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Wilton Gregory Is Revolting

But he's not the only one.

June 4, 2020  0


On Tuesday, when President Donald Trump went to the Pope John Paul II National Shrine, the religious hypocrites came falling out of the rafters. Chief among them was D.C. archbishop Wilton Gregory.

Listen to the raging hypocrisy of a statement he felt compelled to issue in view of the president's visit: "I find it baffling and reprehensible that any Catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused and manipulated in a fashion that violates our religious principles, which call us to defend the rights of all people, even those with whom we might disagree."

What a filthy man to utter those words — he who has spent an entire career so egregiously misusing and manipulating the Church of God to advance sodomy and appeal to falsehoods.

A little background on this revolting man is in order. 

First, he was named as being a homosexual himself by the late Fr. Richard Sipe, who conducted extensive research of the homopredator clergy sex abuse in Church. This would stand to reason since he was consecrated bishop by the satanic homosexual predator archbishop of Chicago Joseph Bernardin. Bernardin, for the record, produced more homosexual bishops in the U.S. hierarchy than you could count, Gregory being one of them.

What a filthy man to utter those words — he who has spent an entire career so egregiously misusing and manipulating the Church of God to advance sodomy and appeal to falsehoods.

Bernardin's chancery in Chicago was more of a gay bathhouse than a chancery, so he has absolutely zero business talking about misusing and manipulating the Church. He was an avid supporter of starting up the Chicago Archdiocese's AGLO — Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach — begun in 1988 while he was an auxiliary bishop there.

He carried his gay filth to Atlanta when he became Archbishop there, throwing open wide the doors to all things pro-sodomy, including a blasphemous group called Fortunate Families, which wants nothing to do with chastity or the courage to fight the sin of sodomy. Of course, it's all in keeping with Gregory's m-o.

And of course, the spiritual destroyer was tapped last year to move into the role of cover-up artist supreme when he took over the archdiocese of D.C. to conceal all information about the rotten liar Cdl. Donald Wuerl and his predecessor, the homopredator cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Speaking of McCarrick and all these filthy, hellbound members of the hierarchy, two weeks from now will mark two years since the McCarrick revelations and still no report. And there never will be a report — until the Last Day — because this whole gay, Marxist cabal that has used and abused the Church for their rapes, watered-down destruction of the One True Faith, thefts and personal enrichment will keep lying to you until their last breath.

They are little else than a bunch of aging, old queens in robes who care nothing for their own souls and certainly not yours. They hate all that is good and professes no authentic belief in God. They hate the authentic Church, which is why they have so disfigured it. They are revolting to behold, but when they open their mouths in the name of religion to damn others, they make the Pharisees look like Doctors of the Church.

A perusal of the gospels quickly reveals that Our Lord reserved His just rage for religious leaders who betrayed their high office. He called the hypocritical Pharisees "offspring of the Devil," and "all fair without, but inside full of all manner of corruption" — in short, manipulating and misusing the religion for their own personal gain.

The homosexual Gregory owes his appointment to the greedy, selfish Donald Wuerl, who blew tens of thousands of dollars a year traveling back and forth to Rome — that money coming from the foolish Catholics in the pews who still put money in the basket.

What a rotten-to-the-core disgrace, who said publicly at the funeral of a gay, hooker priest of his in Pittsburgh, who had extorted him, that the priest was in Heaven, praising his life of service. Yes, whatever, liar.

So what kind of man do you imagine Wuerl would pick to replace himself and keep careful watch over the files in chancery that reveal he knew all about McCarrick sexually assaulting seminarians for decades? Who else other than a high-ranking member of the homosexual boys club?

[Transcript unavailable]

They all hate Trump because Trump has rolled into town and his policies are tearing down the one-world government, one-world religion which bless homosexuality and ignore abortion, and it drives them nuts — almost as nuts as getting an additional run in their pantyhose or not having any fresh meat in the seminary. They have no faith. They have no truth. They have no morals. How could they?

They presided over the most filthy era of crime in the Church's history — an international crime syndicate, which destroyed the lives of thousands of teenage boys and then lied about it for decades, shredded documents, spent tens — if not hundreds — of millions of your money on high-powered legal teams, paid out billions in secret settlements, bankrupted two-dozen dioceses, wiped out the faith of tens of millions of Catholics and destroyed the faith of future generations. Their destruction has been so total, so complete, that it boggles the mind.

They have supported child murderers and literally delivered Our Blessed Lord Himself — again, literally, into their blood-soaked hands, all to keep favor with the Herods of the day. Does the gay cover-up archbishop have any intention of releasing a statement about the failure of the Vatican to issue its report on McCarrick? Is he really more offended by Trump showing up at the National Shrine than he is about one of his predecessor's accumulated evils being whitewashed? June 20 marks two years since the Summer of Shame kicked off, and Gregory was all part of it.

Donald Wuerl, working in conjunction with the scoundrel Blase Cupich of Chicago, managed to engineer an extremely effective cover-up of all their own sins, and in the heart of the Church no less, at the Sex Abuse Summit in Rome in February of 2019. The end result was Donald Wuerl's stated plan that the bishops would investigate themselves. What a load of garbage.

Is he really more offended by Trump showing up at the National Shrine than he is about one of his predecessor's accumulated evils being whitewashed?

So far, the first bishop in the world to be investigated under the new guidelines, Michael Hoeppner of Crookston, Minnesota — appropriately named diocese for him — is still carrying on scot-free. He was actually caught on tape, lying under oath in a deposition. But somehow what is clear to anyone who watches the video aired by Church Militant, is that it seems baffling to bishops investigating their own.

Whatever murky, mysterious inner workings are employed in this process of the bishops investigating themselves, it always amounts to lies and cover-ups, because that's what this crowd does so well. In fact, they don't know how to do anything else but lie — like the old joke, how do you know when a bishop is lying? It's when he's talking.

Gregory isn't really all in a dither and clutching his pearls about Trump going to the Shrine. He's lying. His real action here is to seize the moment to pile on Trump and abuse the authority of his office acting all indignant.

Meanwhile, the desertion from the Faith continues unabated, the state attorneys general investigations continue unabated, the local RICO investigations continue to unfold, the bankruptcies keep rolling along, the crash in vocations is no longer news, and Gregory and the rest of them are dutifully obeying the orders of the state to allow no more than one person in a parish once every year. But at least all the gay bars will be back open soon, so that ought to bring a smile to their haggard, old faces.

Remember, when Gregory rolled into Atlanta as archbishop, he sneakily tried to build a $2 million house for himself until secular media busted him and then he said, "Oh, I didn't realize how it looked," proving he's either a liar or totally out of touch. So much for blessed are the poor. These are whitened sepulchers, indeed. 

Gregory, owing to all his homosexual connections in the U.S. hierarchy, was president of the Catholic bishops' conference in 2002 when the Boston Globe homopredator scandal broke on the Church. He was instrumental, along with McCarrick, in making sure that bishops remained unaccountable for their sex abuse and cover-up.

One day, you're all going to die, and then it will be too late. In all charity, and in a literal sense, we ask, what the Hell is wrong with you?

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