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You Should Be FURIOUS

You are subsidizing clerical gay sex.

September 5, 2019  0


If you aren't seething at the condition of the Church under Her current corrupt gay mafia leadership, then something is wrong with you.

It doesn't matter if it's former Cdl. Theodore McCarrick's obstinate refusal to admit the truth of his evil or the non-stop revelations, day after day, of one active gay cleric after another — what exactly does it take the average pewsitter Catholic to finally pop his cork?

Consider one often overlooked aspect of the corrupt gay mafia: the amount of money spent on them and by them.

From the moment they were allowed into seminary because they were either willing to hop in bed with some of the faculty or staff, or were viewed as "fresh meat" by the older homopredator crowd, an enormous sum of money was spent on these men.

Seminary training costs a boatload of money — and consider, an enormous number of men who were active homosexuals simply went into seminary and spent your money to get ordained and then move on to pervert the priesthood and eventually the episcopate. You and I paid for that.

Additionally, it's becoming much more that too many of these men spend the money they are paid, which ultimately all comes from you to live active gay lives with other homosexual priests.

They buy property together, go on vacations together, hang out at all kinds of gay functions together, many of them even go back for advanced educational degrees that you pay for so they can swing their diploma around as they further pervert the Church's teaching.

Where is the accountability? Where is the financial transparency?

You are being screwed over, to put it bluntly, by bishops who know this evil is present in the ranks of their clergy, and yet they keep paying them with your money.

That money you put in the plate each Sunday gets taxed by these ne'er-do-well bishops and gets redistributed to active gay men living high on the hog at your expense.

What's wrong with you? Are you not the least bit ticked off when the bishop or archbishop comes begging again — every year — for the annual diocesan fleecing of the flock or the extra shakedown that happens about every five years or so in each diocese?

These men in miters are laughing their way to the bank at your expense, ripping you off and handing your money to men they know for a fact are practicing gays, destroying souls in their care.

In some cases, they even foot the bill for them to go to Rome for a degree in this or that. 

Heck, the gay bars in Rome would probably go out of business if the American clergy stopped being sent there.

What most disgusting in all this, as if the complete ripping off of the flock wasn't bad enough, almost all the bishops refuse to be financially transparent.

They produce "marketing videos" which replace the homily once or twice a year in most parishes, and in those videos, they extoll the great things that will be accomplished with your donation.

They show innocent Catholic school kids who benefit from your donation or shots of food banks helping the poor. What you don't see is Fr. Gay and his loverboy priest whooping it up at your expense and counting the days to draw down from the diocesan pension fund that, again, you have funded.

Loads of Catholics, like many Americans, have next to no pension or retirement of their own, yet active homosexual men in collars who have perverted the Faith and destroyed souls for decades get to retire and carry on living off your dime.

This current situation is an offense against almost every virtue imaginable: charity, justice, prudence — you name it — especially justice. And bishop after bishop continues to insult the divine mission of the Church by hiding behind his office of successor of the Apostles, acting as though he has some kind of divine right to not be transparent about how our money is spent.

It's revolting. The big gay machine in the Church is funded by you. You are subsidizing clerical gay sex, and you need to understand that.

When the bishop next comes and says, hey, my dear faithful, we need $190 million over the next three years, tell him to fire all the gay men he's paying for in his clergy, add up the total money saved, and then come calling with his message of deception.

The temporal goods of the Church are theirs to steward, not to abuse. And likewise the necessary financial accountability is not under papal secrecy.

To the extent that you are deceived and your money, at least some of it, is collected under false pretenses, that makes these men, much of the Establishment, actual thieves.

And the thieving doesn't stop there. Almost every chancery in the country is populated with laypeople who don't give a rip about the Church's teachings. And in larger archdioceses across the land, some of them are pulling down quite the paycheck well into six figures.

How is any of this just? Why aren't the annual salaries of lay diocesan leaders made public? 

Since the Church subsists on donations, people have a right to know how their donations are being spent.

A typical professional Catholic in leadership, a chancery rat, not only gets a nice check but also settles into a nice retirement package as well.

The very Church they have helped to destroy, been part of the machine of destruction, will be feathering their nests well into retirement.

These wicked leaders will not stop their evil ways, unless and until you stop bankrolling them. It's just that easy.

Let them sell their gay love palaces; let them end the compensation to homosexual men in collars; let them stop paying for their master's degrees and Ph.Ds.

And let them come clean with how they have been and continue to rip you off. Until that, not a dime.

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