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Gay Knights and Damned Bishops

June 2, 2015  0


It would seem the time has come in the Church to root out one of the most glaring problems that no one in authority seemingly wants to deal with: the whole issue of homosexuality — meaning not just the attraction, which is not sinful in itself, but the total capitulation to the militant homosexual agenda by those in the Church.

Capitulation comes in five various forms.  

One: It can mean being actively gay like many clerics are.  

Two: It can mean being gay while not practicing yourself, but still being sympathetic to the evil, and so ignoring it when it occurs among fellow clergy.

Three: It can mean not being gay yourself at all, but still being sympathetic to friends or family who are and so ignoring it.

Four: It can mean not being gay yourself at all, but not wanting to kill your clerical career, and so you choose to keep your mouth shut and not make gay enemies in the Church.

Five: And it can mean not being gay yourself, and not really caring about the issue because you are indifferent and lukewarm and don’t really care about much at all.

Five different largely unrelated ways you can contribute to the gay malaise of the current crisis of the Church — and it matters little which category a man falls into, because the result for the Body of Christ is the same: devastation for the flock.

Take note, deacons, priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals: If you are in one of these categories and you die in that state, you will be damned — and you will deserve it.

But the clergy, while being the most responsible because they have received the most grace to be holy because they need it — the clergy are not alone. There are other leaders and voices in the Church who, owing to their stature, are also held to a higher standard.

One of those groups is the Knights of Columbus and their constant flirting with and skirting around this issue of either direct homosexuality within their ranks, or support for it, either directly or by negligence.

Take, for example, the recent case of a grand marshal of a local council who was openly gay, civilly married to his homosexual partner — and everyone knew it.He died suddenly, God have mercy on his soul, and the obituary even laid it all out, for the whole world to see.

His name was David Christopher Peshek. The 51-year-old died of a sudden illness in Walnut Creek, California, just before Christmas last year. For most of his life, Peshek was not Catholic. He met his homosexual partner in 2001 in Chicago, moved with him to Providence, Rhode Island in 2004, and then came into the Catholic Church in 2012 under instruction from a priest in the diocese of Providence.

We don’t know for absolute certain if the priest knew Peshek was living a life contrary to the Catholic Church as he was catechizing him into it — but if he didn’t, it seems incredible.

Peshek couldn’t have been very quiet about it, because the next year, he and his homosexual sex partner moved to the Bay Area of California and got civilly married. He joined the parish there of the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland and soon became Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Council  No. 15919 and a member of the Color Corps and Faithful Scribe of the Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Francis B. Drass Assembly No. 1880.

Far from remaining hidden, Peshek was about as open as you could be about his civil marriage centered around sodomy. The council knew about it, the parish knew about it — which is why his obituaries are so open and in your face about it.

So the inevitable question: What has been corrupted in the Knights of Columbus that a local council could feel perfectly at home by not only admitting an open homosexual into their ranks, but a "married" homosexual, and then elect him to the position as their leader?

What's wrong with the atmosphere in the Knights of Columbus is the same thing wrong in the Church at large: a loss of faith so great that it isn't even recognized or admitted by those who have lost their faith that they have lost their faith.

Now, we know that not every council is corrupt — of course not. There are many fine councils with many dedicated Catholic men in them – my own parish in Detroit being one of them. And we know that many local councils do many fine things for the poor, for the pro-life movement. Not talking about that. We even know that National in Connecticut is oftentimes generous with donations to various goings-on in the Church. Not at question.

But none of that matters; those good works have no merit attached to them if these evils are not addressed — if they are ignored — if they are overlooked and dismissed.

Let's not forget that it was (in the darkness of the night) that two Knights of Columbus lawmakers in New York cast the deciding votes in favor of same-sex civil marriage, bowing under intense pressure from Catholic anti-Christ governor Andrew Cuomo. When they did that — not a word; the reaction from Knights of Columbus National was like a tomb, a ghost town.

Many, many knights have contacted us and said they are fed up with the emphasis on the insurance business and practically nothing on the spiritual. If the case of the openly gay, civilly married, living a public life in a state of opposition to the Church Knights of Columbus Grand Marshal David Peshek is any example, these knights have every reason to be fed up.

Once again, this goes on because weak, cowardly, feminine, homosexual or homosexual-friendly bishops have created the environment where it can go on.

Complicit bishop, are you listening? Do you not realize you are on your way to Hell? When you die, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will pronounce the sentence you have chosen. You will swarmed by demons, dragged to Satan and for eternity suffer unspeakable torments. Your hands, which were anointed at your own ordinations, will burn with an indescribable heat owing to that anointing. And your tortures will be increased because once made bishop, you created new priests. The diabolical will unleash a fury of agony on you the likes of which no one else in the infernal realm will feel. You will be damned shepherds, lost forever — having gone to join the ranks of Judas and all the others before you.

Repent now, publicly, while you still have time. When you die, your corpse will be laid out in your cathedral appearing restful and peaceful. Your soul, however, will never again know anything of peace as you will have Satan as your master and demons as your overlords.

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