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You Need Both

Faith and good works.

January 28, 2022  0


As Church Militant has reported and commented on (likely thousands of times now), there are two main groupings of bishops that are problematic.

There's the really wicked gang that actively seeks to corrupt the Church. They don't want to destroy the Church; they want to corrupt it. It's the Faith they want to destroy.

But the Church, in terms of her buildings, institutions, bank accounts, influence and all that, flung all over the world, that is all very useful to a gang of Marxist/modernist prelates looking to advance a one-world order.

The second grouping of bishops is the silent one. They are the most dangerous because the wicked gang could not accomplish what they accomplish without the silent complicity of these men. They are weak, sniveling cowards, and this is why the wicked gang so easily just rips through them — like the proverbial hot knife through butter.

They put up no opposition to them and make up all sorts of excuses for their lack of action and silence. But as we look around the world of the laity, let's be honest — we see the same dynamic.

There are wicked laity who join in the work of the wicked prelates because they get something out of it (either a paycheck or the feeling that if they can change the Church and her teachings, whatever perverted sin they are engaging in will be justified). So these are the so-called "liberal" Catholics who are always joining efforts to fight climate change in the Church, hold social justice seminars, add their muscle power to the flow of illegal immigration and push for women's ordination.

They want the Faith itself destroyed but, like their mitered counterparts, they need a corrupted institutional Church to do so.

When people resist, evil retreats.

But there is also, among the laity, a very sizable group of complicit, silent Catholics. They, like their episcopal counterparts, are the most dangerous because without their silence and complicity, the other group would be stymied.

Evil is always prodding about — pushing, exploring, looking for a weak spot that can be exploited. When it finds no resistance, it forges ahead. You could just as easily transfer this entire mentality to what we see in society regarding COVID. The rolling over of so many citizens is what has given the tyrants permission to mask up and jab children.

Likewise with the election theft. The silence of so many Republican lawmakers in the face of mountains of evidence of the steal is what has propelled this bozo into office.

But when people resist, when they fight back, evil retreats because the good is always mightier than the bad. Truth is the ultimate weapon (as we saw in last year's Virginia governor race and the whole school board issue).

The truth came out about the Democrats' real thoughts regarding parents and their children (and who should educate them and in what), and the Democrats were swept from power in that state, losing not only the governor's mansion but also the lieutenant governorship, the attorney general, the statehouse and barely hanging on to the state Senate (by just one seat).

With the exception of one seat, overnight, Virginia went from all blue to almost entirely red — because people resisted.

This is the case in the Church as well. When people stand up, when they band together, when they fight for the truth, things change. Homosexualist James "Brokeback" Martin has been canceled at a number of events, for example (to name just one). There is no greater force than the Truth, not just conceptually but also personally, individually, spiritually — because the Truth is a Person. Marry yourself to this Person and life is never the same again.

Truth overcomes the Father of Lies. As St. John tells us, speaking of the Person of Truth in terms of light, the light shines on in the darkness, and darkness does not overcome it.

Yes, in our midst, war must be waged inside each of us, as well as in the culture. Truth needs champions in the material world, and this is where so many Catholic laity simply fold. Being a champion requires hard work and effort and dedication and self-sacrifice. Champions are, at their root, heroes, meaning they exercise heroic virtue in the face of great odds — and because they are armed with the Truth and abide in Him, they inherit eternal life.

Think of Catholic giants, folks like Joe Scheidler or Nellie Gray (towering figures in the pro-life movement).

Nellie, who quit a lucrative law practice after Roe v. Wade and reduced herself to a small apartment where, every year, she sat quietly, day after day, plotting the death of Roe v. Wade, developing and leading the March for Life. Or Joseph, who practically invented sidewalk counseling, saving untold babies' lives as well as mothers who would have become killers of their own children. Nothing, and we mean nothing, is achieved in this life without hard work.

And that includes (most especially) toiling to save the Church, defending the integrity of the One True Faith from traitors within.

They are wicked times, but God has chosen us, from all eternity, to be here now. As Gandolf tells Frodo Baggins (in The Lord of the Rings) when Frodo says, "I wish it need not have happened in my time," "So do I, and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

It is for this reason (to help inspire sleepy Catholics to awaken and fight for Holy Mother Church and teach them how to fight in the material world) that our Church Militant Resistance is holding what we call "Boot Camps" around the country.

The next one is at the end of February in the Tampa, Florida, area.

And on the point of fighting in the material world, this is an obligation. Too often among Catholic laity, we see an attitude of "I'll pray," and they do nothing else. We are not just spiritual beings. We live in a material world and this material world requires physically doing something.

Lord Jesus, use us to save souls.

No responsible parent hits his knees and just starts praying when his children come to him hungry. Yet, when it comes to the Church, way too many retreat into piety. And, in many many cases, it's a cover for not wanting to do the really hard work — and it is hard work — the material aspect of the battle, the war to save souls.

You need both prayer and labor, faith and good works. Saint James himself says that in his letter to the first generation of Catholics.

Yet, for way too long, too many Catholics refused to engage, to pick up their weapon and fight for the Church and, of course, the excuses are myriad: I don't have time; I don't know how; I don't really understand enough what's going on; it's not really my cup of tea.

But as our parents used to say to us (accusingly and correctly), if they were passing out million-dollar bills, you'd find a way to get there. Catholics need to fight for Truth. It's what we are baptized for, and the Boot Camp next month is designed specifically to show you how.

The Church is being attacked viciously — perhaps like no other moment in her 2,000 years — and souls are being lost to the lie. As you know, the entire mission of Church Militant is summed up in the daily prayer of this apostolate, "Lord Jesus, use us to save souls."

To find out more and register for the Boot Camp, please click on the link below. Our first one, held in Orange County last fall, turned out to be a standing-room-only event, and Patrick Coffin was our guest speaker. In Tampa, next, Milo Yiannopoulos will be the guest speaker, and we are expecting another standing-room-only crowd.

So please, check it out. Click on the link and sign up today. Before you go into battle, it's good to have gone through Boot Camp. Ready for your tickets? Click here.

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