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Wrong Response

Weak sauce and treason.

July 10, 2020  0



When it comes to the whole Black Lives Matter issue, the U.S. bishops — various ones of them — just keep stepping on landmines. Pitifully few have responded correctly.

Remember, BLM is an organization founded by lesbians whose own stated purpose is to destroy Western civilization's concept of the family and to promote every deviant sexual behavior imaginable. Oh yeah, that goes for black sexual deviants as well.  

The race issue for this group is almost an afterthought — like somehow, the traditional family, which a large majority of blacks used to have as well, is some kind of white supremacist thing. For the record, the traditional family is just that — traditional, because it's been that way practically forever throughout history, unless you're Mormon.

It's hard to imagine an organization more opposed to every single thing the Catholic Church teaches and stands for, in fact, than Black Lives Matter, which makes the response by various bishops so completely moronic. They've been so far out in the social-justice desert for so long, they've lost any real sense of actual Catholicism.

Take for example the Lafayette, Indiana bishop, Timothy Doherty, who not only suspended parish priest Ted Rothrock of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Carmel for condemning Black Lives Matter, but then had the gall to stand in front of parishioners and conclude his remarks by saying "Black Lives Matter." 

Imagine for a moment a successor of the Apostles publicly praising and voicing his support for an organization promoting open homosexuality, transgenderism and whose members take their cues from a cop-killer holed up in Cuba.

Father Rothrock called the movement "maggots and parasites." So what? What are those creatures other than those which feed off a host and eventually destroy it? Seems like an apt description of a movement that uses the rights contained in the United States Constitution to turn around and attempt to overthrow that same constitution and government.

Does Bp. Doherty not get that? Does he not understand, both as an American and a Catholic bishop (or as either one), the severe threat this group poses? Well, the answer is apparently "no." He supports them. The sniveling, suck-up coward even stands up in front of Catholic parishioners and tries to get them to drink his poison. 

Rob McCann is simply unfit to head a Catholic organization. He's just another parasite.

And in case you're wondering with Monday's publication of the PPP loans: Yes, Doherty dipped into those funds for a few hundred thousand dollars. So, when it comes to supporting an organization about to overthrow life as we know it (and the government that supposedly protects it), Doherty is all about "Black Lives Matter."

But when it quietly comes to living off that government, Doherty is all about "gimme, gimme." So which is it, Bp. Doherty? Should the government be overthrown, or are you just going to keep sucking at the teat?

It seems Fr. Rothrock's "parasite" comments could be expanded beyond just BLM. Now, over on the other side of the country, there's a completely different response. While Doherty was essentially firing a priest for telling the truth about BLM, Bp. Thomas Daly of Spokane only gave a reprimand to a high-profile employee who not only lied about BLM, but also the Church and every Catholic — and every white person — calling all of them "racist."

The employee in question said, "For me, as a white person, saying I'm not a racist is like saying a fish is not wet." So there you have it: If you're white, you're a racist — as sure as fish are wet.

But Rob McCann, President and CEO of Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington, who gets paid with money donated by Catholics and is answerable to Bp. Daly for his job, then directly went after Catholics and the Church itself: "My Catholic Church and my Catholic Charities organization is racist."

This man is simply unfit to head a Catholic organization. He's just another parasite, to hearken back to Fr. Rothrock's correct characterization. Social justice warriors like McCann are notorious for either not believing or sidestepping Church teaching in the area of sexual morality in their quest to have "justice" reign on the earth.

This pompous crowd has taken up too much oxygen in the Church for decades. McCann should be fired. If McCann is so concerned about racism as a white Catholic male, then he should begin the process of looking for a black replacement for himself — and then resign. But social justice warriors never put their own skin in the game. It's always your money, your safety, your way of life they take and destroy. 

Instead, Daly called him in. They had a conversation, and McCann — a racist — got to keep his job. Father Rothrock gets canned for saying the truth; this guy gets a slap on the wrist for lying — publicly — about the Church. All he had to do was issue one of those statements that liberals are so good at issuing when they get caught and the heat turns up — you know, an "I'm-sorry-if-you-got-your-knickers-all-up-in-a-bunch-by-your-ignorant-misunderstanding-of-what-I-said" statement.

What you said, Rob, was abundantly clear. But in order to kiss up to Daly, so as to keep his (no doubt) lucrative, parasitic income flowing in from the Church, he issued a follow up "clarification" which was little else than a pack of lies and deflections.

Even within the black community, there is massive, overwhelming racism based on not the color, but the darkness of someone's skin.

For example, McCann said: "I am not saying that all white people are racists or that all Catholics are racist." But Rob, that is exactly what you said in your video — remember? "For me, as a white person, saying I'm not a racist is like saying a fish is not wet." And you also said the Church is racist, presumably including your own bishop who has a high office in that same racist Church.

McCann casts racism as a purely majority issue — that only whites can be racist and make judgments based on the color of someone's skin. Where in Hades does he get that idea? If McCann had spent any time at all around blacks, he would know that is blatantly untrue. Even within the black community, there is massive, overwhelming racism based on not the color, but the darkness of someone's skin.

Many darker-skinned blacks have long held an animus toward lighter-skinned blacks. That's just a fact. They perceive that lighter-skinned blacks generally get along better in the world and that lighter-skinned blacks don't want anything to do with them. That sounds like a subset of racism if there ever was one. Is McCann concerned about that? It is racism after all. But whites aren't allowed to talk about that.

In the final wash, Daly didn't go anywhere near far enough, although he made some moves in the right direction. But McCann should not be allowed any longer to make a living off the Church. His statement of "apology" was no such thing. He apologized for nothing, just scrambled some words around. He's playing Daly for a fool.

Likewise, Bp. Doherty not only went too far in dumping Fr. Rothrock, but should resign his post for cheering on a rabidly anti-Catholic organization like BLM. The response of bishops all over the country to this Marxist-inspired revolution being advanced in the name of "justice" (but which is manifestly unjust) is extremely revealing.

We have weak, complicit or financially compromised bishops running the show. They will not defend the faith; they bow to governors' orders to shut down parishes; they deny Catholics the right to receive Holy Communion the way they are allowed; and they're on the take from Uncle Sam.

Does anyone still think the Church will pull out of this mess just fine? What a disaster. For the good of the few faithful left, Bp. Daly, fire that fraud. Bishop Doherty, hand in your resignation.

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