forced to step down.

[Transcript unavailable]

Brady and his group — RCF — are one of those organizations that bishops everywhere get really nervous about. Why? Because he and his troops know the score in the Church, they know the slime and muck and gay sex rings in the clergy and hierarchy, and they come right out with it.

For example, during their investigations into the sodomite hierarchy, they came across and then made public a website that has since been shut down.

It was called St. Sebastian's Angels, and it was chocked full of nude pictures of dozens of priests in homoerotic poses and so forth soliciting sex from other priests. In short, it was a gay clergy hookup site.

Since so many priests travel around so much, the site came into existence so priests who were flying here and there could take care of whatever business they needed to, and then hook up with another homo priest before jetting back home.

The publicity that Brady and RCF brought to the situation eventually forced the site to go away, but of course, the priests having sex with each other all over the world, they haven't gone away.

Simple question here folks — ridiculously obvious answer. Why do you think so many priests and bishops are so friendly to the whole gay thing? They pretend it's to be compassionate and merciful and understanding. No. It’s to soften you up and get you on their side - while they are somewhat discreetly having sex with each other

RCF closed up shop about 10 years ago thinking they had completed their work — ha!

[Transcript unavailable]

Stephen and RCF are one of those groups who apostolates like Church Militant owe a great deal of gratitude to. They were some of the very first groups of lay people who stood up and fought a lonely fight.

Now, as Stephen said, they realize the filth and sodomy in the hierarchy is far greater than they thought — and they're back. What's old is new again — unfortunately. And their target, as you heard, is Cdl. Blase Cupich, a lover of all things gay, even to the point of harassing a good priest, forcing him to flee for his own safety.

Sign the petition demanding that Cdl. Cupich resign.

So good on you, Stephen. Welcome back, it's good to have you in the game again.

The entire interview we did with Stephen is available by clicking on the link, and believe me, it's well worth watching.

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